Seattle, Washington, USA

In a world of hate, we must be optimistic. We must endure and escape. Most people do drugs or alcohol to escape....we play music. Come escape with us. Come get loaded with CORRODED and get your kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames!!


We are a band that likes to smoke weed and drink alcohol and have a lot of fun with the people we play music for. We are influenced by some opiates, and a little cocaine at times. We are just your average band but with a shit load of energy. We are from the town of Marblemount and im done typing for now....


Alive and Oh Well -demo 2009

Set List

Our set list is 25 minutes long and consists of 12 songs
song names are:
Blood of the Century
Apocalyptic Salvation
Reap what you Sow
Chaos A.D.
Riot Machine
Long Ride
Kick in the Nuts
Off the Wall