Cory Carlyon

Cory Carlyon


My music is inspiring, uplifting and inspirational. A one man band with a big sound and plenty of character. Upbeat, raw and unique with a hell of a lot of soul. I'm Cory Carlyon.


Cory Carlyon is no doubt one of the most talented artists out there. He is a full time musician based on the Beautiful Sunshine Coast, where he plays regular solo and Duo cover gigs, and original gigs as well. Solo, Cory has a unique original sound playing Guitar, Didgeridoo, Harmonica and stomp (which he shaped like a surfboard!), and great vocals as well. He bases his music around his life experience, travels, and hope of sending a good message.
Cory has residency playing at the River Inn, Thredbo in the winter where he snowboards for the season, and he spends another few months of the year in the Whitsundays playing Solo, or with his duo 'Spun'. These guys have a great sound together and have played some high profile gigs including the wedding of 'Nick Maxwell,' captain of the Collingwood AFL team last year in Byron Bay. The guys are also being flown to Ulluwatu, Bali for another Collingwood player's wedding in October 2010. Free surf trip! Cory has also recently supported Dallas Frasca, and a few years ago, The Rogue Traders, Killing Heidi and the Radiators.
You should check out this very talented, and versatile musician 'Cory Carlyon' soon before he takes off on his Australian Tour!

Live, Love, Peace, Respect.


New Day

Written By: Cory Carlyon

I listen to all the sounds off nature call, reminding me
how the way thing used to be
everythings changed so very drastically
concrete jungles pave their way through the trees

When we're stretched so thin
thread me through the eye of a needle
mend me again, tell me there's someone who still listens

Come and see there's a new day
protect our mother respect each others right
come and see there's a new way
in our mind within our site

I believe we have the power to change the way
we live each day, sparing thought for the earths land
soon to be no stars shining so magically
open your eyes you will see first hand

Sunshine of my Life

Written By: Cory Carlyon

I've been thinkin, for too long now
hearts a sinkin, gotta be strong now
your the sunshine of my life
your the sweet sounds that I like

You are my girl, my beautiful world once you
come into my life, hey yeah
you are my girl my beautiful world yeah you
know just what I like

Lets look forward to the future
not forgetting wha we have now
your the sunshine of my life
your the sweet sounds that I like


Know I love you, I know you love me
and I adore you, always thinkin of me
Your the sunshine of my life
your the sweet sounds that I like



EP in the making suited to my sound now. Have a few tracks produced with a backing band a few years back 'New Day' & 'Express Yourself'.

Set List

My main income is covers a few nights a week, but I have a bunch of great originals for when I do festivals and support acts.
Wide range of covers old and new over a 3-4 hour gig. Original set I like to keep to 45min-1hr.