Energetic, Powerful, Blistering and Intense. Corporation is the best stuff you've never heard...yet. Putting a whole new outlook on what ska-punk can be.


Corporation is a 3 piece ska-core band from Mississauga, Ontario. Formed in June of 2006, they played their first show only three days after their first band practice. Since then, Corporation has had both the speed, intensity and the impact of a rocket shot out of a cannon, constantly playing shows and releasing new albums as frequently as possible.

Known for their high-energetic and raw live performances, satirical-political content, and DIY mentality, they have made fans all over Ontario, Quebec, and even the USA. Having played over 250 shows since their formation, they have had the privilege of performing with such great bands as The Misfits, The Toasters, The Flatliners, Star Fucking Hipsters, SNFU, The Johnstones, and The Creepshow, among others. Corporation have also enjoyed success with both radio and television stations alike, having singles being featured on both college and major radio as well as interviews on major television stations.

Corporation shows no intentions of stopping any time soon. With their "all-or-nothing" mentality, they plan on playing shows, releasing albums and touring for years to come.


Koka Kola

Written By: David Huzyk

Global domination by an evil corporation
Advertised, televised, by every radio and TV station
Spending 2 bill(ion) a year to get you to bid and beckon
Yah, ensure you're on top of those 12,000 cans a second
They'll tell you about the taste,
They'll tell you about the colour,
But they won't tell you about the crimes or all of the dishonour
No mention of Columbia, Turkey, or El Salvador
And the list just doesn't stop there
There are so many more...

No wonder why their cans are coloured red
They were sprayed and painted with all of the blood that they had shed
Labour laws are broken, and union workers killed
Innocent go thirsty because of water reserves drilled
Caffeine Crazed,
Sugar Enraged,
They got you so addicted that you're paying all their wage
Strong enough to be used as a mild pesticide
It can wash away tough bloodstains, But it can't wash away lies

Unthinkable! Undrinkable!
Bloodshed, drugs and cancer all found in the one same can
It's one of obesity's biggest fans
Your spending supports their plan

Land Of The Free

Written By: Corporation

It's time to socialize, go public, not privatize,
Post-educate the nation, provide free education,
Going to steal from the rich and give to the poor,
So the upper-, middle-, lower-classes are no more

In the land of the, land of the, land of the free,
With a purchase of a greater or of an equal value,
It's not free for me and it’s not free for you

In the land of the free,
Everything costs,
There is a fee,
We've already lost.
That was their plan
The rich will stay rich,
The poor will stay poor,
And there will be more!
(The land of the free isn’t really what you want it to be)

With an eye for an eye the whole worlds gone blind,
Your capitalistic system leaves most left behind,
If you want to get your benefits you have to benefit the authority,
The basic amenities of life should be a priority


ALBUM - "Return Of The Corporation" - July 2009, 12 tracks

ALBUM - "The Corporation Strikes Back" - October 2007, 11 tracks

SPLIT CD - "Corporation VS Beyond Decay" - July 2007, 6 tracks (3 Corporation, 3 Beyond Decay)

ALBUM - "A New Pope" - December 2006, 9 tracks

*Currently, "Return Of The Corporation" is enjoying airplay on radio stations all over Ontario and Quebec, as well as some airplay on internet radio stations such as PunkRadioCast.

Set List

Set list changes every show. Average set contains 11 songs, although there is enough original material to cover anywhere from a 30 minute to a 90 minute set