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Stronger than you know (Breathe)

Written By: Corrina Hewat

Stronger than you know
Corrina Hewat PRS

Why won’t you let me just do what I want
All of these years I have thought of you first
And now give me freedom – what do I do?
I come running back to you

You’re cautious and safe
Always playing by the rules
Led by the thinking of others
Be them wise men or fools
Never questioning the reasons
Never questioning how good it could be
if you’d done it a different way
Rephrased your answer
Breathed before you spoke
Rephrase your thinking
Breathe before you choke
Just breathe
Just breathe

We’ve shared many secrets, you do know me well
But I know you better than you know yourself
I know you keep dreams locked away in your head
Dare to let them out instead


Now that we’re clear, we can start a new day
And I’ll think about you as I go my own way
And should my heart break, then I know it will mend
I’m stronger than you know, my friend
I’m stronger than you know, my friend