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Corporate & Roc

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Pop Hip Hop


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"Hello Music Review"

3 of 5 Stars

Based on our listen, the following aspects of this release are outstanding. Keep building on these strengths.

We thought your track had rousing energy that moved us as listeners. You sound confident in your musical skills and the parts
you're playing.

Ah, the elusive hook. A great hook can redeem a troubled song, or get a great payday for a top-notch band. Your hooks grabbed
us. Excellent work.

Song Structure
We thought this song had a logical structure and all the parts were distinct. A good song structure generally has both repetition
and surprise, and we thought you nailed it.


Mix / Blend
In the studio, a good mix separates the men from the boys. It's relatively easy to get good raw tracks, but mixing them right is an
art unto itself. Clearly a lot of time and work went into the mix here. It's paying off.


Commercial / Mainstream
We think this release has the potential for mainstream appeal. It sounds familiar, like stuff you might catch on the radio, but it
doesn't sound cliché. Nice job.

- Hello Music Screening Team


Radio Single

"Danger" Produced By Vybe



Their Story........

If you looked up "unpredictable" in the dictionary then Corporate "Chris Williams" Chris and Brandon "B Roc" Stewart would definitely be included in the definition! The two have proved that they can not only showcase their lyrical skills, but also get the party going and alcohol pouring with their infectious "frat house" party music.

Chris being born on August 20, 1988 in Miami, Florida but raised in Atlanta, Ga. since the age of 3, and Brandon being born March 22, 1984 and born raised in the same city, who would have thought that the two would be cutting records together.They were raised in the same Decatur, Ga neighborhood and grew up together on the same 4107 building. Corporate (or Corp) who is four years younger than his band mate did not originally have dreams having becoming a rap artist but wanted to DJ. "I would always be like one of the first people out of all my friends to have the newest music and I wanted to make mix tapes, but at the same time I would write music and just spit it to myself and not want to let anyone else hear it." Roc on the other had was a die hard baseball player whom was a star player on his high school team and even had a opportunity to play professionally right out of high school. "Sports was just a big thing for me growing up, and that's all I set my focus on at that time," says Roc who was among some of Georgia's elite his senior year in high school. Unfortunately Roc would suffer a shoulder injury and he quickly switched career paths and picked up a mic instead.

In 2007 Corporate and best friend Ronald "Franchize" Frost, who is also Brandon's younger brother and a up and coming Atlanta music producer started their company Connect Music Group. "We started this company with one goal in mind; make good music and plenty money" says Corporate who served as Roc's DJ and co-manager alongside Ron. After much ups and downs of any artist in the music industry Corp and Roc perfected the craft, and in late 2008 Corporate decided to go after his hidden dream and picked up a mic as well. "I honestly thought becoming a music artist was the LAST thing that I would be doing," but after basically living in the studio with Roc for the past year Corporate honed his skills and the two quickly began cutting records together. "We would just vibe off of each other and go back and forth alotta times and come up with some of the craziest stuff man," says Roc who credits Corporate on deciding to step out the box and take chances. The two rapidly began cutting not only hip hop records, but they found where there real specialty was...Pop records. "We can rhyme like hell if we want to," says Corporate "But at the same time, it's 2011 and people wanna move and college kids wanna drink and have a good time, so that's what we lean toward. but don't get it twisted because we were raised on hip hop from Outkast, Good Mob, UGK, Jay-Z so the lyrics are definitely here"

In late 2009 they recorded a record that allow them to elevate into the artists that they really aspired to be "Danger" which was produced by Vybe. The song is gaining much attention and even celebrities like Hayden Panetteire who has the song as her ring tone and Transformers actress Isabelle Lucas love the song. "I think people love that record because it makes you feel good, and I bet some people didn't notice that we didn't curse not one time on that song, because we made it for the people." say Roc. What's special about them is that they can go from making a genuine hip hop record that may resemble the like of Kanye West or Jay-Z, but the next track after that may put you in the mind frame of N.E.R.D. or Gym Class Heroes.

While currently doing shows around the south eastern region and living in the studio the two just focus on music full time and also put strong focus on there clothing line United Rich Nation. "United Rich Nation or Team URN is like a whole other movement but at the same time it's still one BIG movement all together URNCMG," says Corporate. "We just wanna continue to make damn good music, party hard, drink more alcohol, and hang with more beautiful ladies," adds Roc. And on the path that the two recording artists are aiming at, they should be there in no time!