Grenada, Mississippi, USA

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Angel on my Shoulder

Written By: Wade Cottonfield

verse 1:
It was back in '67
when he went to Viet Nam
those rice fields looked just like the ones
in the place where he came from
meanwhile back in Texas
his sweet mother prayed,
dear Lord please take care of my son
and bring him back home safe
verse 2:
While on guard one evening
was when that ambush came
he could hardy hear his orders for
all those bullets, guns and tanks
he lost most of his company
just a few survived
the C O said you're lucky that
you made it out alive
There's an Angel on my shoulder
watching over me
protecting me from danger
seen and unseen
although i may not see it
yet I still believe
there's an Angel on my shoulder
watching over me
verse 3
One day he fell in love with Sharon
almost 20 years ago
she lost her fight with cancer
dear God how it hurt him so
now who's gonna take of Thomas
Cody cries himself to sleep
each night and day he would always pray
dear Lord come take me
verse 4
then I went by to see him
just the other day
I said oldfriend how have you've been
he said I'm living day by day
and I'm picking up the pieces
of what's left of my life
raising my boys best as I can
but still I miss my wife
chorus 2x to fade