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Cory McMillen


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Asking for Water, Begging for Food

Written By: Cory McMillen

You can't fight a giant in his own homeland,
no matter what anybody says.
Some people walk away with money in their pockets.
Most people come away dead.
It's hard to believe when the sunlight tells you
everything's got a right to exist.
There's got to be a reason for all of this violence.
No one can say what it is.

Everybody tells you if you're looking for the future,
you can see it in the eyes of the kids.
But Breanna hung herself on a Friday night,
just like her father did.
Now I'm not waiting on any kind of savior,
I know that life isn't long,
but time seems to me the very definition
of what it means to be strong.

The storm everybody said was coming,
the raging angry cyclone,
I don't need to know about distance just tell me,
did it ever find its way home?
A young man burned to death in a car,
an old man died in his bed,
and Mrs. Martiniez faded away,
no matter what her children did.