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Cory Cooper

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop R&B




"Cory Cooper"

Cory Cooper is a pop artist who now resides in California but began his musical journey in Missouri. He released a single entitled “Me In My Dreams” which is a certified ballad with an ’80s vibe. The recording is top notch and there is no better way to describe it than FM radio ready and commercially accessible.

He follows the tropes and criteria we have heard before that sound similar to music on shows like American Idol and The Voice. His music is easy to figure out and if you haven't heard the similarities to the most ubiquitous of styles then you have been hiding under a rock.

Cooper’s other material is mostly straightforward 4/4 dance pop music. Songs like “It’s So Natural” and “Everything That I Want To Be” are optimistic club thumpers that would sound perfect in an LA hot spot.

​My favorite track I found was “I Will Die When You Go” which sounded a bit like Duran Duran during the verse. Cooper seems to be taking on a new direction with “Me In My Dreams.” I’m not sure of what to expect in the future but it could be more ballad based with an emphasis on the vocals.

It doesn't take a whole lot of guess work to figure out if Cooper is your thing or not. He has a distinct sound that will unequivocally not fit in the underground but thrives in the mainstream arena. I promise you it will take all but a couple of minutes to figure out if this is a pass or not.

One thing I can say about Cooper is that his video for “Me In My Dreams” has high production value. The other thing is that it reminds me of ballad videos from the ’80s like Meatloaf. He sings into the sunset and plays a piano while it's burning.

​Cooper is unapologetically doing the music he loves which will appeal to the most broad of demographics. - Divide And Conquer

"Cory Cooper - I'm Over It"

Exclusive Interview:

Unafraid to explore the unconventional, the raw emotional intensity of independent artist Cory Cooper’s grinding rhythm and riveting vocals is fast becoming the guilty pleasure of Pop/R&B fans online and throughout the LA music scene. With influences ranging from Prince to Reba McEntire, Meat Loaf and Tina Turner, Cory pushes the limits of what it means to be a true artist today, captivating audiences everywhere with his electrifying presence and “no-holds-barred” performances. And it’s our pleasure to peel back the layers of this rising star, whose talent is a tour-de-force that’s sure to leave you breathless and begging for more.

Growing up in a small town of about 4000 people called El Dorado Springs, Missouri, I have been performing since the first grade. Early on, I sang at church, in show choir, and talent shows. In high school, I remember the long drive to Southwest Baptist University at least twice a week to work with a vocal coach, and the long trips to sing at state fair’s. The drive was a pain sometimes, but the vocal techniques I learned during those years made me the singer I am today. After graduating college, I moved to LA and immediately started working on a demo, reached out to managers and A&R’s, and quickly learned how difficult it is to break into the industry.

Thanks to the encouragement of my grandparents who also raised me, and my strong faith in God, I continue to push my boundaries as an artist and performer despite every challenge the industry has thrown my way. It would be foolish for me to think otherwise. Living here in crazy LA, continuing to create and perform, not getting discouraged, it’s all due to the strength I’ve gained from God. Then again, I probably wouldn’t have this voice either.

One of my old teachers always told me to sing what’s in my heart. Sing what really moves you. As much as I like gospel, contemporary Christian music and using them to worship at church, that type of music just doesn’t fuel my fire as an artist. I would be mocking my faith in God if I went out and tried to be that type of artist. I would frankly be putting up a false front. As an artist, it’s important to stay true to who I am and about how I feel inside.

In the current Pop and R&B scene, it’s all about sex and booty…either at the club or under the sheets. Do I sing about sex? Yes, but there are other subjects I sing about. When R&B and Pop music started, all subjects were up for grabs, but today it’s dwindled down to one. That’s one reason I respect country music. Those artists tell a story. They talk about life. That is what I do with my music. I’m getting ready to write and record some new music this summer, and I will be thinking about happy times, sad times, anger, loss, love and lust. I will sing about experiences that I know people go through, and make music that’s relevant to their lives. I would be doing a great disservice to myself and to my art by writing about only one topic, and I would burn out fast.

Ha! Only one? I would have to say one of the most difficult challenges is getting my music heard by the masses. You can have the best song in the world, but you can’t make people listen. Given the number of artists out there competing for everyone’s attention, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. Even in the age of social media like Facebook, it’s still hard to reach a large amount of people.

Really research who you hire, who you work with, and who books you. You will find all types of crooks in this business. Be careful of the “Pay to Play” gigs. More often than not, the people that offer those types of gigs are only interested in padding their wallets and not promoting the artist. Try your best to figure out what someone’s true intentions are. I once performed at a show where to my surprise, the MC/host was only interested in booking acts so he could use them as material for his stand-up comedy. Very unprofessional. Trust your gut and your instincts. If someone sounds or looks shady, they probably are.

For me, it’s performing live on-stage. People get to see who you are as an artist. What you do and how you sound on stage speaks volumes to people. You can’t hide in a sound booth when you’re performing live. You have to be “on” when you are on-stage, and for me, that is the best promotional tool.

I cannot stress this enough, BE CREATIVE! Don’t do what you think is hot right now, because this business changes so fast. I know it’s cliche, but be true to yourself. There is no reason to be a cookie cutter artist, because there are enough of those already. No matter what, remember to have fun. Stay positive and also be thankful that you have the ability to sing, play, perform or whatever. Yes, there will be down and hard times, but remind yourself why you are doing this. Many people in this world would love to have one chance to do what we artists do. If you’re not having fun and find yourself complaining about the challenges all the time, this type of life is not for you. You have to know ahead of time that you are in for a fight, but it really is true that part of the fun is the journey and not the destination. The rough times won’t last forever! - WWS Magazine

"An Interview With A Rising Star: Cory Cooper"

Cory Cooper, an up-and-coming pop artist, is beginning to appear on radio stations of many college campuses around the country. This past semester, Cooper’s music made its way to Ball State’s WCRD. His journey in the music industry is backed by his passion for music, which is only growing stronger.

The L.A. based singer and songwriter dropped his first EP on March 8. His songs are composed of subjected balladry weaved with audibly entrancing pop beats. As a very self-motivated creator with a strong passion, Cooper is working his way into the world of music as a bold and truly unique artist.

My new self titled EP is now live! I want to personally thank all the friends, family, and team that helped me put out this album. Check it out on Spotify ( or on your fav streaming channel!#newmusic #music #pop #album #albumsyoumusthear #lovemusic

— Cory Cooper (@CoryCooperMusic) March 8, 2019

Cooper was aware of his own talent and musical spirit at an early age. Throughout his years in schooling and his continuous education focused on the performing arts, music and singing has held his attention. Both during and after college, Cooper made tremendous efforts to establish himself as an unparalleled commercial pop artist. He is dedicated to his craft, and his dedication does not go unnoticed in his songs.

No stranger to bold actions, Cooper moved to L.A. to pursue his dream. He worked hard to find a producer that would push him forward as an artist, one that would understand his visions and push him to step out of his rhythmic comfort zone. His current producer, Dr. Ford, does just that and has helped him create his own unique style.

Cooper hopes to soon collaborate with other artists, produce more tracks, release more music videos, and start touring.

“I want to continue doing this, chasing this dream, hopefully making it a reality,” Cooper said.

Authenticity is a core value that shapes Cooper’s standout style of pop. His lyrics are driven by personal experiences and varied topics, which is something that’s becoming a rarity in today’s world of music.

Cooper says specifically with the pop genre, it’s vital to be authentic. He strives to sing about subjects that aren’t typically sung about.

Commercial pop is nothing new, but Cooper’s creative twist on an arguably mundane genre is positively offbeat. Cooper strives to make his music as unique as possible, both lyrically and melodically. He is determined to be out of the ordinary when it comes to topics of song. You won’t find many artists, especially men, who are as open and willing to express raw emotion through their lyrics. Each song is conceived from personal encounters and introspective thoughts, which serves as a creative outlet for Cooper and also generates admiration from listeners who find the topics relatable.

“I know the things that I am writing are personal to people because they can relate to it,” Cooper said.

Personal thoughts and reflections function as the backbone of Cooper’s music; the creation process behind his songs start with an idea, and the permanent lyrics and rhythms are formed afterward. This method allows him and Ford to compose melodies that musically complement the idea; however, they can also be unconventional. In some songs, such as “Drove my Heart Away,” the topic deals with heartbreak, but it’s a very up-tempo track. It’s rather typical for generally sad topics to be paired with slow instrumentals, but Cooper’s willingness to be different serves his listeners well in this case. It’s almost hard to wallow in self-pity when you’re listening to bright and lively sounds.

The energy and power in his songs are entirely of his own creation, but Cooper did have a few role models that influenced his artistry.

“I think it’s really important for an artist to listen to everything, not just the genre that they are performing in,” Cooper said.

Cooper grew up listening to musical idols from many different genres. He draws a lot of influence specifically from Reba McEntire, Prince, Tina Turner, and Meatloaf. With such a diversified background in music, Cooper allows these artists to guide his own music and mindset. His fascination with Reba’s ability to sing about a wide array of topics caught Cooper’s attention, and one can find that reflection in many of Cooper’s own songs. Tina Turner and Meatloaf inspired Cooper to push past any power boundaries with his voice and performances. In the music industry as a whole, fortune favors the bold. Risks must be taken to stand out, which is something indirectly taught to Cooper by Prince. Prince’s ability to be daring with his style and music inspired Cooper to do the same.

Cooper’s first, self-titled EP embodies a journey of personal experience and epitomizes a unique style of commercial pop. His music is backed by his bold visions, which is a prevalent characteristic in both the lyricism and instrumentation of each track. With his inspiration from others and his personal motivation, we can expect nothing but more authentic and passion-driven music from him in the near future. -


  • Drove My Heart Away
  • Stranger At The Table
  • Spoiled Brat
  • Out of the Ashes
  • Me In My Dreams



Atop the Malibu Hills, with a hazy view of the Pacific Ocean along the horizon, singer Cory Cooper sees a vision of an earlier self, juxtaposed with the man he is today. Simple, sparse, piano chords strike and so it begins, “Me In My Dreams,” the first song off Cory’s upcoming EP, an emotionally raw body of work that explores the themes of hope, struggle, loss and finding rescue through one’s self.  In his latest single, he explores the themes of greed, selfishness and narcissism to tell his truth.

Cory’s music represents a journey that’s universal among artists – how to realize dreams and bring them into the real world. His musical journey began in Missouri, a Midwestern state with strong Southern influences. Influenced by the lyricism and musicality of Prince, the raw vocalizations of Tina Turner and the no-holds- barred lyrics of Meatloaf, Cory’s work explores themes of love, loss and redemption.

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