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"Correo Aereo the real find at SXSW"

"Los Lobos' David Hidalgo has often stated that to play harp extremely well you most often cannot play other instruments. Abel Rocha calls that wisdom into question since his considerable skill on the harp is matched by his flying fingers on quinta huapanguera, guitar and cuatro. His high, affecting vocal attack often soars above Madeleine's lower register, singing in a startling and affecting reversal of traditional male female harmony...the musical skill of this couple complements the impressive reach of their pan-hispanic musical repetoire and marks Correo Aereo as one of the most exciting acoustic ensembles to appear in many years." - Dirty Linen Magazine

"Correo Aereo's music has sabor!"

"Their music has sabor. Madeleine is constant and fluid motion. Her hands, legs, her hips sway. She doesn't shake the maracas, she jerks, snaps, rolls, twirls and spins them. Abel is the counterweight; is relaxed, confident style of playing holds the stage together and makes the music solid. A better pair of performers I've not seen in Austin...or anywhere eles. There's a huge difference between good performers and just good musicians. Abel and Madeleine are by far the best of bot. Take my advice: skip class, skip work, skip Fuckemos, and even skip Son Yuma if you have to. See Correo Aereo." - Austin Chronicle

"Correo Aereo conjures up musical spells"

"Musically, a Correo Aereo performance is like stepping through a doorway into another time and place... Together, their vocal harmonies are locked in carnal embrace, though it's Abel's plaintive cry, sung with an expression that mixes pleasure and pain, that's positively bewitching. As the couple trades longing glances, their sensual yet buoyant music dances gaily about a gently percussive beat and uplifting melodies. It's hard not to lose yourself completely in the quiet passion of this subtly dramatic music...Correo Aereo was conjuring up musical spells...(their) magic was too strong for me. I never had a chance. - Austin Chronicle

"I was blown away"

"I loved the Provinces recording. I had it in my car and when I played it, I was blown away by it; it was really good. I liked (their) arrangements and the way they know what to leave out and what are the bare essentials to make the song, in whatever style they are playing, work. Abel, who plays the harp and the huapanguera as well as sings, is amazing." - David Hidalgo / Los Lobos

"Correo Aereo stands out"

"In a musical world filled to bursting with bands purveying a so-called international sound, the duo Correo Aereo still manages to stand out." - Santa Fe New Mexican

"Most of all, beautiful, very beautiful!"

"Remarkable fact is that Abel's compositions 'Cuatrapeado' and the very moving 'De Mis Memorias' blend so well with the traditionals...Traditional and contemporary at the same time, but most of all beautiful, very beautiful." - RootsTown Belgium

"Correo Aereo; saucy, sexy and a little exotic"

If you're in the mood for something saucy, sexy and a little exotic Friday and Saturday, jump over to Traditions for some traditional Latin music with Correo Aereo. The duo of Abel Rocha and Madeleine Sosin perform the music of Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina and Peru that is sure to get your juices flowing.
Rocha grew up in Mexico City listening to the majority of the music he now emulates. A master guitarist, he has the ability to fly up and down the fret board with the ease of tying a shoe. Sosin was a violin prodigy by age 9. Her mastery of the bow tempers the fast and furious fingers of her counterpart, but she is also a wicked soloist in her own right. As a unit, they create indigenous music with intoxicating rhythms that is pure and organic." - Volcano Weekly

"SXSW darlings create world music with true heart & intelligence"

"I won't even try to catalog the styles and instruments that Abel Rocha and Madeleine Sosin bring to the stage - does it mean anything to you that Rocha's a master of the huapanguera? - but these South by Southwest darlings have a pan-ethnic, global gypsy sound that's stirring, passionate, and bittersweet. Trading off an assortment of stringed and percussive tools, they create world music with true heart and intelligence." - Seattle Weekly


Self-produced CDs:
'Lo Que Me Dijo El Viento'
'Para Cantarle Al Rio',

Universal Pictures film & soundtrack, 'The Life of David Gale'
Putumayo Records international release, 'Music of Coffee Lands II'
Faron West Productions film & soundtrack, ‘Before the Music Dies’
The City of Austin Texas limited edition CD, 'On Any Given Evening'
Disc Makers, 'Independent Music World Series, IMWS- The Top 16 Acts From the West 2006'

Correo Aereo is currently working on contributing a collaborative track on Norway’s KKV label; ‘Songs Across Walls of Separation’, and for the film and soundtrack of ‘Happiness is’, Faron West Productions.

Contributed tracks on other artists CD's include:
Calexico, ‘Hot Rail’
Santiago Jimenez Jr.
Toni Price

Correo Aereo's music has received national radio airplay on NPR programs; Good Morning America, Latino USA and Democracy Now, as well as on various college and community radio stations across the US.



Correo Aereo (Air Mail) is an award winning multi-instrumental and vocal Latin/World Music Duo plus stand up bass, performing traditional and original music of Latin America; primarily of Venezuela, Mexico and Argentina.
Together, Abel Rocha and Madeleine Sosin combine a stunning array of string and percussive
instruments with silken vocal harmonies described as "locked in carnal embrace" by the Austin Chronicle. Abel plays harp, guitar, cuatro and quinta huapanguera. Madeleine plays violin, maracas, bombo and jarana. Evan Flory Barnes adds hot stand up bass. Their music is richly polyrhythmic, soulfully melodic; fiery, haunting, joyful!
Correo Aereo is available as a duo or trio with standup bass, and is perfect for festivals, concert halls and public, community and corporate events.
Correo Aereo has performed at festivals, theaters and music venues throughout the U.S. and abroad, including Holland's prestigious Moondive; an international media project/concert produced by VPRO Television-Radio Amsterdam, Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Austin Music Hall, EMP Seattle Wa., and the Knitting Factory in NYC to name a few.
For press clips and more info go to and .
Correo Aereo was selected as winner of the prestigious SXSW Austin Music Award for 'Best Traditional Mexican/Latino Act 2000-2001.
They have produced 3 CDs. In addition to 'Provinces', 'Lo Que Me Dijo El Viento' and 'Para Cantarle Al Rio', the music of Correo Aereo can be found on compilations such as Putumayo Records international release 'Music Of Coffee Lands II', the City of Austin Texas limited edition CD 'On Any Given Evening', and Disc Makers 'Independent Music World Series ‘IMWS- The Top 16 Acts From The West 2006'. They are currently contributing a collaborative track on Norway’s KKV label, ‘Songs Across Walls of Separation’ CD.
Their contributed tracks on other artists CD's include Calexico, Santiago Jimenez Jr. and Toni Price.
Correo Aereo was commissioned to create a new work for all ages for the 2005 Seattle International Children's Festival 2005. 'Para Cantarle Al Rio/To Sing A River', is a sonically lush and visually stunning, bilingual, multi media music ensemble production available for touring. Correo Aereo collaborated with acclaimed physical music company, LelaVision (, on 'Warped Like Space And Time', which had it's world premier in Oct. 2006 at the Broadway Performance Hall in Seattle Wa. For images, info and booking for 'Warped', contact:
Their music is featured in film and CD soundtracks of Universal Pictures, 'The Life of David Gale' directed by Alan Parker and Nicolas Cage, starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet and Laura Linney, and in film and CD soundtracks for the music documentary, Before The Music Dies, (B4MD), by Andrew Shapter and Joel Rasmussen, Faron West Productions.
B4MD features Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, Erykah Badu, Branford Marsalis, Bonnie Raitt, Los Lobos, ?uestlove, Calexico and many more. We are in the company of greats!
The BTMD film tours the U.S. sponsored by My Space and is currently available for purchase through has devoted an entire channel to B4MD, which both airs the film and plays tracks from B4MDs featured artists. B4MDs currently airs on the IFC TV Channel. For more info, go to: .
Correo Aereo is currently contributing 4 tracks to, 'Happiness Is', Andrew Shapter/Faron West Productions new film to be released in 2008.
Correo Aereo has also composed soundtracks for documentary films such as Shipibo Konibo by Dutch filmmaker Willem Malten.
Correo Aereo is committed to bringing their music into the schools, celebrating cultural connection with young people of all ages and ethnicities.
Correo Aereo currently is based in Seattle, Washington. They are available for national and international touring and local concert, festival, corporate, educational, private and community events, etc.