Cortez the Killer

Cortez the Killer

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Here at Cortez the Killer, we pride ourselves in the ability to have fun. We're fucking good at it.

Words worth sharing. Caustic & Caring. Drastic & Roaring. Sit down and start pouring, because we'll never be through exploring.


Cortez has been around for just over 4 years. In that time we've been lucky enough to play with awesome bands like Choke, A Textbook Tragedy, Daggermouth, Mothra, and Passenger Action.

We're made up of four dudes: Cole Schmidt on Guitar, EN Roberts on vocals, Benjie Nesdoly on drums, and Alvaro Rojas on bass. Cole used to go to school for jazz, EN has always spent a lot of his time yelling, Benjie fell off a roof last year, and Alvaro is one of those guitar players we convinced to play the bass...

We have a 5 song EP that we recorded at the Hive with the awesome Stu Mcillop, and are almost finished a full length record that we've been recording at the Warehouse Studios in Vancouver. We're pumped to get some new music out soon.


Cortez the Killer - Self titled EP

Tracklisting -
1. For those Against Romance
2. Broletariat
3. Cocktails mixed by Molotov
4. East Vancouver Heart Attack
5. '64 Shakedown