Cory Wilkins

Cory Wilkins


WILKINS RECEIVES THE LA MUSIC AWARD FOR ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR! --- "This is a band that everybody needs to hear!" Tom Long, Sony Records


Cory Wilkins, singer, songwriter and guitarist, has a powerful, soulful voice and a unique guitar style drawn from his blues and rock roots.

Blind since birth, he has actively pursued music all his life as self-taught drummer, guitarist, and songwriter who began his musical career at 14 years old, playing drums in New Hampshire clubs.

Since then, Wilkins relocated to Southern California where he recorded his most recent album "San Diego Summer," assembled his current band, including his sister, Laura, on drums, and has been performing regularly at top venues throughout San Diego, Orange County, and L.A.

Wilkins has independently released four CD's, most recently "San Diego Summer," which hit the shelves on August 30th, "Turn Up The Band," plus the single "Free," in 2004, and "Brave The Rain," in 2000.

Wilkins has received accolades from representatives of Sony Records and Capitol Records; "This is a band that everybody needs to hear!" says Tom Long of Sony.

The San Diego Weekly Reader says "With a penchant for weighty lyricism, singer/songwriter Cory Wilkins does rock, country, pop, and blues ... behind the solid vocal performance are tight musicianship and catchy tunes."

Recently named one of San Diego's top 5 bands, Wilkins' high energy good old rock and roll shows have people taking notice.



• Nominated for 5 L.A. Music Awards in 2006:
ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR, "San Diego Summer"
SINGLE OF THE YEAR, "San Diego Summer"

• Received "excellent" and "superior" reviews from representatives of Sony and Capitol Records at an open audition in Boyton Beach, Florida.

• Voted one of San Diego's Top 5 Bands by San Diego Music Scene.

• Performed at Angel Stadium (CA) for the World Wide Tattoo Tour Inkslinger's Ball.

• Featured in the Humphrey's By the Bay (CA) Indie Limelight concert series.

• The original song "Sorry" appears on No Cover Magazine's Groupies Suck vol. 8 Compilation CD, available at Barnes & Noble and other fine bookstores nationwide .

• Featured on KCLA’s Dirty Dave show for a one hour live interview. Received international and domestic radio airplay, including on KCLA (Los Angeles), WDYN (Rochester, NY), FRSD (San Diego, CA), ISON (Australia),

• 2005 - Played over 200 live shows at many of San Diego's finest original music showcase venues, including The Hard Rock Cafe, 'Canes, Brick By Brick, Dream Street, and The Blvd., as well as at major San Diego events including the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and the Carlsbad Marathon.

• “San Diego Summer” sold 100 copies on it’s release date alone. Since its June 23, 2004 release "Turn Up The Band" has sold over 500 copies at live performances, and sold out at every show in 2004. Six hundred copies of “Brave the Rain” sold at live performances in New Hampshire and Florida from 2000-2002.

• Featured in the San Diego Reader, the San Diego Union Tribune, Today’s Local News (CA), the Coast News (CA), the Courier (NH), the Sarasota Herald Tribune (FL).


San Diego Summer

Written By: Cory Wilkins

Winter months they seem so long
Like the words to some forgotten song
I just can’t find the job to pay my rent
Ask me just how much I care
I watch her as she’s standing there
Don’t tell me for one moment that she’s not heaven sent

I just can’t get you off of my mind
And I can’t stop trying
One more chance to make you mine

And I can’t stop singing
Back when I was seventeen
Had nothing left but broken dreams
Memories they start to fade
With another compromise I’ve made
Send me back out on the street
Wait ‘til I get on my feet
Better days will come again
With a San Diego summer closing in

Standing by the underpass
Listen to the cars so fast
It’s the only way to know that I’m alive
I heard your voice inside my head
Lying awake in last night’s bed
I swear I lost my soul in traffic on the 5



Try to close my eyes
Kneeling down to pray
Hoping the moment will just fade away
Asking the questions
Trying to be your man
Well, the answers I don’t understand

Don’t ask me what tomorrow brings
By the saving grace of these six strings
I’ll face tomorrow down when it’s knocking at my door
I’ve got one more night to get there still
I’m gonna tell you swear I will
Stay with me tonight
I won’t ask for anything more



I'm the One That You Need

Written By: Cory Wilkins

You’re from high society but you know what I need
When you’re changing my world at the maximum speed
It ain’t greed when you’ve got hungry mouths to feed and that’s cool

$29.95 three payments from now
Have a whole new life and a whole new crowd
I walk proud, I talk loud
I find out that I rule

Tell me anything happens
Tell me how much to pay
And you say

I’m the one that you want, baby
Walk on my way and you’ll be fine
I’m the one that you need
Satisfaction guaranteed
I’m the one that you need

Free in home trial for the next six weeks
Find out for yourself, don’t take it from me
We agree it’s an offer you can’t ignore
You know that I make at least twenty percent
Off everything charged and everything spent
I’ve got a house so big I can’t afford the rent
So anything to get you through the door

Tell me how much I need you
Tell me everything’s okay and say


Sold separately
Every accessory
Can’t you see


I’m the one that you need
I’m the one that you need
The one that you need
The one that you need

After The Storm

Written By: Cory Wilkins

The sun didn't come up again.
The cloud from the fall-out is just movin' in.
There's people lined up in the streets,
Waving their hands hoping somebody sees.
I'll stand out their till dawn.
Cause I fought the good fight, but I fought it alone.
Maybe I could come home after the storm.

Well can we be trusted again.
With our trustworthy poets all robbed of their pens.
And was I presented a choice.
When the choir of descent isn't given a voice.
Sing it loud sing it strong.
So I sang every verse but I sang them alone.
Maybe I can go home after the storm.

But the sky's raining bullets again.
After ten thousand years isn't killing a sin.
So I've got nothing left to stand for.
I watched them sign up my friends and then march them to war.
March to places unknown,
We'll all die at once but we'll each die alone.
Maybe we can go home after the storm.

Will I hear your laughter again.
Lived with myself so long I see how it's been,
Hard for you day after day.
Just know I don't blame you for walking away.
You're the best love that I ever known.
I tried as hard as I could, but tonight I'm alone.
Maybe you could come home after the storm.
Maybe you could come home after the storm.

Ballad of the Sea

Written By: Cory Wilkins

It's stormy tonight out over the sea,
So Let the wind blow to my stern.
This fire inside that's been carrying me,
Let it burn.
Tonight I'm alone with all my sales down,
And the waves crashing over my bow,
There in your arms is where I should be by now.

Singing la la la,
La la la la la la la.
Yeah, La la la,
La la la la la la la.

In the dead of the night I close my eyes,
And I can't get but half way to sleep.
The memory of you and the sound of your voice I must keep.
But the world is so cold and it's pushing me down,
Tell me that you'll break my fall.
Before I give in, tell me that you'll hear my call.

Calling, la la la ...

I want to lie in the darkness holding you close,
And feeling your heart against mine.
I want to hide you away from all of the heart ache you'll find.
But the rain is going to fall and the cold winds will blow,
And this hard world leaves your soul bare.
Reach out your hand girl don't you know I'll be there?

Singing la la la ...


Written By: Cory Wilkins

Sorry you don’t understand me.
Sorry you don’t understand anything.
No you don’t, please don’t pretend.
I know the truth, see through it again.

Different towns two different lives,
You see your world through your over privileged eyes.
Now I’m tryin’ to get by,
Simple things that keep me satisfied.
I don’t give a damn, I am who I am.

Sorry you don’t understand me …

It never stops baby everyday,
You try to move me in your little play.
Tonight I’m going to have some say.
What the hell, I don’t care anyway.
The least I can do is blame it on you.

Sorry you don’t understand me …

Well, I just can’t see why you’re bitchin’ to me.

Sorry you don’t understand me…

Copyright © 2006 by Cory J. Wilkins, All Rights Reserved.


Wilkins' original song repertoire spans 4 albums with an additional 30+ unreleased tracks.

SAN DIEGO SUMMER - Now Available!
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FREE [single] - 2004

BALLAD OF THE SEA [concept single] - 2004
Licensing opportunity available


Set List

A selection of original songs from "San Diego Summer," "Turn Up the Band," and select classic rock and blues covers.

Sets range from 45 - 90 minutes, with 90 minutes of all original music in Wilkins' repertoire.

Sample Set List From Canes on 08/30/2006

Towin' the Line
I'm the One That You Need
Here With You
Do It All Again
Just Another Man
Let Me Down
San Diego Summer
Turn Up the Band
Who I Am
Walk Away
After the Storm
I'm Going To Be Your Man
Won't You Come My Way

Say You'll Be My Girl
Travelin' Band (CCR)
Folsom Prison Blues (Cash)
It's Alright (Lewis)