Cosmic Buffalo

Cosmic Buffalo

 San Jose, California, USA

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Beyond the Bounty Island

Written By: Paul Bernard La Bonte

sunshiny day
foaming salty spray
tilt into the wind
take me away
to white sand beaches
that never seem to end
this my paradise
holding you again

warm psychedelic skies placate
with great twilight satisfaction
heightened senses illustrate
passionate reminiscences 
becoming one again
        with you
and your love so true
just like La Jolla
in suspended time
my sweetest Madeline
soft gentle westwind
light California wine
inside minds eye
bounty island

Deja Vu with you
on shore so sure
be no return from
blue sky and golden sun
pure and demure
left our world a broken chain
with only ourselves to blame
leaving bad times far behind
here with me
on bounty island

welcomed to this sunrise
innocence in ancient eyes
exchanging talents for balance
offers choice without demands
our spirits in restful Holmes
        at peace
under heavenly sun