Cosmic America

Cosmic America

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Cosmic America is a collection of talented songwriters and highly skilled musicians bringing a professional and quality representation to your stage. When you need to entertain everyone's taste, Cosmic America can create it.


Cosmic America, one of Nashville's best kept secrets, prides itself on musical diversity and versatility. Consulting vaults of original material and an endless roster of cover songs, this band can entertain any person within earshot. It's like having Music City come to you.


Death Metal- 2000
Ozion- 2001
The Bee Hive Jive- 2002
Midwest Delights- 2002
Death Party Binge- 2005
Cosmic America Self-titled- 2006
Morticion- 2007
Strange Police- 2010
Starlight Tavern- 2010

Set List

Cosmic America Originals:

1. Rain On Me
2. The Groom
3. Tore Up
4. The Bride
5. Something Strange
6. Big Fat Flying F
7. Angolina
8. Pasty White Girl
9. Everything's Right
10. Outlaw Photographer
11. Big Lie
12. Stop Movin' Around
13. Catacomb
14. Lunar Eclipse
15. Walkin' The Straight Line
16. Agent Earlbacher
17. Death Party Binge
18. Second Hand High
19. Quarentine
20. To You
21. Broken Glass And Blood
22. Rolla
23. I'm Not Concerned
24. Barely Hangin' On
25. War

Cosmic America Covers

1. Country Boy
2. Santeria
3. Another Brick In The Wall Part II
4. Sold (Grundy County Auction)
5. Liza Jane
6. Purple Rain
7. Billie Jean
8. Informer
9. Garden Grove
10. The Way You Make Me Feel
11. Hot Burrito #1
12. Interstate Love Song
13. Cult Of Personality
14. Overnight Male
15. There Stands The Glass
16. I Will Follow You Into The Dark
17. Fancy
18. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
19. Hard To Handle
20. Lonesome,