Cottrell Gantt

Cottrell Gantt


Hooky, melody-driven pop rock. It sounds good, it feels good, it is good.


Jeremy Cottrell, of Norman, OK, began playing piano at age 5. He grew up listening to a variety of artists from Buddy Holly to ELO and when he was 14, bought his first guitar because he thought it would be cool to play songs like the ones he heard on the radio. Pursuing a career in music, Jeremy began writing songs and performing as a solo artist in Oklahoma and then Arizona.
Jason Gantt grew up in St. Louis, MO listening to a wide range of music from the hard rock of King’s X to the hooky pop rock of Matthew Sweet and Freedy Johnston. He played drums in the school band and at the age of 15, began playing guitar and writing songs. Jason credits his love of music for getting him interested in creating his own.
Eventually, they both found their way to Nashville and met at a recording studio where they discovered their mutual interest in songwriting and performing. Drawing upon their common influences, such as Crowded House and Del Amitri, they worked at developing their own style of hooky, melodic songwriting. “We’re not afraid to pop-rock,” says Jason.
Their first EP, HERE I GO, produced by Jacquire King, was independently released in Spring 2005. “We wanted to make an album that made us feel good when we listened to it, without worrying whether or not it fit into any current trend.” Jeremy adds, “We’ve always tried to go by the rule that if it sounds good and it feels good, it is good.”

Their new full length album "Sing Along" is set for independent release in late summer 2008 and features guest performances by Adam Beard, Aaron Sterling, Brady Beard, Steve Misamore and Murray Pulver.


Your Curse

Written By: Cottrell Gantt

I feel like I'm walking away from you
but don't tell me that it's worse
you were the one that gave up on me
does it hurt?

did you not realize that it was assumed
that someday I'd be back around
he went and made all your dreams come true

but I'm your curse
it can't be right to keep holding on
I won't let you let me go
I'm your curse

time was patient but now it's run out on me
I had my chances, now they're gone
you are ringing me up again

cause I'm your curse
it can't be right to keep holding on
but I won't let you let me go
I'm your curse

take my time picking
one or the other's gonna blow my mind when I don't see it coming
it's the same old thing that you can't get away from
it's fate, much too late

you can't let go cause it might be real, it's something that you'll never know
and the more you run and try to move on, the more your thoughts of me will grow
it can't be right, it can't be right
it can't be right to keep holding on
i won't let you let me go
cause I'm your curse

it can't be right

Can't Catch Me

Written By: Jeremy Cottrell and Jason Gantt

I can see it in my head, but what it is isn't clear just yet
I could just give up instead, but my questions wouldn't end
can you seem me, can you see me then
catch me, i won't catch myself
i've gotta see how this is gonna end up
what am i supposed to do with myself, have i missed my chance
if it doesn't happen soon, can i leave it all behind, don't tell me, please don't tell me now

Every Now and Then

Written By: Jeremy Cottrell and Jason Gantt

Every now and then there's a funny feeling in the room
like time went to find somebody new
We're left here pretending we can still be friends, retracing every step
We contemplate what might have been but with nothing else to prove

Like two unbreakable hearts we go dancing into the fire.
We don't let the healing start because we'd have to admit we hurt

Careful what we say, each of us is planning every move
Knowing there's no other way, neither wants to lose.
It's just a silly game that no one wins.
Just a chase of the thrill
Hoping that it never ends, a million reasons that it will.

But every now and then, you find somebody new

Like two unbreakable hearts, we went dancing into the fire.
We never let the healing start.
We're gonna have to admit it.
There's no unbreakable hearts, there's no living inside the fire.
It's time to let the healing start
but you don't have to admit hurts.
No we don't have to admit we hurt.



Set List

up to 1 hour of original material with band.
Holding Onto Something
Here I Go
Don't Worry
Lift Me Up
Rich Girl*
Only Thing That Matters
Things I Used To Know
Change My Mind
Raspberry Beret*
Your Curse
Wherever I Go Tommorow
I Have Changed
Can't Catch Me


also perform as a duo with 1 hour 30 min. material.