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The best kept secret in music


"Top 12 DIY CDs"

This Singapore-born, Berklee-educated songwriter combines the haunting otherworldliness of artists like Sarah McLachlan and Sting with the open veracity of Joni Mitchell.
The result is Corrinne May's stunning self-titled release. May's voice is instantly intoxicating - beautiful and adept, but never needlessly showy. Her melodies slide elegantly through well-executed, smart arrangements.

Even though one track, the lovely "If You Didn't Love Me", was co-written by Carole King and Carole Bayer Sager, May's solely self-penned songs stand on their own as solid, engaging examples of writing. "Stay on the Road" and "All that I Need" are lush driven pop while "Mr. Beasley" and the sweet opener "Fly Away" are piano adorned folk gems. With her hopeful, fluid lyrics and heavenly voice, this is a touching, enchanting record.
- Performing Songwriter

"CD Review by Jennifer Layton"

Corrinne May's crystal river voice and her beautiful songs moved me in such a powerful, spiritual way. Even the most hardened heart doesn't stand a chance. On the very first track, "Fly Away," her voice floats out of the speakers with no musical intro. This is one of her very personal songs, one about leaving her family behind in Singapore so she could pursue a musical career in the States. By the time she was into the second verse, I was sitting at my desk in tears.

May's work makes the soul tremble. The reviews in her press kit compare her to Sarah McLachlan. Please. McLachlan would give anything to sound like this.

This is a rare talent. I'm not the only one captured. When she competed in a songwriting challenge issued by the music industry web site TONOS, she was chosen out of over 200 applicants to co-write a song with Carole King and Carole Bayer Sager. The song, "If You Didn't Love Me," is featured on the CD. It's a gorgeous piano ballad with a classical feel. May's voice makes it downright ethereal. This young woman who began playing the organ at four years old and won her first songwriting competition at fifteen has also seen her music featured on Lifetime TV and the daytime drama "One Life To Live."

Most of this acoustic music is quiet, setting the stage for her voice, casting a swirling mist around it. The voice gives us watercolor images, like the ones in "Fall To Fly," a song about growing up, becoming practical, and forgetting the magic of childhood:

"On winter days the snow would glisten
Like a sea of diamonds in the sun....
Arms held out, eyes shut closed
I'd lean back and just let go.
And I would fall to fly.
A snow white angel, I'd spread my wings to the sky
How I'd glide..."

May doesn't just croon ballads. "Stay On The Road" is a pop/rock song that rises to something that sounds like a rock spiritual revival. "Mr. Beasley," a very observant study of a sweet and nervous suitor, rings with humor any woman can identify with. "Something About You" is a joyful song about discovering a deeper feeling for someone who's been just a friend.

This is one of those CDs that reinforce my belief in a Higher Power because there's just no other explanation for that voice. It's a Must Have, whether you're male or female. Guys, you may be tough, but she'll reach you. Ladies, two words: waterproof mascara.

Artist Website:

"Carole King speaks about her collaboration with Corrinne May on the song "If You Didn't Love Me""

"Corrinne May's unexpected phrasing and beautiful melody met the emotion Carole and I put into the lyric and took our song to a dimension we never imagined." - Carole King

"Carole Bayer Sager speaks about "If You Didn't Love Me""

"I thought that Corrinne's song as well as her performance of the song was deeply moving. She brought a whole other dimension to the lyric that I hadn't known was there until I heard her melody. It invoked a deep emotional response in me." - Carole Bayer Sager

"CD Review"

As the first note from the acoustic piano melted into the tender, hushed vocal from singer/songwriter Corrinne May’s self-titled debut release, I was mesmerized. One part Sarah McLaughlin, one part Carole King, May comes across as a balladeer with a poetic verse surpassed only by her indelible melodies and inspired harmonic interplay. “Fly Away” and “Same Side of the Moon” sparkle with ethereal beauty and intimacy and set a meditative mood that envelops the remainder of the disc. The third track falters a bit as May tries on a Counting Crows vibe, but regains her footing on the whimsical “Fall to Fly,” co-written with Berklee College of Music songwriting instructor Susan Cattaneo. However, things get particularly interesting with “If You Didn’t Love Me,” co-written with Carole Bayer Sager and Carole King. The song came from a contest where Sager and King placed a lyric they had written on a Web site and entertained submissions for the best musical accompaniment and melody. May’s version was the winner, and is a highlight of the disc. A funky acoustic guitar flavor with full band orchestration lightens the mood again with “Stay on the Road” and “Mr. Beasley,” before rounding out the CD with some of the most poignant love songs never recorded by Celine Dion, the best of which may be “All That I Need,” which could easily make somebody some serious money if a publisher or record company got behind it. This is high-end ear candy. May could arguably be the best never-heard-of voice in music this year. The disc can be purchased on or

- Drew Walen - The City Paper (Nashville, TN)

"L.A Indie Spotlight - Corrinne May’s New Self-Titled CD Exemplifies the Healing Power of Music"

“Authentic.” “Spiritual.” “Brilliant.” “Extraordinary.” “Insightful.” “Gifted.” That’s typical of what people are saying about Corrinne May’s music. Corrinne carefully weaves tender, exuberant, gorgeous melodies that you NEED to hear to believe; crowned with a voice that’s been hailed as “crystal velvet.”

Corrinne is no stranger to accolades; winning her first songwriting competition at age 15. Winner of the Berklee Achievement Scholarship, ASCAP PLUS popular music award for the 2001-2002 term, and the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Award, her songs have been placed in TV shows and films, with radio airplay as far as Holland, Belgium and Singapore.

Each song on the CD is flawlessly and lovingly delivered from the first track. “Fly Away” is a powerful ballad about leaving the ones you love to pursue a dream. This track brings many to tears when they hear it the first time. You’ll want to call home! Hopeful longing epitomizes “Same Side of the Moon.” “Something About You” is an instant hit with a great rollicking chorus about falling in love. “Fall to Fly” is a sweet metaphor about letting go of the fear of falling in love. Her sense of humor shows with “Mr. Beasley,” which gently chides male bravado trying impress women. Corrinne’s advice? “Just be yourself!”

A clear standout is “If You Didn’t Love Me,” the winning entry in the Carole King/ Carole Bayer Sager Songwriting Contest at Carole Bayer Sager comments: "I thought that Corrinne's song as well as her performance of the song was deeply moving. She brought a whole other dimension to the lyric that I hadn't known was there until I heard her melody. It invoked a deep emotional response in me."

For healing music that makes you laugh and cry, pick up Corrinne May’s self-titled debut CD at

- Leslie Waller - Valley Scene


Corrinne May - Corrinne May (2001)

Reissued as 'Fly Away' - Corrinne May (2004) released by Forward Music Taiwan and distributed in Asia

Safe in a Crazy World (upcoming mid-2005) - Corrinne May
Pink Armchair Records

Sample listing of Venues Corrinne has performed at :

Genghis Cohen, Los Angeles, CA
Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA
NACA West conference, showcase performer
The Mint, Los Angeles, CA
The Esplanade, Singapore
TVB Jade Music live TV performance, Hong Kong
Colleges throughout the western USA
Kerrville Folk Festival
The Living Room, NYC
The Bitter End, NYC
Club Passim, Boston


Feeling a bit camera shy


You keep me flying, you keep me smiling
You keep me safe in a crazy world
You understand me, embrace my fragility
You keep me safe in a crazy world
And in your arms I find the strength
To believe in me again
--"Safe in a Crazy World"

With accomplished musicianship and exquisite soul, Corrinne May evokes words and music that are both generous and genuine, stories she reveals in a voice of striking purity and undeniable magic.

Her self-titled debut presented a calling card to audiences in the U.S., Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. Now, the suite of songs that comprises Safe in a Crazy World extends Corrinne's worldwide appeal as it speaks of her connection to those around her. She explains, "With the first record, I was pouring out the emotions I felt at being in a new city, having to leave my family and friends in search of my calling. I was looking for answers and the album was born out of that introspection. The new album is happier. There's more of a feeling of being settled and wanting to reach out and be involved with the world."

'Cause I don't know where your journey goes
Or how long it will take to unfold
But as long as we keep this moment shining in the dark
I know you're watching over every beat of my heart
-- "Every Beat of My Heart"

Corrinne's journey began in Singapore, the former British colony at the cosmopolitan crossroads of east and west where she studied classical music and earned her degree in English literature before moving to Boston for an education in songwriting and film composition at Berklee College of Music. Relocating to Los Angeles, she came to the attention of legendary Grammy-winning songwriters, Carole King and Carole Bayer Sager, with whom she collaborated. Live shows at intimate listening rooms including The Hotel Cafe, The Mint and Genghis Cohen introduced her to appreciative audiences as well.

With her debut came accolades: Harpers Bazaar, FHM, Music Connection and Performing Songwriter magazine who deemed the release, "a touching, enchanting record." MTV Asia featured her video for "Fly Away" and television shows on Lifetime and ABC selected her songs to underscore their dramas as did the Columbia/TriStar feature, So Close. Named Best Contemporary Album by the musical alliance, Just Plain Folks, the album spent over a year on the top sellers list at CD Baby.

All of this was a prelude to Safe in a Crazy World, wherein the promise of Corrinne's artistry blooms in full flower. Her trademark ballads are adorned by a cinematic string section and epic orchestrations and her lighter side shines on "Little Superhero Girl," where she wants to "turn the bullies that terrorize/Into pink poodles that bark but don't bite," and the upbeat pop of "If I Kissed You," when she asks a potential lover, "Would you run naked up the street with a tattoo of my name on your behind?" All of the songs are penned solo, with the exception of the poignant "Everything in Its Time," a collaboration with Carole Bayer Sager.

The river runs and the river hides
Out to the ocean and under the sky
I promise you, the answer will come
Hold on to patience and watch for the sign
Everything in it's time
-- "Everything in its Time"

With Safe in a Crazy World, Corrinne May creates a sonic sanctuary of hope and solace “When people connect with my music and tell me that I’ve given a voice to their feelings, it deeply moves me. Music is my balm for whenever life gets a little crazy and I love being able to share that.”

In her art, as in her life, love radiates a luminous warmth.With lyrical themes of compassion and understanding, Corrinne May's artistry is a welcome invitation to be Safe in a Crazy World.

- Dan Kimpel