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"Corrientes "Planet" on Wendys Online Video Promotion"


The ideal mirror to Raquel Aparicios art is the music of Corrientes, deftly creating light, delicate tones that combine emotion and intellect. In addition to playing guitar and keyboard, Ivette Torres is the main vocalist and producer for the New York-based musical artists. True to the meaning of the bands name (corrientes means currents, as in currents of the ocean or electrical currents), much of their music seems to flow effortlessly, all the while maintaining a quirky, energetic edge. - Wendy's -


This Ghost - ep

Motion, Mottos, Mutiny -ep

The Place of Us - ep

This Warm Saturday - electronic-based album

**Corrientes' music can be heard and downloaded from the "Albums" section of their website. **

Corrientes' song "Planet" from the Motion, Mottos, Mutiny ep is being used for an online Wendy's video
It's in the video gallery with the NY artist Raquel Aparicio.
The link to it below in the links section.

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As a Cuban-American songwriter, Ivette Torres has always been interested and influenced by the different genres of music that she has been exposed to. She has always felt a comfort in knowing that music has the power to captivate the hearts of anyone who is open-minded enough to allow it to.

For Ivette, musical ideas sprout from different experiences, emotions, conversations, or on the spur of the moment. They can arrive in dreams and are sometimes there when she awakens. She feels that the ideas and inspirations that allow her to create her music are precious gifts and feels grateful and blessed to have music as a large part of her life.

In addition to being a songwriter, Ivette Torres is also a producer. All of Corrientes' music is recorded by Ivette in her home studio. EVT Productions is Ivette (EV) T (Torres). The EVT Productions section of the Corrientes website is where Ivette talks about the different gear and recording techniques she is using. Ivette is always working on a new project. She constantly reads through magazines, books, and recording forums to learn more about different equipment and recording techniques that will help her to enhance her recordings.

Ivette Torres is also a Language-Arts teacher at an elementary school in Jamaica, NY. She works with the chorus/band teacher, Alison Stewart to organize and prepare students for their musical performances throughout the school year.

Tom Albano has always been interested and involved with music and art. He has been playing bass for over 15 years, spending two of them at Berklee College of Music. Currently, he is working as an art director for a magazine In NYC. In addition to laying down the bass tracks for Corrientes recordings, he is also responsible for the design and maintenance of the band's web site, and the creation of all art regarding Corrientes. Tom contributes both lyrically and musically to Corrientes songs. He holds down the foundation of the songs with his own unique style of bass playing that is influenced by a mixture of the many different styles of music he listens to.

Gary Settoducato started playing drums at age 6. He began by accompanying his favorite records. By the time he reached high school he was playing with a variety of bands. He has performed at many gigs, club dates, and has covered a variety of genres including hard rock, funk, southern rock, disco, and everything else in between.

He took an interest in Latin percussion in the late 80’s, and has split his time between drums and percussion since then. Drum influences include Phil Collins, Chester Thompson, Steve Gadd, and John Siomos. His musical favorites are an eclectic mix including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, Willie Nelson and Santana.

Tommy Christy is our new drummer. More details to follow.