Cosmic Gypsies

Cosmic Gypsies


Most, very entertaining band. FM radio
friendly originals. Great raspy vocals and over-all band presence.


Cosmic Gypsies were formed a few years
ago by guitarist Roger Sutton and vocalist Dawn Northup. Out of Atlanta, GA the band has performed three to six nights a week since (covers and originals) from Atlanta (American Pie) Panama City Beach, Fla (Spinnaker Beach Club) to Key West, Fla (Dirty Harry's) locking up a Jagermeister sponsership along the way. With such original favorites as Down, Never Gonna Let You Go and Dream Song, Cosmic Gypsies have sold literally Thousands of CDs.
Performing mostly in the metro area now,
Cosmic Gypsies have become highly
requested for numerous club/radio
With Dawn's savy vocals, Roger's riff's
Pete's thump, Chuck's groove and the bands over-all presence, check them out for yourself and see why everybody loves
the "Gypsies."
& remember " There' s Only One Way To ROCK!!"


Down, Never Gonna Let You Go, Dream Song are among other tracks that have received airplay

Set List

Cosmic Gypsies performs 3/4 sets per-night. Along with thier most popular originals the band covers such artist as:
Kid Rock, Def Leppard, No Doubt, Linkin Park, Nelly, Metallica and Pink