Corporation Cloud

Corporation Cloud

 Flemington, New Jersey, USA

Girls and guys singing together just makes the best sounding music. God put us all here together for a reason, besides that very obvious one! We sound like the Mama's and the Papa's in the 21st Century. Positive vibe "sunshine pop" from New Jersey.


Corporation Cloud formed out of a musical kinship based on a love of upbeat positive vibe pop. Although we may be bucking the current trends, we are going for that "Love-In" sound vs. irony, melancholy or anger. We have only been together since Summer 2006, but already are catching and developing our unique blend of bubblegum, soft rock and vocal harmonies. Our heros are Curt Boettcher, The Free Design, bubblegum music, bossa nova and the Beach Boys. We are not a retro group, but are surfing the second wave of soft.


Currently recording our first CD, which will be out late Spring 2007.