Cougar Den

Cougar Den


A spazzy thrash band from Milwaukee, WI. energy, hi-fives, young, emotive and wild, socially//politically-inspired lyrics, bitchin guitar lines, girl drummer, diy ethics, think botch or converge meets the mars volta, you'll be impressed


Cougar Den is three kids from the heart of the Midwest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin playing spazzy hardcore//screamo. Since November of 2005, we've toured the country in a little blue school bus, gotten a few stitches, watched kids jump off of a refrigerators at house shows, seen the walls of legion halls sweat and made tons of friends. In the fall of 2006 we self-released our debut self-titled EP which was recorded by Shane Hochstetler of Call Me Lightning. We fuse frenetic guitar-lines with the expressive nature of late 90s screamo. Our live show is replete with group sing-a-longs, hi-fives and general rowdiness. Come along for the ride; it’s time to thrash, clap, pump fists and get wild!


New Kids On the Bloc

Written By: Cougar Den

New Kids on the Bloc

We are young philosophers, the kings and queens of our own thrones
Our declarations written on streets signs and sidewalks.
Ill set my time apart, and keep away from this
Structure of terror, holding all of us down.
Stretched across a continent of killers, under the plagues of a forced media
There is an alternative, to their thread of lies.
Three hearts that beat the same rhythm set in a pulse against those that made us,
I feel Ive found my home already.

Sirens Off Mute

Written By: Cougar Den

a siren song for the misused, the web’s been spun with nineteen different points
and in the center is an hiv positive target, a littler darker, a little bit deeper
we can’t rewind the roll, the sequence of stillness, understand that minds couldn’t forge this
a blank stare and lost focus, and it will happen again and again and again and again and again

we’ve cut and shaped into boundaries, force fed racist convictions

crime will transcend the lines we’ve made,as one side falls we pull apart, we’re dominoes of polar ends

we won’t turn a blind eye to those in dire need, the duty, the neccessity is real
I’m sick of seeing losses in the young and promising, hearing all these uttered promises

with severity climbing and statistics rising we observe there’s no end in sight
it’s far from fair in one instance of disreguard

I won’t forget
in the fall of 2006 an eleven year old girl was raped by 19 different men and boys in milwaukee. the girl was born hiv positive. media coverage was minimal.


"Keep On, Drifter" LP (init records, June 2008)
Cougar Den self-titled EP (self released; 2006)

Set List

Typically, six songs which translates to 30 minutes. we could play covers, but we don't. actually we once played a halloween show where all the bands were cover bands: the who, rancid, alkaline trio, crosby, nash and young. it was a blast!