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Fullerton, California, United States | INDIE

Fullerton, California, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Jason Jackowiak(Impose) Album Review"

With so many albums coming out in any given week, anymore it's difficult to discern what to grab off the rack and what to let be. Those looking for the next flash-in-the-pan band of blogger drool-wipe should look beyond Cosmonauts' self-titled debut, because while the sonic territory they mine is certainly relevant in the current musical zeitgeist, the album's classic feel means that 30 years from now while most of those other bands' debuts are landfill fodder, it will be held up (and hold up) as an exquisite music portrait of these modern times. It's unfair to lump this lot in with all the other neo-psych bands emanating from their area, because while they've clearly fallen under the influence of J. Spaceman in several of his guises, there's also a tackle box worth of hooks to be found seeping from between the lysergic grooves of "Dorothy" and "Like a French Assassin" that owe a debt to '60s British pop a la The Zombies or The Kinks; they never supplant mood for melody, steeping their songs in a sing-along-y tunefulness that's lost on a good many of their left coast compatriots. Though, far from being a throwback entity milking the good-time vibes for all their worth, the band fuse the ramshackle spirit that fueled the original garage explosion with a modern sense of urgency and and the occasional noise-laden head-trip ("Yer So Rad") and its that melding of old ideals and new aesthetics that stand as encouraging signposts that long after the latest musical trends have passed, Cosmonauts will remain relevant, because unlike those riding trends like wav(v)es, they seem fully committed to only satisfying their own (as opposed to some marketing team's) vision for creating indelible songs.
- Jason Jackowiak - Impose Magazine - Impose Magazine

"Sean Dougan(MMR) Album Review"

Swirling, distorted psych, bulldozed along by pounding primitive drums, fuzzed out vocals, all glued together with a heavy spaced out guitar drone. If that ain't the ingredients for record of the month my name is Prince Bloody William. Imagine if you will the best of THEE OH SEES jamming deep with MOON DUO, with the aid of some sort of retro type drug that only Brace Belden knows the name of and you would almost be right on the money. Heavy, without losing one single hook, repetitive without being the least bit boring and shamelessly stepped in the glory years of acid rock without being a boring regurgitating hipster. Be warned, this record will give you a contact high.
(Cosmonauts-S/T LP Review)
- Sean Dougan, Maximum Rock N Roll #337 - Maximum Rock 'N Roll

"Dan Collins(LA Record) Live Review"

"Their raucous set was like if the Velvet Underground had turned to the MC5 at their Boston Tea Party concert in 1968 and, instead of insulting them, had turned and made love to them—and that was how Lou Reed wound up wearing that dog collar. I couldn’t make out a single lyric, but did they really close the set with “Little Honda?”
-Dan Collins, Editor, LA RECORD - LA Record

"Cosmonauts Cassette Review"

Burger Records has done some great tapes over the years, but they've really outdone themselves with this one. Cosmonauts are a psychedelic garage band from the O.C. and this is their debut release. If you dig Spacemen 3, Black Angels, or the Radar Eyes tape on Plus Tapes, you absolutely need this. We're super stoked to hear what's next and we're starting to think that the west coast really IS the best coast. Did we mention that there's only 250 of these? Act fast. - Permanent Records


"Lazerbeam" EP August 2012 (Reverberation Appreciation Society/Austin TX)

"If You Wanna Die Then I Wanna Die" LP April 2012 (Burger Records/Anaheim CA)

"Emerald Green b/w Motorcycle #1" 7" Single
(Bad Afro Records/Denmark) March 2012

"He Never Hit Me b/w Little Honda" 7" Single (Goodbye Boozy Records/Italy) May 2011

"Cosmonauts" LP (Permanent Records/Chicago IL) April 2011

"New Psychic Denim" EP Cassette (Burger Records/Anaheim CA) March 2011

"Cosmonauts" LP Cassette (Burger Records/Anaheim CA) June 2010



Hailing from the sleepy suburban sprawl of Orange County, California,
Cosmonauts forge malcontent drone-pop melodies, delivered with a
clangy laser-fuzz backbone. Formed in Summer 2009 by Alexander Ahmadi
& Derek Cowart, Cosmonauts offer a glimpse of drug-addled Southern
Californian rock n roll in the 21st century. Inspired in equal parts
by polo-shirts and MDMA, this four-piece garage-trance outfit has
garnered a reputation of amps dialed to ten and lullaby meltdowns with
both audiences and contemporaries. Supporting established acts at home
& abroad such as The Black Angels, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, The
Growlers, The Strange Boys & more.
Defined by critics as "Beach Boys on downers" & "how Lou Reed wound
up wearing that dog collar", these pop-loving, feedback-chasing
drop-outs have been releasing records and touring nationally since
their inception. Releasing material on vinyl with labels like Burger
Records, Austin's Reverberation Appreciation Society & more. Not to
mention a handful of European 7"s.They recently followed up their
rattling, echo-drenched 2011 debut self-titled LP(Permanent Records)
with 2012's If You Wanna Die Then I Wanna Die, released by
local-Fullertonian label Burger Records. Both recorded in a rennovated
Anaheim warehouse, in viewing distance of Disneyland's nightly
Cosmonauts will be touring the U.S. & Europe in Spring 2013. In
support of their 7" single "Wear Your Hair Like A Weapon b/w Sweet
Talk" being released in Winter 2013 by Volar Records. And promoting
the Summer 2013 release of their next full-length record.