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C.O.R.P.1 which is an acronym for “Christ Our Righteous Praise” is the Midwest’s hottest new Christian hip-hop group. Hot, meaning heated in every since of the word and ‘SMOKIN’, you might say. No-Shame, the bold warrior, Meta-4, the lyrical witness, and Crossy, the cross bearer, are more than just mere Christian Rappers. When these three young men get together in one place and start rapping, well, let’s say it’s not what most people think. Their message is not one of profanity, violence, nor disrespect against authority, or women, but they spell out, mail out, and stamp out their disapproval against the powers of sin.


Shake tha devil off

Written By: CORP1

Shake the Devil Off

Chorus: When Satan sends his imps against you, it’s only a test, stand firm upon the Word of God, never settle for less. Shake the devil off. What? Shake the devil off. What? Shake the devil off. What?
Shake the devil off. (repeat)

I’m a shake that devil off, never the less I got the power to pass that test. Oh yes, I’m gonna do my best and do it without the stress, I’m blessed. Can’t no demon in Hell take me down and take under! I’m a child of God no wonder. I clitter-clatter like thunder, wit a crash and a boom. Now give me some room, so I can explode in the spirit mode. Got the devil in a choke hold, sayin’ “Oh no! No Shame please let me go.” But first I gotta teacha’ let the word meetcha’, heatcha’ and sweep ya! The the devil “I can do all things through Christ Which strengthens me, so I know I can beat ya, defeat ya.” Hold up the blood stained banner of Jesus my leader, I got what it takes to be a believa, interceda, I’m a son of a preacha’, not to mislead ya, but to lead ya on the path of righteousness. Shakin’ the devil off while writin’ this, like punch, I’m spikin’ this.


I be shakin’ and brakin’ the devil off right quick comin’ up wit the Christian Bizzness, feelin’ my pain make a devil sick in the brain, when I hit ‘em with the Holy Ghost quickness, the realest. I put a devil all in check, drown in the water cause a devils gonna get wet comin’ on with yo bad self, I’ll knock a devil out and thats your last bet. “B” stands for the believer, never be a misleader, but stand up for the weaker. “I” stands for the information I’m patient to spread rhymes over nations. “B” stands for the best yet never the less I’m gonna pay back my debt. “L” stands for the liberty who the Son set free, that’s me - bringin’ the “E” - everything that I will get and everything I got and everything that I will not when I put ‘em together, what do I get the weapon that I’m shakin’ and breakin’ the devil with. “Shake him off”.


Hold up! Stop and pause, and shake the devil off. I’m goin’g to shake him, shake him, shake him; what? Shake the devil off. So what they hittin’ for? Let em know that I ain’t goin’ out like no punk. You can call it what you want, but Crossy ain’t bout to run. I’m going’ to beat him like a punk, leave him in the trunk. Let the coroner pick him up in a body bag. Tag him in hs face, mouth , jump back and laugh. Just so I can let God handle that. Proceedin’ to bring the real, reality, nothin’ but the truth whenever God is talkin’ to you. Makin’ moves and doing’ what you got to do. So He can fight those battles for you. Not tell me. I know ya’ll say that ya’ll some Christians, but ya’ll ain’t listenin’. That’s whay C.O.R.P. 1 is up here to get your attention. So just listen.



"Tha Bizzness" Chapter 1 tha Beginning released
August 2002. Shake tha devil off is the track receiving the most airplay

Set List

Tha Bizzness (Intro)
U Don’t Wanna
Christ Our Righteous Praise
Take That
Armed & Dangerous
Switchin Gears
Shake Tha Devil Off
Virtuous Lady
Shake Rattle Roll
He’s Always Been There
David’s Dance (Intro)
David’s Dance
Tha Bizzness
Sets are 30-35 mins each