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"Band Of The Now - Corporation"

I come across a lot of real shit in the music industry. Shit bands, shit venues, shit promoters, and shit representation just to give you an idea of how caked with crap my shoes are at the end of the day. On the other hand, I do also encounter a lot of pure raw talent and dedication to the creation of music.

One such group that has really spoken to me lately is Corporation. Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario, they bring a certain aggression and fury to the Reggae/Ska/Punk scene that has to be heard to be believed. One part Sublime, one part Pennywise, with a healthy dash of 80’s DIY hardcore influence, and you can already start to formulate how they might sound.

Their live presence is astounding as well. I had the chance to check the guys out at The Rehab in Brantford on April 2nd, 2010 when they were opening for Youthinasia. Their level of musicianship captivated me as I got lost in the flurry of frantic strumming and plucking. The house ate it up with enthusiasm and it was a pleasant surprise to be so engaged in a band upon my initial exposure to them.

They are currently on a small Southern Ontario tour consisting mostly of GTA dates, but if you get the opportunity, I would strongly recommend checking out their Myspace and seeing which dates you can make it to. Be sure as well to check out their most recent album “Return Of The Corporation” which is available at their live shows and on iTunes. Corporation gets my seal of approval for the SMASH! Band Of The Now.

(April 9, 2009) - Wreckless Crew Productions

"Recently Reviewed - Return Of The Corporation"

Bringing the core back to ska, Brampton, ON's Corporation kick off their newest album, Return of the Corporation, with thunderous drums and chugging guitars topped off with raspy, Left Over Crack-like vocals. This three-piece are tight in their skacore delivery and keep things fast until an abrupt, spacey dub break halfway through with instrumental track "A Moments Reprise," which comes off sounding amateur and out of place. But songs like "How Do We Handle Redemption?," featuring fun horns and your expected up-beat ska rhythm, make up for their experimentations gone wrong. Refreshingly political, the band make environmental activism danceable on "When the Lights Go Out." Although Corporation have been underdogs in the southern Ontario ska scene, Return of the Corporation shows they've grown immensely since their 2007 release, The Corporation Strikes Back, and that they're ready to prove their talents once again. (Title Track) - Ronak Ghorbani,

"JerseyBeat Review - Return Of The Corporation"

Corporation - Return of the Corporation
Wow! If Corporation doesn’t remind me of Rage Against the Machine, nothing does! They have that gut-wrenching, hard-nose style of Rage, yet they incorporate (pun intended), ska-core to the mix! Wild, twisted-tempo melodies abound but it’s all good, Corporation’s take-no-prisoners approach is just what the doctor ordered. They don’t beat you over the head with their thrashing ska-core, but they do come close- and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Corporation make mincemeat out of the assorted of-the-moment bands which I think is an underlying theme on “Two Birds With One Stone.” Their sense of humor is wickedly funny!
Rambunctious with what sounds like a head full of tunes that needs to be written, they occasionally get repetitive, like on “Toxic World” and “Land of the Free.” Although the music is inspiring the lyrics have a been-there-done-that vibe to them.
Otherwise, if you have a jukebox addiction then get a fist-full of quarters (I don’t think most jukeboxes now a-days take money, do they?), and pump them in, and give “Return of the Corporation” a few spins! To swipe a title form The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (The Bosstones said they should have a new album out by the end of this year), The Corporation are ska-core and more! - Phil Rainone


CORPORATION are a ska-core band from the Brampton are. This is their second full length and it is also their third self-release, which makes sense given the band's inspiration for the name. This release shreds both misically and lyrically. Think of a mash up of OPERATION IVY with the lyrics of the DEAD KENNEDYS. Take the critical question of the movie by the same name and apply it to a band that worships equal amounts of VOODOO GLOW SKULLS and ISOCRACY or RANCID and BAD RELIGION. The band does everything DIY from the recording to the artwork to the distribution, but that doesn't mean it is ghetto in sound. This is admirable and well done ( - SP - Steve Perry

"City Centre Gets Punked"

Mississauga tweens and teen shouted loudly, skanked uncontrollably and rocked hard to their favourite local punk-rock bands last night at Mississauga's Civic Square.

Punk Night, the last Indie City Fridays event for the summer, featured home-grown talent, Mayday, Mr. Pink and Dance Electric as part of the My Mississauga initiative to increase public activity in the city core. OTHER ONTARIO TALENT, INCLUDING BRAMPTON NATIVES CORPORATION, ALSO PERFORMED DURING THE 2-HOUR SHOW.


Dance Electric took to the stage to an enthusiastic reception of shouting fans and applause — an obvious audience favourite. Not only did Dance Electric sport the geek-chic look associated with the punk-rock movement, the band's stage presence, sound, and lyrics rang true to the music genre.

The My Mississauga events wrap up tonight with Peter Appleyard celebrating his 80th birthday with a concert on the main stage, starting at 7:30 p.m. The acclaimed jazz vibraphonist has performed with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.
- Julia Le (The Mississauga News)

"Hey Epitaph! Sign These Guys!"

When I saw the words 'ska band' in their MySpace address, I did not have high hopes. So imagine my surprise when I was greeted not by a bunch of porkpie-hatted horn players, but a blood splattered trio. And imagine my delight to discover that they play full-throttle, high-voltage skacore that corsses the requisite slinky guitars and fingered basslines with grinding buzzsaw riffs, blazing triple-time punk beats and gasoline-gargling vocals reminiscent of Tim Armstrong on an acid cocktail. And what could be better than that? - The Toronto Sun


ALBUM - "Return Of The Corporation" - July 2009, 12 tracks

ALBUM - "The Corporation Strikes Back" - October 2007, 11 tracks

SPLIT CD - "Corporation VS Beyond Decay" - July 2007, 6 tracks (3 Corporation, 3 Beyond Decay)

ALBUM - "A New Pope" - December 2006, 9 tracks

*Currently, "Return Of The Corporation" is enjoying airplay on radio stations all over Ontario and Quebec, as well as some airplay on internet radio stations such as PunkRadioCast.



Corporation is a 3 piece ska-core band from Mississauga, Ontario. Formed in June of 2006, they played their first show only three days after their first band practice. Since then, Corporation has had both the speed, intensity and the impact of a rocket shot out of a cannon, constantly playing shows and releasing new albums as frequently as possible.

Known for their high-energetic and raw live performances, satirical-political content, and DIY mentality, they have made fans all over Ontario, Quebec, and even the USA. Having played over 250 shows since their formation, they have had the privilege of performing with such great bands as The Misfits, The Toasters, The Flatliners, Star Fucking Hipsters, SNFU, The Johnstones, and The Creepshow, among others. Corporation have also enjoyed success with both radio and television stations alike, having singles being featured on both college and major radio as well as interviews on major television stations.

Corporation shows no intentions of stopping any time soon. With their "all-or-nothing" mentality, they plan on playing shows, releasing albums and touring for years to come.