INTENSE! The combination of all our influences gives us a unique sound mixing the power and melodies of iron maiden, and iced earth, with the speed and aggression of slayer, megadeth, and testament. Finally,with a strong line-up we are ready to take on the world. We always bring our best to any show


Corruptor started out in 2005 We've gone through many set backs involving line-up changes, but have finally found a solid group of dedicated members.Drawing inspiration from many genres of hard rock and metal we have developed our own sound and have stood our ground against todays "popular" metal trends. We have built up a dedicated fallowing and are looking to spread and grow as a band and musicians!
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2008-Living Hell EP. Five song demo plus three songs from our old slef-titled 2006 demo>

Set List

Our sets usually range from 45minutes to an hour and a half!
-Burned In Waco
-Living Hell
-Enemy of Light
-Orders Said
-Raging The War
-Nightmare To Come
-Witness The Horror
-Back Stab
-Darkest Of Days

-Dio-"Rainbow in The Dark"
-Iron Maiden-"The Trooper" & "The Wicker Man"
-Anthrax-"I Am The Law"
-AC/DC-pretty much anything!
-Black Sabbath-"Paranoid" & "War Pigs"