cotton jenny

cotton jenny


"languid, intricate soundscapes enveloping romantic yearnings" WILLAMETTE WEEK "unsettling as it is intriguing...firmly on the path to indie stardom" OE BASE "the captivating voice of Jennfer Foust sounds as if she's in a blissful trance" THE OREGONIAN


Inspired by the Gordon Lightfoot song of the same name, Portland, Oregon's COTTON JENNY bears little sonic resemblance to the folksy Canadian troubadour. Nods to folk are however common, as are bumps with rock swells and jazz-tinted shenanigans stumbling out the back door with a Texas swing by way of the Bayou. Confused? You won't be. Cotton Jenny has an ace in their pockets. Her name is Jennifer Foust. Foust leads the band with a pitch-perfect, yet sultry torch that lights fires while maintaining the cool breeze only a few special groove-digging ladies have ever matched. Her songs, born of the heart (and an acoustic guitar) eat pop for breakfast while a couple magic men, Tim Acock, Fred Smith, draw soundscapes that only further carve a unique kinda niche within the new post-modern classics arena.


current lp: Straw (2005)
other ep's: Arch Cape (2004)
Cotton Jenny (2003)
OEBase Compilation, 2004
Cotton Jenny (2007)

Set List

Cotton Jenny has a repertoire of40+ originals and a few covers as well, such as willie brown's "fools paradise" (also covered by mose allison), and wayne shorter's "footprints", with original vocals added. We can and usually do play three hours worth of material, with one break in between sets.