Cosmic Circle

Cosmic Circle

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Jam/Jazz/Funk/Fusion with vocal harmonies that make you dance.
Original songs with vintage tones and vocal harmonies delivered with improvisational expression heavy in Hammond Organ tones and soaring lead guitars.


Cosmic Circle is led by father/son duo Jay and Tyler Stephens.

A broad range of veteran Cleveland musicians have stepped forward to create what is the Cosmic Circle sound. The sound draws its influences from such bands as Steely Dan, Parliament Funkadelic, Return to Forever, Phish, Frank Zappa, Herbie Hancock, Yes, and many more.

Live interactive improvisational expression is the focus of Cosmic Circle.


Cosmic Circle- All We Are

Set List

Hobo's Monkey>
We Need More Flying Horses>
Rainbow's Cadillac (Bruce Hornsby)>
You Live, You Learn
Had to Cry Today (Blind Faith)>
Boob Tube
Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles)>
Eyes of the World (Grateful Dead)
Follow the River
House in Motion (Talking Heads)
The Eve of the Coming Strom
All We Are>
I'm the Slime (Frank Zappa)