Cosmic Mountain

Cosmic Mountain


Musical Mystics. drawing upon echoes from the past, the future, that which was and that which shall never be.... funkarriffic, bluestastical space rock.


Our musical influences range from old blues and country to classic rock, modern rock, jazz, funk, metal. theres no limit. We have a sound that is Cosmic Mountain yet we are able to explore all facets of the musical universe. What sets us apart from most(not all) is the fact that we have our own sound. Our purpose is to add diversity to a music scene full of generic clones and stereotypes. We are artists and our creative expression is our most valuable ally. Our story is being told as we speak and none can tell what the next chapter will bring. but we do know that our destiny is at hand.


Debut full length album released Oct 23, 2009 entitled "Axis Mundi" The track "Drownt in 5cc" has had radio airplay on nationally syndicated show Rock Solid Pressure hosted by J-Rock and Patti.

currently writing and recording material for our second album release with a release date still to be determined.

Set List

Depending on time given, our set list has several possibilities. When showcasing with other bands typically our set can be between 45 min to 1 hr and consist of 10 songs. We also stage our own productions which may consist of multiple sets and can go on as long as needed. the songs currently in our set list are as follows:
all original songs:
Cosmic Mountain
Jesus Tip
Cry For Life
Break Me Open
Never Comin Home
Crystal Stair
Drownt in 5cc
Candlelight & Moonshine
Cover Tunes:
"21st Century Schizoid Man" by King Crimson
our set of music is also accompanied by semi-elaborate stage props and lighting effects and ambience.