Cosmedic slips the mundane, oozing unadulterated gorged acts of purity...shameless pornographic visions of lust...provoking all you love and hate.


Vancouver BC locals are set to release their second EP 'Love Hate Machine' April 2008. The fruition of this powerhouse 4-piece unfolds on the stage after two years of fine tuning their own style. Dozens of demos, a previously released EP in December 2006, and dozens of showcases around Vancouver have led to them to an accomplished two years together. 'Love Hate Machine' contains 5 original tracks showcasing their true talent at etching their skills into the evolution of a classic yet original sound.

Cosmedic is an independant, Vancouver based 4-piece. The backgrounds of these seasoned musicians include a long list of recordings, radio & TV play, and 100’s of shows between them. Its no wonder ears perk when their unique flavour or rock catches them.

Fronted by Chris Denhartog's "laconic understated" vocal stylings , Chris moved to Vancouver from San Bernardino, California, where he developed his writing style with Allan Levy, original member of Hollywood Records '40 Foot Echo'. In Vancouver, he wrote with Mark Radloff and Blaine Braun, who later went on to form the successful act 'Tourist'. After two years honing his skills with Mark and Blaine, Chris left to start his own project. He found Brett Drury; the accomplished drummer of Vancouver's accomplished 'Girl Nobody'. Guitarist James Jeffrey, of Toronto had just moved to Vancouver to work with Sony/Daylight artist 'Rider Jones', when his dissonant, exotic riffs immediately caught the attention of Chris. After leaving his Toronto based band 'Rye' with Moist's Jeff Pearce, Robert Shaw made his way back to Vancouver to complete the band.

The albums first single, a seductive hit “Without Eyes,” hits you with its freaky guitar lines, memorable choruses, and Cosmedic's eccentric sexy grooves; a good example of what to expect from 'Love Hate Machine'. From there, they explore an agressive, yet pensive flavour of rock, summed up tastefully in their title track 'Love Hate Machine'. Their second EP draws a full circle around their dynamic, groove oriented style. In their short time together, Cosmedic has already achieved radio play, TV show placement, and a publishing deal through SWV Enterprises in Los Angeles, CA.

“Their sound comes to life with their powerful and passionate live shows. This latest release is a true demonstration of their talent and unique sound.” -Vandala Concepts. Comedic plans to head out on the road, hitting shows and festivals this summer throughout Western Canada.



Written By: Chris den Hartog

I will fall into your sleep,
Don’t wake me
As Im told of all I weep,
It makes me
Now the more and more I breathe,
Save me
As I fall into your sleep

It breaks me

I see more and more I need,
Hates me
While I know the war down deep,
Wastes me
Still I hold onto your dream,
Save me
As I fall into your sleep

It break me

When you hold the things I keep,
Scares me
But I give you all my keys,
Take me
Still I know you hold them deep,
Make me
As I fall into your sleep

It break me

Don’t wake me, save me, take me

Love Hate Machine

Written By: Chris Denhartog

Love or hate it, it will never go away.
So stand behind a microphone and let it be.
The words you hold are heavier the more you wait.
My love and hate machine is driving me.

Satisfy your greed and set it free.
Radiate more than you feel the need.

Traveling beyond the point of disengage.
Weaving through a million mile galaxy.
Deep into a language noone can explain.
My love and hate machine is one its way.

Dont you see, that moneys free,
just dig your own hole.

Without Eyes

Written By: Chris Denhartog

Who let you out?
Im here without a name,
forgot yours when i came.

Hypnotic Eyes
She hunts without a fight,
open to your lies.

Lets come undone.


Theres no better game to play
Wrapped in silk then thrown away

Soft hips and lips that say,
I entertain
Dancin, in open flame
All I want is your name


Your Secret

Written By: Chris Denhartog

Dont you forget anything you threw away, even me.
Your teeth have sunken in too deep once again, once again.

Ive got yours, youve got mine,
Take it easy babe, were the same

So were here, once again
Driving in your car over me
Your secret still remains
Oh its a game, its a game

Ive got yours, youve got mine
Take it easy babe, were the same

Radio Memories

Written By: Chris Denhartog

On and on you give yourself away,
behind the laws you love to break.
But thats not me.
Ways you love to rake your nails
in fancy bedroom games.
Youre so hollywood, its what got me.

Give a little love,
and take it when it comes.
The radio memories
Ill never forget the songs you sang to me

All the clothes you sold them
for a fairy tale lead role,
but your television remains.
My candycane dipped sunset girl,
spending all her rainy days on me.
Oh the way you tasted then.

Are you receiving me

Million Dollar Rule

Written By: Chris Denhartog

Where am I?
Locked inside your box of favourite rides.
So I pass the time, counting all the army ants in line.
Blood and wine, take me to your leader,
set him to the side.

Tie your tongue in two,
Is the million dollar rule.

So its left then right.
Marching to the ticking clock am I.
Oh and what a sight,
London bridges falling from the sky.
Blood and wine, take me to your leader,
set him to the side.

Tie your tongue in two,
Is the million dollar rule.

Left then right, so black and white.
The million dollar way
Left then right, so black and white.
Who are we to say?


2007 EP - Army of Flags
2008 EP - Love Hate Machine
Single - Without Eyes

Set List

10 songs - 1 Cover
Radio Memories
Love Hate Machine
Bring Your Gun
Your Secret
Million Dollar Rule
To Entertain
Without Eyes
Faeries Wear Boots