Corwin Trails
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Corwin Trails

Band EDM Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Corwin Trails"

So Rob M. suggested this one because his cousin's roommate's best friend's brother is in the band, or something like that; I coudn't keep it straight. What I do get is the ambient beats and noise laid down by Corwin Trails. Pleasant melodies, event bouncy at times, coexist among fractured and warped samples and scratches. Walls are built and crumble, time stops and starts — it all reminds me of this paper I wrote in college about how, in his poem The Waste Land, T.S. Eliot subverted the Second Law of Thermodynamics. (Sure he did!) Providers of the soundtrack to the film version of this epic battle between physics and literature: Corwin Trails. - 3hive

"Corwin Trails - demo CD"

Corwin Trails is an odd mixture of ambient down-tempo with storytelling. This self-titled EP release from Samuel Vandiver incorporates a narrative element in each track that is blanketed with rich, smooth melodic phrases. Burried underneath these surreal landscapes are cut up samples of anything from children's stories to philosophy lectures.

"Hakim Bay" is first to stand out with remarkable rhythms and percussion, uniquely distorted, tampered and dismantled. Each following track is well defined in itself and produces an unique emotional impact, sometimes triumphant and other times melancholic. The playful melodies and vocals of "Icicle" create a nostalgic mood and are delivered atop tattered mischievous drones. The sound of Corwin Trails is inventive, distinctive and sometimes unusual, subsequently he is a welcomed addition to Archaic Horizon. - Archaic Horizons


The Atom Dance (progressive rock outfit): 3-song demo
Corwin Trails (Experimental IDM): 5-song EP
Inkblot (Electro-instrumental): 10-song EP

Corwin Trails EP was released on Archaic Horizon records and all songs are available for listen at the following website:



If an autistic child dropped acid and simultaneously listened to Boards of Canada, The Books, and Fourtet on bad speakers, Corwin Trails might appear.