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The best kept secret in music


Ever wonder what it must have been like watching Metallica play in the garage? How about seeing System of a Down play bars? Watching Corruption of Blood play is like watching any great band mere seconds before explosion in to the stratusphere of greatness.

Eddie Susshine on guitar brings a consistancy and quality of any pro. He is the most solid second guitarist I've seen in any local band. As lead vocalists, he has a pure quality in his voice, a sanity to the inanity around him, that I can't see Corruption without.

Austin Sergent on drums reminds me of Max Weinberg or Dave Grohl and I'm pretty sure he'll hate me for saying that. He has such strong composure, while filling every song with the beats that define the sound of Corruption.

Mike Shope on lead. Where ever did they find him? He is the Ginsu of guitar. He rips, shreds, and thrashes in seconds. The pure talent of Mike amazes me at every show. He's fast, like every self respecting metal lead, but he's got the skill to keep it clean, a feat near impossible for even major acts.

Ken Newman on bass surprised the hell out of me the first time I saw him play. I'm usually my most picky about the bass, and I was ready to pick his play apart. I couldn't do it. There was nothing wrong with it. He follows the drums like a pro. He follows the rhythm like a pro. He even tore it up in a short solo. He can play that bass like a lead guitar. He's nearly flawless.

As a whole, Corruption plays like they've been playing together for years. They bring high, positive energy with an amazing thrash sound. From the all-in-beat-the-hell-out-of-everyone energy of Relentless, to the ever building power of Fallen Eagle, to the sheer insanity of The Trial, Corruption of Blood will kick your ass and leave you craving more.

(Okay, off topic, I still feel you guys are still trying to find a way to set yourselves lyrically. I guess that's why I like your cover of Angel Witch so much, because it feels like what you guys are fully capable of. Can't wait for the next show!)
- Paul Barger


CoB EP-2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Corruption of Blood, in their short time on this planet, have gained a strong following and reputation in the pop-punk, indie, and hardcore dominated city of Cincinnati for their dedication and loyalty to true metal. No breakdowns, no choreography...just straight-up, balls to the wall, fist pumping, hair twirling, and head-banging metal. National acts have nothing but praise. Local club owners frequently request Corruption of Blood's presence. With galloping rhythms not heard since metal's heyday, scorching leads, and story telling comparable only to Iron Maiden and Metallica, Corruption of Blood is here to return metal to its original incarnation.

Our new demo is finally up! Enjoy!

Merchandise is now available at all shows!

Corruption of Blood