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Corrin Campbell

Franklin, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008

Franklin, Tennessee, United States
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Alternative


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"Powerful Pop Rock CD"

“Exhibit A” by Corrin Campbell catches your attention from the first track of this powerful pop-rock CD. Campbell's CD displays her versatility as a singer, as someone who can sing ballads, as well as upbeat pop/rock music without losing her unique style. The songwriting on the CD is strong with relevant lyrics and catchy choruses. The band is tight and nicely backs Corrin's vocals. “Colors of You” features heartfelt lyrics and a pop/rock groove that complement Corrin's vocals and the edginess of the lyrics. "Friend of D" is an upbeat track that features a powerful drum groove and nice breaks that lead to a powerful, nicely harmonized and resolved chorus. "Through Your Eyes," featires a soft, melodic, and passionate vocal performance by Corrin. "Exhibit A" is a CD with memorable tunes combined with appealing lyrics that you want to learn right away so you can sing along! - Alicia and the Reviewer Team

"Target Audience Magazine"

The world, generally speaking, is run by men. The world of music is no different. Female musicians can be pigeon-holed into one of several categories: acoustic guitar coffee house singer/songwriters, piano playing folk artists, bubble gum teeny boppers, or twangy country stars. Even the girls who just want to rock tend to be filed under the angry-chick-whos-just-mad-that-her-boyfriend-dumper-her-for-someone-prettier-rock genre. Then we have Corrin Campbell, whose energetic voice and spunky lyrics refuses to become a cliché.

The Wisconsin born, Maryland based musician makes songs you can, and often want, to sing along to. Although her set list contains many covers by chart topping bands like Paramore, Daughtry, and Maroon 5, Campbell keeps her fingerprint on the show with originals like the hard rocking “Sunbeam” and the not quite but almost a sell out “Friend in D”. The latter resonates like an angry high schooler who’s mad at her BFF/ex-boyfriend, all while maintaining the charm of an addicting chorus.

“Through Your Eyes” shows a softer side of Campbell as she sings, “All that time I looked around, you were right in front of me, cause you’re here inside, never have to fear, even when I feel so alone, you’re always here, and I knew that you always cared for me.” Hearing Campbell sing the ballad makes you wonder who she’s singing about, and where can you find someone like that?

Finding an original sound in the female pop/rock world is a hard task, but it doesn’t seem that way for Corrin Campbell. Her music displays many sides of her natural talent as Campbell shifts from harder electric guitar rock to the softer side of piano ballads. She has successfully found her footing and one step at a time, is sure to reach to top of the mountain of musical success.

Review by Lisa Perron
- Lisa Perron

"College News Magazine"

Though their sound hints of more mainstream acts like Paramore and Darling Parade, Baltimore-based group Corrin Campbell and the Election nonetheless blaze their own trail with Game Night, their first full-length album. Released in late November, the disc will undoubtedly appeal to fans of the rapidly rising pop-rock genre.

Frontwoman Corrin Campbell (vocals, bass and keyboards) and the Election, made up of Tony Corbett (percussion, guitars) and Jim Bover (guitars), show tremendous synergy in this pop and indie-rock collaboration.

Campbell wrote the entirety of the album (save for one track) and arranged it with Corbett. In fact, the whole disc was produced by the pair, with Corbett handling the recording and mastering process. It’s an impressive feat when you realize all the work that goes into creating a fourteen-track album.

“Find Your Way” launches the album in true power-pop fashion with in-your-face guitar, but is supported harmonically with piano. This track is undoubtedly the most deserving of national attention and serves as the perfect gateway to the group.

That one track I mentioned Campbell didn’t write? It’s a cover of “Apologize,” which was originally written and performed by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. (And later re-popularized by Timbaland.) The track keeps the same mood but throws out the processed beats for some welcome electric guitar, legitimate keyboarding, and Campbell’s fresh vocals.

“A New Page” slows the blazing momentum down for the album’s finish. While Campbell wails with impunity, the girl can actually sing. This bare bones track shows off her skills both vocally and on the ivories.

Unlike other girl-fronted pop rock groups (hi there, Paramore), The Election’s lyrics avoid the typical youth musings of “stuff sucks” and “man are things totally crazy right now” in favor of a more positive attitude

As soon as I heard Corrin Campbell, I knew I had room in my life for another female-fronted rock band. I think you will too.

Corrin and the Election will be touring like crazy come December, with stops in Indiana, Minnesota, and Chicago (which I’ll certainly be taking in). Some performances will be full-on while some smaller venues will feature an acoustic set. Keep up with the band’s dates here.

Campbell is all over this internet thing, with a website, MySpace, twitter and Youtube channel to feed your fix. You can grab Game Night, the first full-length album from Corrin Campbell and the Election from iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody. - Joe Anello

"10 Artists to Watch"

Corrin Campbell
WHO SHE is: A 26-year-old singer, Baltimore-based, who started her music career with the U.S. Army Band
right out of high school. Fronts a blues/rock/pop group, The Election, that formed in May.
WHERE TO CATCH HER: 10 p.m. Thursday, Joe Squared, 133 W. North Ave., Station North
BAGHDAD-BOUND: Campbell said she “pretty much knew from Sept. 11” that she’d be deployed. “I was in
the 1st Cav, which is the largest division in the US Army. It has deployed as a part of every major conflict since
the ’20s. Nearly every day contained a musical mission. Most days consisted of travel by Blackhawk to entertain
soldiers across Iraq.”
WHAT SHE LEARNED: “My Army career fine tuned me into a self-aware and objective musician. I learned to
acknowledge my weaknesses so they could be fixed. When I got out, I knew I wanted to pursue music and
continue with the skills the Army ingrained in me.” - b Editorial - Jordan Bartel

"Swift Reviews"

Maryland-based trio Corrin Campbell & the Election has been described as Heart for the 21st century and after hearing their latest release, Game Night, its quite easy to see why. Corrin’s honesty and genuine songwriting paired with the band’s hard-hitting musicianship and a voice to rival either of the Wilson sisters is sure to deliver a treat to first time listeners.

Find Your Way opens up the album with plenty of energy with a dark melody and a driving rhythm section. Time to Let Go shows the softer side of Corrin Campbell but builds into an epic ballad. Always Be is a pop song that brings to mind the likes of Avril Lavigne. Corrin does a great job in this song of showing attitude and emotion through her vocals. Done With You starts off with a funky bass line and some jazzy vocals and then morphs once again into a mammoth chorus. It’s evident by this point that this band has no short supply of energy! Remember Me has a sort of bossa nova feel. The imagery in the lyrics of this song stand out above the rest. Colors of You sounds kind of like a generic combination of the previous tracks. Not a favorite, yet the lyrics still maintain the honesty and thoughtfulness they have throughout the album.
Bounce opens up with a great piano intro and has a great folky feel. The music in this song even sounds ‘bouncy’. The band does a cover of Apologize from One Republic and adds a unique and personal flare to the song making it their own. Sunbeam is a driving rock song in which Corrin’s vocals scream with emotion. The band captures a mood that fits the music perfectly and makes awesome use of dynamics in this track. Blink of an Eye is probably the most punk track on the album stepping slightly outside the pop blueprint laid out previously. Keep Movin’ is another bouncy song. This track is pretty catchy and it’s good to hear the songs toward the end of the album getting better instead of being cluttered with filler. Cast It Off has a very classic rock feel mixed with a little folk thrown in. Closing out the album is A New Page, where Corrin performs with the piano. This track is wonderful - so full of emotion, this is one of those songs that can’t help but affect the listener.

The album as a whole is worth a listen. Although many of the songs sound similar the lyrics are really great throughout the whole album. So, for some good alt rock poetry, give a listen to Corrin Campbell & the Election and their new album Game Night.

-JB Swift - JB Swift

"Skope Magazine"

[They] may be Army strong, but are also musically gifted. The armed services and the rest of the civilian population should be very proud of Corrin Campbell & the Election after hearing & experiencing Game Night. - Jimmy Rae


"...the band have included a cover of OneRepublic's 'Apologize', and by God I'm glad they did. It's very sensitively done but it still captures the mood of the song perfectly - probably one of the best songs here." - Emmy


Exhibit A
by Corrin Campbell

A lot of musicians learn their chops in a figurative trial by fire – playing for unruly, unappreciative fans. The term takes on a whole 'nuther meaning when it comes to pop-rocker, Corrin Campbell. The feisty bass-playing singer/songwriter literally earned her stripes riding on Blackhawk helicopters as part of the US Army's 1st Cavalry Division while stationed in Baghdad during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Ms. Campbell's five-year hitch in the Army as part of the Army Band gave her plenty of time to hone her skills as both an engaging performer and a fine songwriter. Nothing like a little real world combat to prepare you for the real world of the music industry.

If her eight-song EP, Exhibit A, is any indication, we'll be hearing a lot more of Ms. Campbell in the coming years. Sweetly seductive vocals combine with girl-next-door good looks giver her an instant appeal for fans of the current crop of twenty-something female hitmakers. But it is her ability to turn of a phrase that lifts her above the crowd.

The EP starts off mellow enough with the slightly melancholy, gently rocking anthem, "Colors of You." "Friend in D" makes a valiant attempt at vamp rock, but lacks enough power to make it stick. Instead it ends up being just another memorable pleasant, but ultimately forgettable, pop-rock ditty. She gets back on track with "Cast It Off" then nails it with the emotion-dripping piano ballad, "Through Your Eyes."

Ms. Campbell proves she can handle a solid rock number with "Shame," but her bread and butter is really the bouncy pop-rock showcased on tunes like "Keep Movin.'" She also does an admirable cover of the Paramore hit, "When It Rains."

The project is indie to the core with Ms. Campbell handling the vast majority of the songwriting chores and sharing production credits with her husband/drummer, Tony Corbett. While Exhibit A is an excellent introduction to a promising young musician Corrin Campbell's vocal abilities would really shine under more professional production. - Mike Parker


I am not going to lie. I decided to review this CD because Corrin Campbell looks like a 16-year-old version of Kat Dennings. There, I said it.

It also turns out that she played in the band in the Army. So did my dad, although I have trouble envisioning her carrying a tuba around. And it turns out she is from Wisconsin, so I am sure she would sound great even just reading the phone book.

So anyway, now that I have finished objectifying her, this six-track EP is a standard female-fronted rock album. The music is a little unimaginative, but the songwriting and melodies are notable. Not knowing keys, I am unclear whether “Friend in D” is performed in D, but regardless, it is a fun rock song, if a bit dated.

“Cast It Off” would sound better as a piano-only recording, a la Vanessa Carlton in many of her songs. The drums get in the way and sound as if they are from “Through Your Eyes,” a track that only features piano but should take on additional accompaniment. When she plays live, “Cast It Off” should be one of the titles she plays so she can leave a lasting memory.

“Shame” puts it all together. Good storytelling songwriting, a non-distracting beat and a nice collection of musical work. “Keep Movin’” has a great mid-90s power pop feel to it. Where has this been the entire EP, and why is this the last song?

The EP seems to be a compilation of different stages of her career, and this costs it its cohesion. It is unclear where Campbell is going in her music endeavors, but hopefully the EP is chronological, meaning the last two tracks will give us a sign of what’s to come. - KSCU - Santa Clara, CA

"Good Day Baltimore"

"Formed by a bass-guitar player/vocalist who rocked while serving in the U.S. Army, Corrin Campbell and the Election (her band of pals) rocked Towson tonight. Campbell's soaring vocals are powerful and hint of something great to come..." - Baltimore Examiner

"Top Tracks"

Track 1: "Sunbeam" by Corrin Campbell and the Election

I like this track. It starts off very strong and busts in with some killer guitar riffs. Corrin has an incredible voice and I like how she starts off rather shyly and soft and then really picks it up by the first chorus. I like the metaphor of "breaking these brick walls down" for someone breaking through to her inner self, which she obviously keeps on lock down. This is most likely due to all those bastards who broke her heart previously! At least they led to some good music and maybe when she's wealthy beyond all means she can shove it back in their faces. Isn't that what we all want to do? The music is really killer. Overall a pretty good track. - To the Fallen Records - Official Blog


Still working on that hot first release.



The band has wrapped on their next full-length album, entitled "Gilded", with producer Pete Stewart (Grammy-winning for his music on 'The Heist' by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis). The album is currently available from digital distributors worldwide.

There's only one featured original artist in the country who is sponsored by a branch of the military. And that unique position belongs to Corrin Campbell.

U.S. Army Sergeant Corrin Campbell, in fact. Corrin has been leading a double life for the last 5 years: one as a full-time soldier and another as a DIY independent artist, touring on her limited leave days, recording on the weekends, and working to make a name in the industry.

"I've always wanted to keep the worlds separate, really. I didn't want anyone to think I was exploiting my military service to get ahead in my music career. I wanted to be equally successful at both, and really earn it. But when I was offered this job for the Army, where I was able to play original music and show the public that soldiers are real people, I decided to let them merge - if only for a couple years," says Corrin.

Corrin Campbell and her band The Election released their first EP in May 2008. "It was really a side project; something to do for fun. I didn't expect it to get such a positive response, but we sold enough copies and garnered enough reaction to think, 'Hey, maybe we should really try this'." The band was quickly compared to Paramore, Evanescence, and even Heart and began performing around the Baltimore area.

With the release of Corrin's first full-length 'Game Night' in November 2009, the band's opportunities quickly began to increase - playing everywhere from the steps of the Lincoln Monument in Washington DC to 6th St in Austin, TX; from Artscape in Baltimore to being personally selected to open Lilith Fair 2010 at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD. "I never thought that we would be able to create an album that was commercially relevant from my apartment," mused Corrin. "We had such limited time and funds to make it happen; but we've gotten a really unexpected, positive response from press and industry contacts."

"We" is actually Corrin and her husband/drummer/sound engineer/bandmate Tony Corbett. Tony, also a Sergeant in the U.S. Army, has been working side-by-side with Corrin from the beginning and together, the two create an unstoppable duo. "Somehow, everything I can't do, Tony does and vice versa. Fortunately, we happen to have two complementing skill sets."

Corrin fills the role as singer, songwriter, keyboardist, and bassist while Tony covers drums, guitars, engineering, mixing, and mastering. Corrin also covers the band's website and social media marketing as well as graphic design for their CDs, T-shirts, and other merchandise. The two produce their albums together. "We're quite lucky to have all bases covered between the two of us."

As soldiers, these two have had extraordinary experiences: both deployed for a year with the 1st Cavalry Division in Operation Iraqi Freedom II; Corrin was selected for and performed with the U.S. Army Soldier Show and toured the continental United States, as well as Korea and Cuba. They performed for troops all over Iraq, even opening for Ted Nugent and Toby Keith on their USO tour through Baghdad. Corrin has performed for huge audiences, including the National Anthem for Music City Bowl 2011 - this event had over 58,000 in attendance and was nationally televised on ESPN. She is also scheduled to perform about a dozen dates on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour.

Corrin and her band are recording their next album at Dark Horse Recording Studio in Nashville, TN for release in early 2013.

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