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It's hard to fill up a tape with a lot of solo joints but Cory Eaux does it right and the result is a solid project.

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The JSP has been labeled many times over the years... Gangsters that spit poetic flows. What? Thugs with no direction that makes electro-pop music. What? In reality each and every one of us are educated in different areas that we take full use of and apply to our promotion and business tactics. Underneath the created persona's that we create we strive to not only be the best at what we do but to become better people doing it. Many people don't know that me (Christopher Slim O'Domes) and Cory Eaux (emcee of the Justuce Street Poets) are actually brothers. We have one of those relationships that is inseparable even in the most intense of moments. He can throw me an alley oop even when we aren't speaking in the locker room if that makes sense. - HaterMagnet Industry PR

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"Cory Eaux's "ON My Job" now featured on!"

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Justuce Street Poets - U R Not Ready
Justuce Street Poets - No Justuce, No Peace!!!
Justuce Street Poets - The Minority Vote
Justuce Street Poets - The FUTURE Is Now
Justuce Street Poets - Delorean Musick
Cory Eaux - Monongahela Monster
Justuce Street Poets - Juicy Sweet Punany Vol. 1

Coming Soon:
Justuce Street Poets - Magnanimous
Cory Eaux - Be Safe



Hailing from the City of Pittsburgh, Cory Eaux is truly the last of a dying breed. Focused on thought provoking lyricism, hooks with global appeal, and some of the iLLest production heard to date, Eaux's consistency is unmatched in hip-hop today.

As front man of Pittsburgh group the Justuce Street Poets, Eaux has released 6 group projects and one solo project to date (Monongahela Monster).

Cory began rhyming at the age of 15 while living in the Hazelwood section of the city. He performed at dozens of talent shows and open mic nights across the state in the early 2000s. He soon garnered much respect as he and his group traveled throughout the underground hip-hop circuit in the tri-state area.

Eaux is truly an underground staple in the Pittsburgh hip-hop scene. Cory Eaux and the JSP are 10 time Pittsburgh hip-hop awards nominees. He has recently just came from touring on the Big Heff Industy Tour and has 60+ live performances to his credit in the past 18 months.

"I see the big picture", says the genreless MC... "It seems as if I'm able to maintain a cross over appeal without losing my core fan base by always staying creative with my song concepts, production, and lyrics. People are tired of the same ole same in hip-hop today, and with me, they have to look no further. I am an MC that does it ALL."