Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Cortez is an indie rock band from Australia's potent West Coast music scene. Originally formed in 2010 Cortez is set to release their debut album titled 'All the way'. The ten track record took close to a year to complete with many a rough night spent on the studio floor...


As the name suggests Cortez is a band set to conquer!

Partially true, the name of the band is Cortez…and they are set for something..

Brothers Waz and Shaun (Billy) Bunting have been playing in various bands both in WA and the eastern states for nearly 20 years before forming their own band Cortez in 2010, Perth Western Australia.

Waz studied percussion at the Conservatorium of Music in Victoria and Billy has worked with some great Aussie musos including Travis Dempsey (Living End), Ben Pertzel (Dirty York) and most recently Billy was the frontman for Solid State who played the Big Day Out and recorded 2 quality CDs 'The Point' and 'The Dirty Sessions'.

After watching a friends' CD launch the Bunting brothers met Luke Macrae waiting for a taxi. Macrae a guitarist hailing from Mandurah, WA was invited back to Waz's house (after ditching a bunch of his mates) and settled in to a 2 hour high pressure audition. Macrae sang harmonies easily over Billy's vocals and managed to work nice guitar melodies over the existing rhythms so the decision was made and Macrae officially became the 3rd member of Cortez.

Flavours of sound

The essence of Cortez steams up from a melting pot of bands, ingredients include:

4 tblsp of Radiohead
1 cup of Soundgarden
1 pinch of Springsteen
Some shredded U2
All mixed together with an oz of Dave Matthews Band.

Best served hot and loud with a room full of friends hungry for quality!

After months of crafting the demo tracks a pre production meeting was held with Rob Grant at Poons Head (Tame Impala, Jeff Martin, Lenny Kravitz) in Fremantle and Cortez embarked on the recording of their debut album. They have spent the last 6 weeks in the studio producing 9 tracks with the album tentatively titled 'All the way'.

The official CD launch is set for early 2012.

Many musicians claim their sound has big potential but few are prepared to take the gutsy step of funding & recording a high quality release, fewer still have any songs with both powerful meanings and quality musicianship.

Cortez have...

but you can decide for yourself right here..


All the way

Written By: Shaun Bunting

All The Way

Blue eyes smudged black again
dry, cracked lips from too much drinking
your hair is good but your heads all messed up

Got eight missed messages
you must have been out of it-
why do Mondays always hit so hard?

On the weekend you're a shooting star
burn all night days are for slumber
at work you grit your teeth
as the sky above you falls to pieces
time to get off this phone
so you can..

Let yourself
let yourself go
let yourself go all the way..
Let yourself
let yourself go
let yourself go all the way..

She can't sleep at night
work keeps taking her time
untouchable weekends
beaches and good winds
calling out
telling you to

Be yourself
be yourself now
be yourself nobody knows your name
Let yourself
let yourself go
let yourself go all the way..

She won't be tied up in accord
or wrapped in mummy clothes just yet
she says 'everything's gonna be how I turn it out,
so I'm gonna pack it up, pack it up and roll out'

Let yourself
let yourself go
let yourself go all the way..
Let yourself
let yourself go
let yourself go all the way..

Lyrics by Shaun Bunting Copyright 2012
Music by Cortez Copyright 2012

Into your room

Written By: Shaun Bunting

Into your room

1st Verse

Still they got there on time
climbed right through that
window at night
into your room
where I stand
into your room
take my hand

2nd Verse

Navigate us through the black
street lights without a map
it's not enough to be just human
when your earth is our beach like a grain of sand
we unlock minds
lead you back through to the other side
I got my shadow
and you got your suitcase overflowing


You won't be upset at all
you won't miss it at all
let's just forget it all
come on and load it all


It's time we disappear
break up through the atmosphere
Hold on
if we stay strong you can see the earth from here
and I can't be sure
if the destination's far
just hold on
and you'll soon
see we should burn inside like stars

3rd Verse

It's time to find a home
nothing manmade under an alien sun
you mind was wiped
that was the deal before they let us inside
you got your spaceflight
and we got a world of our own
to call home


take her in
take her out
turn this ship around
and fly us home

we can speak without sound
we can look around
with our eyes closed and no one to

There's no pain you'll never be bleeding
we generate everything that we are needing on our own


It's time to disappear
break out through the atmosphere
hold on, if you stay strong
you can see the earth from here
and I can't be sure
if if it's tearing us apart
But hold on stay strong
and you'll soon see
how we burn inside like stars

Lyrics by Shaun Bunting Copyright 2012
Music by Cortez Copyright 2012

Real ones

Written By: Shaun Bunting

Real Ones - Cortez

My friends in way too deep
treading water in a rip of deceit
truth ebbs
at inappropriate times

he gave up everything, cut it all loose
big ass trophy wife's diamond noose
this time he's scraping the sky

Up he goes
with the wind
to where the real ones live

Down below
to where the real ones go

he learned to fly he looked below
overtime slaves locked in their homes
was his key
one of a kind?

he saw horizon curve the water
mother natures subtle order
and neandathals fucking her blind

Can't believe
what he sees
where are the real ones now?

When do we leave
and let the real ones out?

he had youth on his side
no one asked him for advice
his shell white wings
had an invisible hue

even though his t-shirt had
an arrow and Impact letters red
'this is the way home
...this is the way home…'

Lyrics by Shaun Bunting Copyright 2012
Music by Cortez Copyright 2012

Run for your life

Written By: Shaun Bunting

Run for your life

I know about the lie
I've seen you cry
but heaven saw everything

Heaven sees it all
big over small
but turned a blind eye

Run for your life
the window is open
no where to run
ho where to hide

left in his possession
a relative, a predator
an elderly vulture
who picked you to pieces
...comes at night

killed you with silence
made nobody know
how can this daughter
outrun a male fully grown..?

Run for your life
the window is open wide
don't wait for the sun
there's no where to hide


Up and comming album titled All the way.
3 songs are getting air play at Black collar radio
Air play on RTR fm 92.1
Air play on fremantle radio,also cortez featured on a 1 hr interview on radio fremantle.