A 5-piece band in a 3-piece's body. Creating synergy and large sound with 3 bodies via alternative, melodic guitar music. Think Nirvana melodies, the Smiths smooth lines and My Bloody Valentine shimmering guitars. Hooks, good looks and surprises in a head-spinning set of guitar music.


CORSAIRS are a five-piece band locked inside a three-piece band’s body. Their ethos being creating synergy and making the biggest rush of sound possible with three bodies via guitar-based, alternative, melodic music. The band was formed in July 2005 after Gareth (lead vocals / guitars) recruited a friend Brian (bass) and his brother Niall (drums / vocals) in order to bang out some tunes he’d written with the intention of recruiting other members over time (this recruitment policy is now abandoned). The first rehearsal was a revelation for these music-starved men all of whom had flirted with various ensembles without finding the cohesion that was instantly recognisable in this first glorious session.

With over 15 songs put together in these first few months the band went to 147 Studios in November 2005 and in an intense day and a half of recording they produced ’24 Hours’, a 7-track demo which illustrates the musical range of a band who record with an eye constantly trained on the essential aim of creating a thoroughly engaging live performance (go to a show and you’ll understand). Mixing genres, emotions, tempos and themes, CORSAIRS are song-driven and reject the notion of a singular sound or influence having observed the many, many bands in Dublin and otherwise who can’t take their eyes off the past long enough to produce interesting music. See how far they go. Nods to influences are inevitable (if you must ask we’d suggest Nirvana, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Bowie, Muse, The Smiths, The Charlatans…et al…et al…) but pigeon-hole at your peril and expect surprises.

Having played most of the usual venues in Dublin (Dorans, The Hub, Radio City, Crawdaddy, The Sugar Club…) they’ve picked up new fans at every gig they’ve played, displaying poise belaying their young age. They have been booked on the Castlepalooza bill on the August Bank Holiday weekend alongside the Republic of Loose, The Blizzards and Delorentos among others and are beginning recording their first proper EP in July. For this EP the band have considerably raised the stakes already in a myriad of potent new tunes which have a harder edge than those on ’24 Hours’ and an engaging obscurity while possessing vice-like, effect-laden melodies which will constantly bring people back for more. This they promise. They expect to release the EP in August and will be offering previews as soon as tracks are ready. Stay tuned and watch this space, many of the new tunes are being broken live so catch a show when you can.

Demo tunes (7 recorded) are available at and
Contact the band at or 087 921 4008.



Written By: G Ebbs / Corsairs


I try to look away
Why wont you look my way
Surrounded by your friends
Will this story ever end
I dont have the lines
And I dont really dance
How the fuck am I ever gonna
get the chance

Do we really have the time
Do we really have to lie to each other
Is she waiting for a sign
Do we really have the time

This place is like a clinic
Where we can get a fix
Wont you take a number
Its just l;ike a lucky dip
Can I skip the talk
Can I be your lover
And then in the morning
I can ask your favourite colour

Do we really have the time
Do we really have to lie to eachother
Is she waiting for a sign
Do we really have the time



Our demo '24 Hours' has been played on Near FM in Dublin.

Set List

Typical set-list as follows, a full set would range between 60-75 mins.

1. 24 Hour Convenience
2. There You are
3. Out of My Hands
4. The Feelings Gone
5. Get Resolved
6. Watching Over You
7. You Make It Look So Easy
8. The Difference Between You and Yourself
9. Empowerment
10. Every Pore I own
11. Bulls ‘N Bears
12. Clubbing
13. Go or Get Let Go
14. Meanwhile Between Failure