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There is no doubt that Cosmington is an emerging artists of our age. Born and bred in Nigeria, Africa, he is pioneering a genre, which even highly acclaimed music analysts still try to define.

His untamed lyrics and unusual instrumentation make his sample of songs titled "21st Cosmington" a force the music industry desperately needs.

"Music has metamorphosed, ever since she came along and sang" he once commented about a renowned artist. Is he not at the same time revealing the innermost core of his musical journey?

Here is an artist that has written and produced great acts like the "Woman Donau" featuring river Danube as the most beautiful woman in the heart of Europe, "Heart Crows At Dawn -- a song full of reminiscences of a failed love, and to mention but a few, "Show Me The Way" picturing a wondering soul that has found love after walking on many lands and space.

"Thanks to technology", he once confessed. "I can musically communicate with the world in whatever mood I am in. There is always a cosmic result each time I cry in a song".

The first of such songs is the "Hiv-Aids is Real!" title. He summarized speeches made by Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton and Bono, etc., into lyrics many claim to be excessively tearful. "When I hear Hiv/Aids, I hear Extinction" he remarked.

The second is the "Oh Abraham" title. Here Cosmington weeps. "Two brothers have been at war since ages" he said, "It's time to make people cringe. I wonna take my music to the streets of Jerusalem and cry for peace".

"Homosapiens" is another title of its kind. For him, racism like stress should be danced away. However, you first have to race your eyes across the sky. A rainbow is always ahead.

There is another side to Cosmington -- the romantic lover. The "I am a flower" title is an opening window to a soul where love and passion have no limit. He employs the kind of language you would need for a hot date.

His "Happy Birthday" classic is not just another birthday song. It's a prayer of the heart from the heart...

Excerpt to be continued.

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Still working on that hot first release.



Cosmington is a Nigerian singer and songwriter currently residing in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

Often regarded as an emerging artist of our millennium, his addiction to hearty songs with multilingual flavors makes him a music-mystery.

The fact is that we may never know why he has chosen to release 21 songs in one album titled "21st Cosmington". Some of his songs are great titles like "Bell!", "Oh Abraham", "Four Zero", "Hiv/Aids Is Real!", "Heart Crows At Dawn", "On Board To Soweto", "Woman Donau" and "Fornia".

He is the founder of Cosmington Music (record label). Its current activities are exclusively focused on all his old songs and new releases.