Cosmic Slop

Cosmic Slop

 Tucson, Arizona, USA

Cosmic Slop is an in your face, high energy funk/rock band from Tucson, Arizona. The hard-hitting bass lines and the crunchy guitar licks keeps the crowd captivated. The lead vocals by Sho 'Nuff Nicety are unforgettable. With musical influences from Jimi Hendrix to P-Funk they're a sight to see.


The dirty, raw music of Cosmic Slop is an evolution from the greatest gospel, funk, jazz, and R&B artists of the late 60's & early 70's. This 5 piece, original ensemble hits you with sounds, sights and emotions on a deep feeling level that modern "produced" music misses. Their stage performance is nothing short of electrifying! From the first moment of contact you know this band is in charge of making the funk nasty, and the nasty funky.

Brainchild of Cosmic Slop, front man/songwriter Sho 'Nuff Nicety (Dondi Marble), has been a long time coming. You see, Sho Nuff Nicety was brought of age in the era of true funk. The days of the heavyweights like James Brown, Sly & the Family Stone, Funkadelic, The Ohio Players and many more. Since those days, Dondi and his holy scrolls of Funkadalia have been hiding in wait, until the time was right to come out of the desert like a true funk apostle. So even as the era of funk took it's turn in obscurity, oblivion & obsolescence, he kept the concept of Cosmic Slop fermenting in his mind until the universe was once again ready to hear it on The One! Then, like a siren from the distance, he unleashed some of the motherfunkiest musicians this side of the Milky Way back into the streets to roam like lions on the hunt.

"These freaky creatures of beauty and bliss are bad, straight from the outer reaches of the Cosmic Slop... they funk so hard and nasty you'll be on your knees beggin' for more! Up from the inner and outer reaches of the universe they came with one mission in mind: To set the funk FREE.... This caravan of cosmic freaks is unlike anything you've ever seen, they not only move, they groove. The music, the dancing, it all builds to a climax so powerful and earth shattering that you'll hear echoes of Cosmic Slop in your mind long after the music stops and the show is over....Then you too will be blessed by the C-Slop sister& brotherhood of all things good, all things nasty, and all things Funky!


"Here Is There..."- Release early January

Set List

Set list normally consist of 10 to 15 songs, mostly originals and normally runs about an hour long. We have enough material to cover 2 hours or more if necessary.
Band plays some covers usually 2 to 3 per show.