Copper beeches

Copper beeches

 Alfred, New York, USA

Empty space consumed by words and strings both which describe its face


I began Writing in my early teens and then later on began putting music to my words
I am from upstate new york and have been traveling in the pacific northwest for the last year playing gigs where ever i could while at the same time recording my first demo. I am now back in NY and have hunkered down in Brooklyn where I hope to do big things here on the eastern sea board


My First Collection of music was recorded a few months ago and is called
(Electric Caravan) It has sold well in my local area and is played on the radio at the local college station in Alfred new york

Set List

I have about 20 songs which i keep fresh and ready for gigs. I play about 11 original songs and do maybe a single cover if I feel in the mood

1. Black spotted petals
2. Observing urgent Weather
3. Senior Danielle
4. Hurry on your way
5. suddenly surrounded by Windows
6. Lavander Branches
7. A reoccouring dream from the Mercer Hotel
8. even the beast goes home in october
9. going to Acapulco for the winter
10.Harpoon Eyes
11.the Tellers Drag

1. Girl From the North Country