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""Offers an upbeat, multi-harmony, melodic, exceptionally full sound..""

“Though the artists come from entirely different backgrounds, styles, and ages, together they exude a powerful, creatively motivating, and undoubtedly entertaining aura filled with contagiously good vibes. These musicians serenade hearts with their sultry crooning, intricate finger picking, soulful melodies, pulse-raising drum rhythms, and occasional fiercely amusing rap that all seem particularly exotic when pieced together in symphony. Mostly rock-and-roll, The Common People offers an upbeat, multi-harmony, melodic, exceptionally full sound with a tinge of surf rock flair. Within the ST music scene, each artist brings their own flavor, their own sense of personal zeal from their individual musical repertoires; yet are able to come together harmoniously to create a remarkable listening—and dancing—experience. With the plethora of cultural diversity, the bands here present an intoxicatingly eclectic amalgamation of sounds, pulsing with the beauty of the Pura Vida lifestyle.” - Zoom Magazine

""An enchanting, almost intoxicating listening experience.""

“With a distinctively mysterious aura, Cory Tauber takes listeners on a captivating journey through the mind of a truly independent artist. Giving off a profoundly, resolute poetic vibe with tortured, yet beautiful breathy vocal inflections and soft guitar strumming, he speaks his heart, but leaves just enough room for the audience to wonder about his life experiences, making for an enchanting, almost intoxicating listening experience. Serenading hearts with his delicate finger picking; strumming a stream of heartrending experiences to share with the world, he exists as an artist that has experienced true joy and true pain. Each carefully played note drips with agony, wild desire, and a longing for freedom. And yet, though his songs throb of a tortured soul, there lies an elemental sense of hope; just a peek into his inner workings with an inkling of vulnerability, reeling listeners in to dream his dream.” - Green Magazine


July 2012: Ok. Today EP

The EP “Ok. Today.” began its production in the tiny gem of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, was given its torment and agony in Los Angeles, and came full circle to reach completion back on the beach in Costa Rica. The focus of the EP includes three concepts: searching, nostalgia, and contrast. In searching, Tauber is constantly grasping for answers to the self, the group, and the whole. In terms of nostalgia, he is searching for answers within the context of his past/ history and how he can connect them with reality and real life representation. Contrast comes into play as it has always been who he is. Tauber has always loved to see the limits of where things can go. This juxtaposing allows him to reinvestigate how he creates in general.

As an introduction of himself to the world, Tauber aims to prompt people to raise questions within themselves, and to tear things down and apart as it is the first step. This is where his mind stood while writing the Ok. Today. It is a presentation of all the negativity with a hint of light. “Once you accept the tear down, the light is what’s going to grow once you’ve accepted the depth of the darkness.”



Offering simple, yet insightful lyrics, Tauber’s music immediately resonates, demonstrating a deep introspective understanding of himself in his soul-searching compositions. Free of pretense, but still allowing enough ambiguity for interpretation, he provides a charming, more profound side that has shown growth since he first started his solo project in Santa Barbara, CA in 2008.

As a singer/songwriter/producer, Tauber has constructed a sound set list inspired by his experiences, his environment, new people in his life. Key influences include Andrew Bird, Rocky Votolato, Villagers, Patrick Watson, David Bazan, William Fitzsimmons, The Beach Boys, and his own brother, Sean Tauber. With a plethora of varied inspirations, Tauber incorporates a diverse combination of sounds and styles in his own work. With an emphasis on strong, compelling melodies, he instills a sense of restlessness, sorrow and defiance in a number of his songs including "Don't Walk Out On Me" and “And Aubade." However, he also offers more upbeat tracks showing moments of joy, growth, and confidence in "Ok. Today" and “You’re my Eyes." In addition, he imparts his own messages, glimpses of his own beliefs in songs like “The Messengers."

Playing ten years as a drummer in various original and cover bands, Tauber picked up a guitar out of a necessity to create and write song melodies; a void that drumming couldn’t fill. Using Logic Pro, an acoustic guitar, a keyboard, and various percussive instruments, he began writing, inspired by the world around. Bouncing around from an assortment of song styles, he landed somewhere in the realm of indie, alternative with a hint of folk. While starting to play solo sets at open mic nights at the James Joyce in Santa Barbara, Tauber began with a simplistic writing style, allowing the single guitar and vocals to create his sound, but has grown to create much more dynamic and intricate arrangements. But all signs of evolution aside, it’s his passion for music that continues to permeate through his songs, producing ballads that are both truly original and unarguably a comfortable listen.