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"GarageParty, the big party was organized by Macworld and Apple"

Macworld and Apple held last July in Madrid's cats room the GarageParty, which made the award ceremony of the competitions and music video called by Macworld. The party also served as a presentation in Spain of the iPod mini, with performances by the winners of the musical event, which performed his songs live.
The approximately 700 attendees of the event could also benefit from the group Richter, who presented his first album "no faces" and the musical band "Out of circulation", which has among its members to join the team of Macworld. Among the actions were carried out sweepstakes Apple products.
Fun and familiar faces. The general atmosphere of GarageParty was completely casual and festive. Among the attendees was a good representation of staff from Apple Spain, IDG (publisher of Macworld) of Mac-related companies, distributors and others. (there were many familiar faces, it was Ignatius Niharra, former director of Apple Spain).
The award ceremony was conducted by Daniel de Blas, and director Juan Antonio Castellanos Macworld, Apple CEO Spain. Attendees had fun and enjoyed performances by the winners, something that was not expected and showed that the winners, in addition to creating songs in GarageBand, Apple's application for domestic music making, are able to defend vivo con solvencia, ante un publico que tardó muy poco en rendirse al buen ambiente y aplaudió todas las actuaciones.
After the awards ceremony, the group Richter gave the first in which an action performed songs from their recently released LP, "no faces." The warm personal pop Richter dazzles to room temperature and put the Cats at the appropriate point. Jonathan Ortiz Claudia Kattan and Apple, along with Natasha Parrón of Macworld, conducted the draw for a package JamPack, a wireless mouse and an Apple iPod mini.
The end point of the feast, which lasted until one o'clock in the morning, the group put it out of circulation, which counts among its members with Daniel de Blas, director of Macworld, and Natacha Parrón, responsible for advertising.

Contest Final Cut
1st Prize David Castro González. Burgos. Student. Video: "20 years on a flight"
2nd Prize Trullenque Santi. L'Ametlla del Vallés. Barcelona. Video: "Keep Different".
3rd Prize Welcome Valdivia. Cajar. Grenada. Video: "Apple 20 years"

GarageBand Contest
1st Prize Mar Álvarez Ripoll. Mollet del Vallés Barcelona. Song: "Red Moon"
2nd Prize Javier Tomás Domínguez. Barcelona. Song: "Smile"
3rd Prize Ovidio Alejandro Colmenares. Barcelona. Song: "Postal Code 08005"
4th Prize Alfredo Prieto Moreno. Valencia. Song: "I myself"
Cristian Sanchez Accésit Porres. Barcelona. Song: "Samba pa mí"

- Macworld Magazine

"The Eurovision Festival had had died" - Contrapunt Newspaper

"Coshida will compete in Eurovision" - Contrapunt Newspaper

"Garageparty Festival's Winners" - Macworld Magazine


On the way ... in studio recording vocals ...



Coshida, Mar Álvarez's artist name, was born in Barcelona (Spain) in April 1972. When she was younger, she felt inspirated by the visual arts and the music. After studying design patterns during four years and graphic design for three months she made several albums covers for differents kind of artists. Alongside her studies, she was devoted to her other passion...THE MUSIC.
When she was eighteen years old and motivated for her favorite group, The Cure, she started to play the guitar as a self-taught. In 1994, Marc Mas (nowadays member of Gain's group) offers to her the opportunity to be part of a new musical band called "Misery". After four years, the group took some changes and in 1998 she stop to play the electric guitar and becomes the Singer of a new group "Greenaway". They record a model in 1999 and the group decide to separate at the end of 2000 where she is going to play the drums and vocals with "Polen".
In 2004 and after record a Polen's model, she leaves the group and begins her musical career as, "Coshida", a conceptual work inspired to the movies of all time.