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We're Counterparts, lyrical madmen with cross-over appeal. The epitome of versatility boasting a playlist ranging from catchy radio-friendly hits to hard time jams that anyone can relate to, to the deep punchline shit that'll make you scrunch up your face and go "Oh, Shit!"


You know that movie Stepbrothers? We're just like that... But not really. But kinda. No, but seriously, we're two broke muhfuckas prayin that this rap shit works. Cause we really don't wanna have to resort to gunplay and crack smoke. Nah for real though.


We have easily done over 200 songs with 20 plus artists but have yet to release anything due to lack of funds.

Set List

We normally do one set of about 30 minutes but are willing to adjust to schedule of the event planners. Songs usually vary depending on venue.