Cottonmouth D.N.

Cottonmouth D.N.


Cottonmouth D.N. mixes the sludgy excesses of '70s stoner riff-rock with the hard, abrasive sounds of modern hardcore. This fusion of extreme music, focused emotion & an underlying pop sensibility gels to create an original genre the band calls "Dopecore."


Some folks are just set in their ways. Take Cottonmouth D.N., for example. Formed in Hostile City U.S.A. (Philadelphia, PA) in 1994, the band has mixed the sludgy excesses of stoner riff-rock with the hard, abrasive sounds of hardcore from day one and hasn’t diluted its musical vision to this day. The boys call this fusion of extreme music and focused emotion "dopecore" and make no bones about taking this music to the people who want to hear it. And people want to hear it – the band’s independent releases have required multiple pressings in order to keep up with public demand. Throughout the band’s many releases and multiple compilation appearances, one thing has remained consistent: a commitment to the creation of explosive music transcending short-lived trends and gimmicks. The foursome has played innumerable gigs in the U.S. and Canada: from Toronto, Canada's Opera House to Jacksonville, Fla.’s, Thee Imperial Lounge and New York City’s Don Hill’s, no venue or bill is too small or large for Cottonmouth D.N. With Dopecore, the band’s newest effort, these Philly natives have honed their sound to a fine sonic art. Dopecore marks Cottonmouth D.N.’s first totally self-produced and -engineered work – the band handled the recording, engineering and post-production work within a network of friends and peers from the area music community – no big studios were involved at all. The result is a massive independent statement for CMDN and the band’s most ambitious work to date. Dopecore presents 10 songs about temptation, betrayal, failure and redemption that show an uncompromising, focused image of modern reality. Combined with the band’s sincere, unflinching attitude and riveting live show, CMDN is taking Dopecore to the people who want raw, unpretentious music filled with real passion.


Cottonmouth D.N. (1994) EP
Milkboy Buffet (1996) Compilation
Not For Sale (1996) EP
Milkboy Dim Sum (1997) Compilation
Satan Approves (1997) EP
Dip & Plunge (1998) EP
Greettings From Philly (1998) Compilation
Milkboy PuPu Platter (1998) Compilation
Meltdown (1999) Compilation
Dopecore (2003) LP
FMQB Metal Detector (2004) Radio Compilation
Dopes for Life (Sept. 2004) LP

Set List

Sets range from 45 minutes to two hours, depending on venue and time constraints and consist of all original music with the exception of a cover or two for spice.