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"Cougar Magnum takes Jam Solid Productions to court (well, TV court)"

"Cougar Magnum takes Jam Solid Productions to court (well, TV court)
December 15th, 2007 ·

Favorite e-mail pitch of the day:

We live in RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, and we’re scheduling a SPRING 2008 TOUR. Also, we won a battle of the bands and never got our prize so we’re suing the guy on Judge Greg Mathis!!!

The pitch was from five-piece Cougar Magnum, a modern jam band not afraid to meld four-part harmonies with trippy guitar solos. Think moe. and Weezer holding hands on a Saturday afternoon walk through a field of orchids.

And they really are going to be on Judge Mathis. Turns out Jam Solid Productions (formerly Rock Hard Entertainment) headed by talent buyer Adam Graham, held a Battle of the Bands at the Downtown Event Center in Raleigh featuring 30 bands.

We all know about these battle of the bands competitions. They often offer studio time and opening slots for major bands. It’s not terribly unusual. This one’s grand prize was $400 cash, 20 hours of studio time, a promo deal and a guaranteed gig at a large event. Fairly typical.

Well, Cougar Magnum won, BUT Jam Solid welched on the deal and had an office manager only pay out the $400, which is $80 per band member and not even enough to cover a night at the bar. If the situation is really this simple, that’s absolutely terrible on Jam Solid’s part. (See below)

And Cougar Magnum did what any self-respecting Battle of the Bands winner would do….they took their case to Judge Judy, got rejected and ended up on Judge Greg Mathis. Filming is January 23, 2008 with an episode airing February or March. I wish them luck and hope the publicity stunt pays off.

It’s scary that Jam Solid Productions lists 19 cities in their roster, including Minneapolis. In fact, they have a local Battle of the Bands final booked at the Varsity Theater on January 11, 2008 with JAY WALK AND THE MISDEMEANORS, BLACK OPAL, REVERA, AMONG THE CHAOS, WASHED AUDIO, HATE BEAST, LUST FOR BLOOD and THIRTY ODD SIX. Will they be screwing over a local Minneapolis band, too? (See below)

I just e-mailed them to ask for their side of the story. We’ll let you know what they say.

In the meantime, check out CM’s MySpace page for tracks off their new EP, Green. I’m sure you won’t have any “objection” with this band (sorry…).

UPDATE (12/16/07: Here’s the response from Adam Graham at Jam Solid:

“I will answer your questions because we have nothing to hide. We are one of the most reputable companies out there working with local bands today. I can provide you with hundreds of bands, venues, and contacts who will all agree. Cougar Magnum is an unfortunate circumstance of miscommunication and lack of organization both on our part as well as there part. You see they were scheduled by a member of our staff to compete in a finals round from a series of Battle of the Bands that they had played in, after a few of the bands had dropped out do to other obligations and the fact that the talent agent responsible for that market and that show left to pursue other opportunities, we were forced to make a decision and change the show.

We called all of the bands and informed them that this would be a regular show if they still wanted to play it and once everything settles down and we figure out an appropriate date that works for everyone we will reschedule the finals. Apparently this was not communicated to the rest of there [sic] band members however we did speak with someone from that band. Now when they got to the venue a former employee of ours Anna Johnston who still collected the ticket money for us but now managed the venue we booked shows at did not receive this information. Anna took it upon herself to judge this show as a finals and award a cash prize of $400 (which should have been our profit for the night) and tell them I would contact them about the studio time.

After I realized the situation I informed Cougar Magnum that was not the finals, there would be another opportunity, and since they already received the $400 to keep it and use it for the band and whatever they needed. This apparently did not sit well with them. I received many harassing phone calls at 1-2am so much so that I had to file a harassment report with the local police. I feel awful about it because I like the guys and think they are talented musicians, it is hard to communicate with someone who calls you at 2am to just laugh and be annoying.

They did start discussing the option of going on court TV . They asked if I would be willing to do a court show with them and if they won the court show would pay for it and if not they would forget about it once and for all. I agreed and said you know what if that settles it lets go for it. The court TV show heard there story and saw there proof and decided they did not have a case and told me to sue them to get my $400 back. This is something I would never do. They were turned down by 3 different shows. When you get turned down by court TV you know there is de - Perfect Porridge (

"Southeast Promoter Weighs In..."

"To see Cougar Magnum live is Truly an experience. I haven't seen a band put this much into a live performance in a long time. They're a breath of fresh air in a suffocating business. Five stars..."
- Jeff Tomas, Owner of Vision Promotional Services - Vision Promotional Services

"Southeast Promoter Weighs In..."

"To see Cougar Magnum live is Truly an experience. I haven't seen a band put this much into a live performance in a long time. They're a breath of fresh air in a suffocating business. Five stars..."
- Jeff Tomas, Owner of Vision Promotional Services - Vision Promotional Services


1. Emily's Song
2. The Outer Banks
3. The Trail
4. Jump In
5. Felix Chesapeake



Cougar Magnum rocks the stage as a five-piece combination of musical style and genuine substance. Taking root in the capital of North Carolina, they began their rock journey in September 2006 and have melted faces ever since. Cougar Magnum blends blues, jazz, alternative rock, and funk to create 'MODERN JAM'. The Magnum provides an energetic, feel-good, exciting ROCK SHOW. With a dual guitar attack, running baselines, abrupt time signatures, melodic key tones, and 4-part harmony vocals, Cougar Magnum makes your feet move and your jaw drop.

Cougar Magnum has carefully composed a diverse original music catalog, containing powerful three-minute rock fiestas, extended composed jams, and ear-catching sing-along ROCK ANTHEMS.

In the last year, CM packed virtually every live music venue in Raleigh including the Berkeley Cafe, The Pour House, The Downtown Event Center (formerly Raleigh Music Hall), The Farm House, The Brewery, and Ruckus Pizza. Contrary to popular belief, these big cats don't always rock the house alone! They've jammed alongside regional touring acts such as SeepeopleS, Parmalee, The Scarecrow Collection, and The Indobox- in addition to countless NC groups like Kepteclectic, The Authority, Doco, and The Old Regime. Cougar Magnum has proven they can rock with anyone anywhere!

In November of 2007, the cubs hit the studio to record the Green EP (available NOW!!). Fate brought them to Raleigh's Low Watt Recording, where Rich Stine (Fighting Gravity, River City High, and Vivion Smith of Juniper Lane) and Steve Barber engineered the sessions and the sick-nasty Matt Boswell took on the mixing duties.

Staying true to their MODERN JAM heading, they always bring improvisational theatrics and well-practiced stage routines. Guitarists Brandon McLean and Shane Smith sting your ears with hot licks while phunky bassist Federal Agent Federal, heart-pounding drummer Alex Shepherd, and Korean keyboardist Timmy Lee add to the madness that makes every Magnum showing a true ROCK SHOW.