CoudEE is a five-piece original modern rock band based in San Francisco, known for its catchy, energetic, and polished music that is a unique blend of the new and the old. The band has a fast growing fan base, and has been performing at such iconic venues as The Viper Room and the Whisky A Go Go.


The San Francisco based CoudEE (koh-dee) was founded by acclaimed musicians/composers Marcin Stylok (guitar) and Greg Pilch (bass), who created the platform of the group after two solid years of collaboration. It soon came time to complete the group's lineup, and several intense auditions later, the group recruited Mark Agloro (drums), who later referred Ricky Ratcliff (vocals) to the group. Months later, the final piece of the puzzle was completed with the addition of Mike Yen (guitar) to the lineup.

The group's distinctive sound is a result of a wide variety of influences including H.I.M, U2, and Linkin Park. The group's first EP – titled "/koh-dee/ n." – showcases the group's unique blend of powerful rhythms, melodic guitars, and solid vocals. The EP was released in November of 2009, and was recorded at Faultline Studios (San Francisco, CA) and mixed/mastered by Dan Certa (Nashville, TN), whose work includes such artists as Kelly Clarkson, Anastacia, Ben Moody and Avril Lavigne.


2009 EP - "/koh-dee/ n."

Set List

Set list can vary, but typically a 50 minute set with ten original songs.