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Denver, Colorado, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"AnnaLove x Cory Kendrix - 'Worth Something' EP"

"It was a dream come true," says Austin-based DJ/producer AnnaLove, about her experiences as a Red Bull Music Academy 2013 participant. "There were so many interesting and insanely talented people to meet and collaborate with; it was like a giant playground for like-minded people to go ham and do what we all love to do."

Today we're excited to premiere AnnaLove's latest work, the 'Worth Something' EP. For the four-track (plus a Payton Long remix) release, she teamed up with rapper Cory Kendrix, who released a solo album earlier this year titled 'IGNORANCE.' And the title-track features Austin artists Keeper. The EP, for which Love produces and Kendrix is on vocals, is one of Levin's first collaborative projects. -

"Cory Kendrix - Black Roses"

Despite not occurring in nature, Black Roses are commonly invoked as a symbol of hope on one hand, and death or mourning on the other. Both those meanings are relevant to Cory Kendrix‘s first Booth feature, premiering right here on our front page. On this low-key, introspective cut, the Austin-based rhymesayer reflects on a childhood and adolescence spent surrounded by reminders of mortality, including the untimely deaths of numerous homies. A.Dd+‘s Slim Gravy shifts the focus to the present and future in his closing 16, spitting, “Grown man still growin’ up. / All I know is ‘bout decisions.” Y2JJ produces the cut’s hazy, sampled instrumental backdrop, and an uncredited female vocalist provides the hook. Feeling it? More fresh, thought-provoking tunes are just a few clicks away; download Kendrix’s IGNORANCE LP now. - DJBooth


Denver’s own Catch Lungs and Hustle Man team up with Cory Kendrix and NJ native YRS Jerzy for a dope new track titled “Still Drippin”. There is a lot of anticipation behind these artists; they are taking over the Colorado and Northeastern market. Stay tuned for more releases in the future. - The Source

"Jonathas ft. Cory Kendrix & Sertified – Let’s Chill"

Jonathas’ “Let’s Chill” is produced by Da Bosnian and features Cory Kendrix (LNS Crew) & Sertified (Die Slo). This is the perfect way to ring in the new year with the one you hold dear. - YouHeardThatNew

"Audio: Kydd Jones ft Cory Kendrix - Who Are You"

Following suit with the likes of Sir Michael Rocks, Smoke DZA and Will Hill, Kydd Jones teamed up with Denver-based artist Cory Kendrix to deliver their joint single, “Who Are You”. -

"A3C & Why You Should Submit To Play"

Sonicbids: Any favorite Sonicbids artists you saw down in Atlanta?

Both: A.Dd+, League of Extraordinary Gz, Cory Kendrix and Sean Falyon. Also the Philly showcase was out of control. - Sonicbids Blog

"The 21st Westword Music Showcase in 21 Words or Fewer: Part Two"

Over 100 of the best Colorado bands and artists (plus a few notable out-of-towners) crowded onto fifteen stages in the Golden Triangle on June 20 for the 21st Westword Music Showcase: our annual celebration of Denver’s music scene. To mark the occasion of our festival reaching drinking age, we asked our keen-eyed music writers to describe a few of their favorite sets in 21 words or fewer. Check out the first batch here — several more of our short takes are below.

"Cory Kendrix woke up the hot, stoned patio of Vinyl. “Wanna Be” was absolutely lit."
-Lindsey Bartlett - Denver Westword

"Hustle Man X Cory Kendrix - Running Game"

Denver Colorado has a music scene that is developing quick; with artists like Hustle Man and the Welcome To The DOPE Game camp they are putting the city on. Stay tuned for more to come from their camp. - ThisIs50

"It Ain't Nothing But A "Phone Call" For LXST BXYS"

Denver emcees Catch Lungs, Cory Kendrix, Hustle Man, and Tommy Brown team up for another leak off of their LXST BXYS project with the new single “Phone Call.” Catch Lungs recently opened at the Denver Red Bull Sound Select with Soulja Boy curated by Fake Shore Drive, while Cory Kendrix is touring the South in August with dates in Atlanta at Mansion Elan and Austin at Empire Control Room. The LXST BXYS recently performed at the 40 OZ Bounce in Denver and will have their next show at the Queen City Festival on August 12 and 13 in Denver, Colorado.

Listen as they claim they’re just a “young player trying to hold things.” Thoughts? - HipHopDX

"Wax On (Official Video)"

Back in August I moved my ass to Denver and shortly after my good buddy outta Austin, Cory Kendrix reppin the LNS Crew hit me up and was like yo, im bout to move my ass to Denver too, lets do somethin! I had been havin the idea to start some #DabMusic type thing and Cory emailed me a track, it was like everything was falling in to place perfectly.

WAX ON, was the single he sent me. I turned it on and instantly was like, this is the sound I’m talking about. Its like we were on the same page. I had to hit him back and express how perfect this song was for what I had in mind and we had to make it the single on our #DabMusicVol1 album that you can get for free clicking on the album cover just to the left of this paragraph.

Fast forward a month or so later, Tha Real Chino, Sertified and GO DJ Knowledge took a trip out to the Mile High city and linked up with us. While we were dabbin’ we decided to go ahead and make an official video for this track, because hey, who doensn’t love a fat dab!?!?
We had a lil dab party, got some great rigs in there. Thanks to all who came through to sesh with us. The video turned out great. Check it out here and share it with your fellow dabheads.

Make sure to check out Cory at the Optimo Radio 5th Anniversary Showcase at SXSW March 21st at Red 7. Get Cory Kendrix latest album Ignorance and all his music by CLICKING HERE
Check out #TopFlightRadioShow here on #OptimoRadio every Monday night at 9pm cst hosted by @ThaRealChino and @GoDJKnowledge. - Optimo Radio

"NXNE Spill Magazine's 5 Questions"

ARTIST NAME: Cory Kendrix

1. What's your favourite thing about a festival like NXNE?

My favorite part about festivals like NXNE is seeing cool acts and meeting people who have similar interests as me: drugs and music.

2. What should we expect from your live show?

Definitely expect a high energy set with a lot of crowd participation.

3. Tell us something we probably don't know about your band.

I've tried to kill myself a bunch of times by trying to smoke too much weed, but it hasn't worked yet.

4. If you could write the soundtrack for any existing film (from any decade) which film would you choose and what would the songs sound like?

"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"... it'd sound like I took a lot of drugs.

5. Would you rather open for Neil Young or Bruce Springsteen, and why?

I'd rather listen to Marilyn Manson. - Spill Magazine

"Connect, Dig It! :: Cory Kendrix And Anna Love ‘Wax On’"

The best thing about watching two talented people from slightly different angles in the spectrum connect is the possibility of unexpected results. Anna Love is coming fresh off of an extensive run with the Red Bull Academy. Cory Kendrix is still running strong off of the release of his Ignorance LP, as well as a solo tour run and a stint on the road with the LNS Crew. They are currently collaborating on an EP titled Worth Something,and if this first taste is in any way reflective of the whole project, this will move both parties ahead in a major way. Check it out, share it, and stay tuned for more… - Chief And The Doomsday Device

"Poll Nominee Cory Kendrix"

Cory Kendrix is one of our nominees for the artist of the month (you’ll find the poll just to the right!). The Austin based hip-hop artist is among the ranks of several other talented Texans as part of the LNS Crew.

On his list of influences: The Fugees, Nirvana, Tupac, and Frank Sinatra. You can be sure that Kendrix’s focus is moving hip hop into the future from a solid home-base of musical sensibilities. Check out one of his recent releases below and if you want to hear more, be sure to click the headphone icon in the poll to get to his mixtapes. - The Deli Magazine

"(AUDIO) Cory Kendrix - Gettin Thoed Again"

Following his last single, "Hold It In" featuring Worldwide and Sertified, Cory Kendrix returns with a smooth southern-felt banger entitled, "Gettin Thoed Again" produced by DJ Ninja of San Antonio's Blacknote Records. The new track showcases Cory's lyrical ability and his obsession with cannabis as a preview to his upcoming album, "Ignorance."

The album is scheduled to release at the end of this month and will feature artists like Slim Gravy of A.Dd+, Reggie Coby of the League Of Extraordinary Gz, fellow LNS members Kydd and Tank among many more. Cory, Kydd and Tank are currently in the middle of the "Lz In The Sky Texas Tour" which will take place throughout December, peep the dates below and catch them in a city near you! - Jake Crates Online

"League Of Extraordinary G’z (S Dot & Tuk Da Gat) ft. Cory Kendrix – Wake n Bake"

Austin’s own League Of Extraordinary G’z are heading on tour with Rittz & DJ Burn One for six weeks. A blessing for the outfit and in celebration, S Dot & Tuk Da Gat, the crew’s laid back portion & its most high strung, manic member speak on AM chiefing over Cory Kendrix’s piano keys and drums for “Wake-N-Bake”. To catch the League in your area, click here. - Day And A Dream

"Cory Kendrix, Free Beer, Marijuana and Drinking on Airplanes"

Cory Kendrix is returning to Oregon and will be performing in his hometown Salem for the first time. The now Austin resident released his mixtape Free Beer in May, and stays busy producing for emcees in Texas and Oregon.

You can see him live this Friday at Mt. Tabor Theater in Portland and August 4th in Salem at the Flipside.

How are you doing today Cory?

Higher than usual but not complaining, enjoying the rain In Austin.

Nice. Don’t bring it with you to Oregon. Do they have good weed in Austin?

The weed is actually not bad it’s the prices out here that suck really but it’s not too bad.

Word. For those of us that don’t smoke weed. Break the math down, comparing the price of Oregon’s weed to Austin’s.

Haha well first off out there you’re going to get some super smelly potent ass shit every time and it’ll be like 20-30 for the Ape. Out here you might find some super smelly potent shit every now and then, but they’re going to tax you 60 for the Ape. Lol, so it’s all sorts of fucked up.

Damn, they are making their margins out there.

Yea that’s why I buy in bulk, lol.

You excited to rock a few shows in Oregon?

And it’s going to be cool to rock with Ritz and the Austin homie LOEGz out in P-Town. I got to rock the Dead Prez show with them last year around the same time. It’s always nice to have people from Austin in Oregon so they can see the similarities the cities have.

Did they just happen to be on tour while you were in the area?

And yea this will be the second year in a row it we just happened to be in the same place at the same tim. S/o the LOEGz for always showing love and letting me rock with them while they are out there it’s always a dope show.

What are your expectations for the Salem show? Please be honest.

Honestly I’m hoping for the best, but prepared for whatever happens. I’m not in Salem any more so I don’t have the networking capabilities to push it like I do out here, so it’s not in my hands really. But I got mad love for all of my people in Salem, and I know they’re going to come through and make it a dope show. Looking forward to watching the homies out there rock the stage too. It’ll be my first time getting to check out their performances live. All in all I’m excited about it I think it’s gone be a good one.

Nice, I know Augie has been out here spreading the word. How did you end up linking up with him originally?

Augie P is a homie from high school. I actually lived in Salem for my sophomore/junior year. South Salem shit. Lol, smoking weed and getting fucked up. Just been cool ever since and stayed in touch over the years.

So you are saying you smoke a lot?

Lol yea pretty much.

Do you watch True Blood?

Lol, naw I haven’t actually check that out yet. I’ve heard good things though. I do watch Breaking Bad though. I missed the new episode last night to so Im going to download it for the plane ride out there.

Good call. I’m finishing up on Season 4 right now. What’s your drink of choice in the airport and on the plane?

At the airport I usually get that Firemans 4 on draft if they got it or a Blue Moon and on the plane Jack n Coke most def.

#OutHere. I have no idea how/why people fly sober. Have a safe trip man! We’ll be there Friday.

Most def homie see ya soon #OutHere #Lz -

"Cory Kendrix releases “Gettin Thoed Again”"

Austin-by-way-of-Oregon rapper Cory Kendrix, of local rat pack LNS Crew, is making a December surge. Kendrix has a sneaky good, nascent single out, “Gettin Thoed Again,” and is on the road with his collective on the “Lz In The Sky” tour.

Kendrix raps with a southern, burned soul. “Gettin Thoed Again,” produced by San Antonio’s DJ Ninja (Blacknote Records) is a double-timed, skeleton-bearing track about burning one and getting sad. Kendrix–”512″ neck tattoo, scruffy beard, and worn eyes–is an inward-gazing blazer who wears Portland Trailblazers jerseys in his lonely, compelling videos with purpose. It’s music about searching for purpose while you’re on pain killers and lost in a web of media. “I’m just trying to stimulate my high, I’ve been smoking, I think I just lost my sense of time,” Kendrix raps.

The LNS Crew has a bundle of strong, local rap you should lose yourself in. Kendrix’s imminent album, Ignorance, is slated for a December release and features contributing creative from Texas hitters like A.Dd+ and Reggie Coby of The LOEGz. Stay tuned. - Red River Noise

"It's Getting Dark In Here: Anna Love & Cory Kendrix Make Bold New Sounds on "Worth Something""

There’s a pretty intriguing dark hip-hop scene building up in Seattle right now, centered around acts like Blue Sky Black Death, the self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness Nacho Picasso and the fledgling UDF crew. It’s not surprising that a city known for rain and suicides is the home to some bleak, menacing hip-hop but what is surprising is that AnnaLove and Cory Kendrix’s new collaborative EP has more in common with that dark PNW scene than anything Kendrix’s LNS Crew partners are up to.

A lot of the credit for that goes to AnnaLove, who is freshly graduated from the Red Bull Music Academy and works in a style similar to Timbaland’s late ’90s output if it was paired with The Knife’s taste in synth pads. Lead single “Wax On” really brings the Timbaland influence to the forefront, with Kendrix utilizing a distinctly Timbaland-like megaphone vocal filter while one of the song’s hooks comes from a chirpy “whoop-whoop” sound in the background. The song is a party track that mimics the sluggish feel of a night of chemical intake, fun until the regrets and confusion set in. It’s followed by “Pull Up,” which is equally sluggish in tempo but more futurist in construction, with a vocoder vocal opening it up before a clearer Kendrix verse kicks in. Love is a fan of hypnotic low end, and she has a knack for pairing subwoofer destroying bass with percussion that stays out of the way and sticks to the higher registers. The drums are mostly hi-hats, sticks and other clackety sounds, and the snare beats are used less for emphasis than fleshing out the mid-range.

That percussive flare is clearer on “Worth Something,” where a more snare-oriented beat by Love is given an added boost courtesy of a group vocal by Austin sirens Keeper. Love makes the curious decision to turn Keeper’s contribution more robotic than organic, running them through some lo-fi filters and utilizing their voices as another synth pad to add texture to the track, hidden behind Kendrix’s hook on the chorus. The breakdown goes full lo-fi, with the beat glitching out as Keeper’s beautiful, ghostly wailing is teasingly kept just below the top of the mix. It’s a bold move on Love’s part and while it’s initially disorienting to have those beautiful voices chained up, it’s right in line with the track’s theme of fighting to be heard. Fittingly, “Worth Something” features Kendrix at his most ferocious, operating at a nimble pace rather than the more deliberately paced delivery of the preceding tracks.

The EP comes full circle with “Hood Rat,” a mirror version of opener “Wax On.” The beat is more Kenoe than Timbaland, but it’s got a synth mimicking a whistle for the hook and Kendrix does a call-and-response verse with himself. With its “Get down, girl/Shake that ass” chorus and the trap beat, “Hood Rat” is custom built for the club but has enough going on to keep it on repeat during the car ride home, too. At just four songs and a remix, Worth Something is a big tease of a release, but it leaves you hoping for more collaborations between Love and Kendrix as well as for the presence of Love’s production on more LNS material. Who knows, maybe Kendrix, a former Oregonian, can reach out to some of those dark PNW acts and get them in on the fun, too. - Ovrld

"Cory Kendrix - Painkillas And Champagne"

Cory Kendrix returns with his newest visual “Pain Killas and Champagne” off his most recent release, “Free Beer: The Mixtape.” Although the popular tape was mostly hiphop, Cory showed his versatility with a few R&B cuts including this dark drugged-out song over slowed down heavy synthwork by Scott Pace. Cory is now working his newest mixtape, “Ignorance,” which is set to drop in April. - TalkOfTheStreetsTV

"June 27th in July: The Houston Rap Boiler Room"

For the unofficial but very official, “DJ Screw Memorial Day” on June 27, some Houston rap legends and young leaning lions celebrated for a very special episode of Boiler Room. In honor of the occasion, Passion of the Weiss is premiering the recorded footage — featuring commentary from two preeminent Screwston rap scholars: MobbDeen and Shea Serrano. They wrote this without access to air conditioning or the finest in bottled medical opiates. - Passionweiss

"Recommended Events: LNS Crew Live at The Mohawk 7/21/2013"

An endless stream of posse cuts and solo projects has helped make Austin’s LNS Crew one of the most formidable hip-hop troupes this city’s seen in years: a four-man cypher that spits bars on par with fellow locals like Die Slo Entertainment and the League of Extraordinary G’z. Fronted by Brooklyn part-timer Kydd Jones and Oregon import Cory Kendrix, the crew’s carved out a down-tempo style that’s helped them accrue feature spots from national acts like Pac Div, Skyzoo, and A.Dd+. - The Austin Chronicle

"Stoner Song Of The Week: Kydd & Cory Kendrix – First Time"

I don’t know anything about Kydd and Cory Kendrix at all. Never heard of them before. But that is the great thing about the internet, there is always something you don’t know about. This is the perfect example. Remember your first time? -

"VIDEO: Cory Kendrix - Above The Rim"

Another strong visual from the LNS Crew, they're doing their best to hit us from every angle with new music and new videos. Make sure you check it out. - The54RealityShow


We’ve already told you we’re going to be at SXSW and that we’re throwing a party while we’re down in Austin, but if you’re going to be down there too (hi!) and want a preview of some of the Artists headed to NXNE 2014, then do we have a list for you…
8:35 pm – Cory Kendrix @ Quantum Lounge - NXNE

"Interview: Cory Kendrix - Realize Your Ignorance Before Committing"

They say life's a journey. While that may be true, many of us go through life with blinders on. We're constrained by our own fears, insecurities and trapped by dogma. When you meet Cory Kendrix, a member of the Austin hip-hop group, LNS Crew, you quickly realize that he is a nonconformist and the shackles of society do not pertain to him. In the soon to be released EP, “Ignorance”, Cory wants people to take those blinders off and be more aware of their own ignorance.

The life story of Cory Kendrix starts off in Oregon and at the young age of 11, he moved to Austin, TX. Soon after, Cory started working and developing his skills as an artist. He would blend his west coast influences with the unique Austin culture and sound that would become Cory’s self reflective smoker friendly sound. The time he spent working on his craft and art would lead to lifelong friendships and would eventually turn into the local powerhouse, LNS Crew.

The Cory Kendrix solo discography starts with a project called “The UnMixTape” and the most recent work, “Free Beer.” His historical works show a very introspective artist touching on such topics as relationships, drug use and coping with mental distress. The story of a man coming of age and figuring out life and the world around him is reflected in these earlier works.

“Ignorance”, the title of the soon to be released third solo project by Cory, in his own words will be very “ignorant”, very “ratchet” and more club friendly. “Ignorance” is the next step in the evolution of Cory as an artists and as a human being. The project will be a collection of his learnings about the artist lifestyle, the highs and lows and a warning of the pitfalls to avoid.

The first single, “Hold It In”, features fellow Austin artist Sertified along with Worldwide of San Antonio. The mellow trap production of Scott Pace gives the song a smooth house party feel which fits the strong collaboration between the three. Listen to the first single, “Hold It In” off of “Ignorance”.

In the past year, Cory along with LNS Crew, have been on a whirlwind tour across the country from California, NY, Atlanta and Texas. As part of the LNS Crew, Cory performed in LA with Chuck D of Public Enemy and other hip-hop legends on the HipHopGods Tour. (Cory wanted to give a huge shout out to Redbull and the Redbull team for putting the LNS Crew on.) And just recently, LNS Crew was announced as part of Fun Fun Fun Fest in November.

For the new EP, “Ignorance”, the planning for tours are already in the works, so be on the lookout for those. - AustinHipHopScene

"Cory Kendrix – Lost In The Moment (Desi Remix)"

Dropping another leak off his up-and-coming album, Desi [old school] Hip-Hop producer, Haris aka Talsen, combines forces with fellow LNS Crew member Cory Kendrix with a remix to their new single, “Lost In The Moment.” Cory is an Oregon-born, Austin-raised young emcee/songwriter/producer who continues to blaze trails in the hiphop community.

Comparable to such Texas rap stars as Kirko Bangz, Devin The Dude, and Paul Wall (and equally influenced by the West Coast sound as the Dirty South sound), Cory Kendrix proves with his new mixtape “Free Beer” that he’s going to be a force for years to come! LNS member Kydd is heavily featured on the tape, which is a crowd-pleasing mix of hiphop and R&B that fully displays the LNS Crew’s musical versatility.

Cory, Kydd, and Haris first met a few years ago, and have been working together since then on a variety of projects. After Cory and Haris released their first single “Above The Rim,” they have been hard at work making their mark on the urban Austin scene. Their newest single, “Lost In The Moment,” has its jazzy original beat replaced with a backing track sampled from the famous Pakistani band “Vital Signs.” Cory Kendrix’s new mixtape, “Free Beer” is now available for purchase on Bandcamp. Check out the video for “Lost In The Moment” below.

"Beat Box"

"LNS Crewmember and regular Kydd Jones collaborator Cory Kendrix continues with the nice and easy on his DJ Wes Sanders-assisted Free Beer, a 32-track marathon of a mixtape that's just as much about "Late Night Lovin'" as it is about "Burnin' Trees." That's not to say the 23-year-old's second effort is too slow. Tracks like "The Cypher" and a remix of Gang Starr's "Above the Clouds" prove Kendrix runs one truly gritty committee." - The Austin Chronicle


"Check out this ILL track from... upcoming release “Beauty From Without” (Stay tuned), dope beat, killer hook, RITTZ’s murdering with his verse as usual, Cory and Dubb showing their skills; simply a great song." -

"5 Questions for NXNE"

ARTIST NAME: Cory Kendrix

1. What's your favourite thing about a festival like NXNE?
My favorite part about festivals like NXNE is seeing cool acts and meeting people who have similar interests as me: drugs and music.

2. What should we expect from your live show?

Definitely expect a high energy set with a lot of crowd participation.

3. Tell us something we probably don't know about your band.

I've tried to kill myself a bunch of times by trying to smoke too much weed, but it hasn't worked yet.

4. If you could write the soundtrack for any existing film (from any decade) which film would you choose and what would the songs sound like?

"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"... it'd sound like I took a lot of drugs.

5. Would you rather open for Neil Young or Bruce Springsteen, and why?

I'd rather listen to Marilyn Manson. - Spill Magazine

"Dubb Sicks ft. Rittz & Cory Kendrix – Im Gowne"

New music from the homie Dubb Sicks (Texas Battle League) featuring Rittz & Cory Kendrix. You can catch Dubb Sicks live next Friday July 13th as he releases his new album at the Rittz “Revival Tour” stop in Austin at Red 7 and you can cop pre-sale tickets right now at - Tha Fixx Magazine

"Illa, Cory Kendrix + SXSW #OutHere"

"...Cory is originally from Salem, but he now lives in Austin. After getting into trouble as a youngster, he bounced back and forth between Austin and Salem before sticking in Austin. The LNS and 512 tattoos on his neck, representing his crew (Leaders of the New School) and his Austin area code, scream “I don’t have a fucking day job, so fuck you I rule!” He parties like a rock star and lives off his music, working as an engineer, producer, and emcee.

“It’s like this every weekend here, just a little toned down on other weekends, but they close down 6th street every weekend for people to party.”

He performed alongside fellow Austin rapper Kydd at the XXL Freshman showcase on Wednesday. On Saturday, we stood in the back of the crowd at the Thrasher Presents Showcase drinking whiskey and watching Kreayshawn perform “Gucci, Gucci”.

“I’d hit it,” he told me as if to suggest the whiskey was starting to settle in and right before asking if I did _______. (I don’t do drugs, but I thought it was friendly of him to offer.)

A big part of Cory’s look involves not being concerned with fashion; he has a “this is just what I’m wearing right now” attitude about clothes that I can relate to. " -

"Vídeo: Cory Kendrix – Deep Thoughts & Dark Secrets"

El eMCee de Austin Cory Kendrix nos presenta el videoclip de su último single titulado Deep Thoughts & Dark Secrets que se encarga de producir ABT. Grind Life Films se encarga de la realización del clip. -

"Stream LNS Crew’s New Track “Pot Luck” feat. Cory Kendrix, ST 2 Lettaz, Kydd Jones, Dee-1, and Pacboi Tank"

LNS Crew are mainstays in Austin’s hip-hop scene. They’ve cut enough tracks that there’s bound to be something that works for everyone. But their new track “Pot Luck” might be my favorite thing I’ve heard from this collective of up-and-coming rappers. With thudding bass drum and snare over distant keys, the track harkens back to classic boom-bap style production. “Pot Luck” features verses from five rappers, three from LNS Crew as well as guest appearances by New Orleans rapper Dee-1 and ST 2 Lettaz, the Alabama-based rapper who is half of acclaimed duo G-side.

Cory Kendrix kicks off the track without wasting a second before ST 2 Lettaz works his rhymes in a standout verse. The flows on “Pot Luck” work traditional rhythms and tones; they’re loose and relaxed. This is least true for Kydd Jones’ contribution, which comes third. With choppier lines delivered as the beat drops out, the verse acts as a change of pace before Dee-1 and Pacboi Tank’s verses wrap it up. It’s great to see true hip-hop believers returning to these basics. Too often, people try to do too much and tracks are vastly overproduced. Hype is overhyped. Fuck the party. This is the late night, living room groove after all the assholes have passed out. Dig it here: - Pop Press International


Still working on that hot first release.



Born on the coast of Oregon, Denver-based artist KNDRX moved to Texas at a very young age and has emerged as a young artist whose unique sound and versatility has caught the attention of a variety of different audiences and listeners. He is equally influenced by the West Coast future R&B sound as he is the Southern hiphop culture. 

In 2015, KNDRX (under the name Cory Kendrix) performed at the Denver Westword Music Showcase and also was an official showcase artist for POP Montreal. The Austin Chronicle called him "soul machine Cory Kendrix" while the Denver Westword described his live set as "absolutely lit." In 2016, he opened for Tinashe, Tory Lanez, Freddie Gibbs, Ugly God, Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne & Wiz Khalifa. In 2017, he performed at SXSW and released his debut EP "Me Right Now."

Band Members