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Corvus Corax

Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE

Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE
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- Ante Casu Peccati (1989/1998)
- Congregatio (1991)
- Inter Deum Et Diabolum Semper Musica Est (1993/2002)
- Tritonus (1995)
- Live auf dem Wäscherschloß (1998)
- Viator (1998)
- Mille Anni Passi Sunt (2000)
- C. C. erzählen Märchen aus alter Zeit (1994/2000)
- Tempi Antiquii (2000)
- In Electronica (Remixe) (2001)
- Seikilos (2002)
- Hymnus Cantica (MCD) (2003)
- Gaudia Vite (CD/DVD 2003)
- Cantus Buranus (2005)
- Cantus Buranus Live (CD/DVD 2006)
- Venus Vina Musica (2006)
- Kaltenberg anno MMVII (2007)
- Cantus Buranus 2 (2008)
- Cantus Buranus Das Orgelwerk (2008)
- Corvus Corax Live in Berlin (CD/DVD 2009)



In 1989 the founders of the band entered the stage for the first time under the name Corvus Corax and did not only lay the foundation for their own amazing band history with their idiosyncratic interpretation of traditional melodies, but also for the beginning of a brand new kind of music, which has inspired and formed a worldwide active scene by now.
Bagpipes are the trademark of the band, but amongst other instruments, they also play shawms, hurdy-gurdies, trumscheits, busines, flutes, cittern and a variety of drums and timpani.
For many years, the musicians of Corvus Corax tracked down the scattered bequeathed traditional melodies in libraries and reprocessed them boldly. They also reconstructed the ancient instruments in their own studio and developed them further according to their playing experiences. Swiftly, Corvus Corax conquered stages all over the world. Everywhere in Europe and overseas, they enthused the audience with their innovative style of music
Like touring minstrels, who assembled all influences of the old world in their music and thereby lay the foundation for a pan-European musical development, Corvus Corax started experimenting with the musical means of their own time. Patterns of popular rock and pop music found their way into the arrangements of the songs, but the instruments stayed acoustical and traditional.
In 2003 the Carmina Burana, the most outstanding collection of medieval songs, became a central topic in the band’s development. Although titles of this manuscript have been part of Corvus Corax’s repertoire since the beginning, the musicians now took the old texts and composed an opus for symphony orchestra, choir, soloists and medieval ensemble, which had its world premiere as Cantus Buranus in summer 2005. In 2008 the sequel to Cantus Buranus arose and was presented with great success not only in Germany and the Netherlands, but also in China.
Within the last years, Corvus Corax attracted attention in other domains, too: the number of enquiries from audio book producers, computer game programmers and film-studios grew. Thus soundtracks for fantasy games like “Gothic III” and “Dragon Age: Origins” and music for audio books by Bernd Rümmelin and Markus Heitz were composed. A live audio book production of Heitz’s epic fantasy “Die Zwerge” tours with “the magician of voices” Johannes Steck and Corvus Corax in 2010.
Corvus Corax do not match any stereotypes. Their fans are not age restricted: enthusiasts of classical music sit or dance peacefully with inveterate rock and folk music fans.