Cory Dee and the Lonesome Three

Cory Dee and the Lonesome Three

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Cory Dee and The lonesome Three are an Edmonton based folk /rock band that are guaranteed to get you up and moving with a repertoire of hook driven, foot stomping, passion fueled songs.

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Lady Love

Written By: Cory Dee

The snow falls on my broken head
Scattered pages and a heart of lead
I called you up about a quarter to six
I needed your mending, but wouldn't find my fix

The drive home was lonely and cold
I want you so badly to have and to hold
Winter's final stand and my soul in your hand
Lady Love won't you please shine over me

Lord, oh lord, oh lord, oh lord

Lady Love won't you please smile over me

Cold wind blows and I won't let go
Lost for little words I just love you so
Gone is the day and gone is me way
Lady Love won't you please take me back to the start

Lord, oh lord, oh lord, oh lord

lady Love won't you please mend these broken hearts


Written By: Cory Dee

Oh mama, these lights they are calling me now
I'm leaving tomorrow, guitar and my suitcase in tow
And I'm searching for my way

Oh mama, I'll make it I know it somehow
The avenues are electric, a million and one for the count
To the city of the river, where things will be much better

Oh mama, these lights they have blinded me now
I fell for tomorrow and wound up with yesterday now
And I've searched for my way

Oh mama, she left me with this ol' broken heart
I once was a fighter, who fought for the sake of the arc
Now the city she's my lover
She's trampled all the others
Through her beauty I have found my way back home

Break My Love

Written By: Cory Dee

Points of view are points for you to shape me in your mind
Someone please just kill this state of mind
Frantic, panic wordless thoughts that cross your mind
Blinded by this all thats left behind

Go ahead and break my love, I'll sing this song for you in time
Go ahead and take my love, why won't you just be mine oh mine

Spoken is a token of these hopeful fears of time
Washed away by your words so sublime
Saboteur she cries these words are poison to my heart
Make it up and take me to the start

Go ahead and hurt my love, pain makes you stronger in the end
Lost for words yet again my love, please why won't you just take mine

Set List

-Face your Face (original)
-Edmonton (original)
-Lady Love (original)
-Wagon Wheel (cover)
-The Ballad of Forty Creek (original)
-Tomorrow (original)
-One man Army (original)
-Little Lion Man (cover)
-Codeine (cover)
-Break My Love (original)
-Percussion Gun (cover)
-Roll Away Your Stone (cover)
-Folsum Prison (cover)
-Shades of Grey (original)
-Comin' Home (original)

*Up to 3x 45min of covers available upon request.