Counter Riot

Counter Riot

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Bass and keyboard heavy funk riffs go straight into power chord and rock soloing. It also has some smooth sections that you would come to expect before a jam climax. Group vocals and attitude make it punk. The horn section is hip/dirty. Like rolling in a mud puddle dirty. Is this a 2011 break out band?-WAIH 90.3 FM



"This band is hot off the press and ridiculously talented."
- WAIH 90.3 FM

"The band's Funk-Punk-Jam sound will have you hooked from the second you hear them." - Tri State Indie

Counter Riot’s debut Punk Funk Fugato! is an auditory attack that stands apart from the majority of rock music today in musicianship and artistic integrity. Hailing from Philadelphia, Counter Riot is a power trio consisting of Anthony Lattanze (guitar, vocals), Brendan McGeehan (bass, vocals, keyboards), and Ben Brown (drums, percussion, vocals), and this impressive combination of musicians allows Counter Riot to cover a wide breadth of sonic territory while continually morphing and shifting in both rhythm and melody. Punk Funk Fugato! features jams that are aggressive, yet hypnotic, with complex rhythmic grooves.

Punk Funk Fugato! opens with the bombastic track “The Notion Inside You” immediately showcasing Counter Riot’s musical prowess and penchant for writing songs that change directions at a breakneck pace while still remaining highly entertaining and engaging. The classic rock “Faster” is the highlight of the album with its insatiable grooves, undeniable harmonies, and stories of a life running from the law. “’Cause The Judge” puts a spotlight on Counter Riot at its absolute apex with Anthony’s intricate guitar work, Ben’s monster playing ability on the drums, and Brendan’s killer bass lines.

Throughout the album, there are moments of dark cynicism, which is perhaps best exemplified by the comic book insert in the liner notes, depicting a twisted and sinister world where characters from several songs are portrayed in an interwoven story complete with drug deals, deception, and murder.

Scott Stallone, who has also worked with Young Gunz, Britney Spears, The Philosopher Kings (Columbia), E.S.T., Bahamadia, Tapping The Vein (Nuclear Blast), Jason Nevins (Sanctuary), Jedi
Mind Tricks, and The Blue Method, was the man commissioned with bringing Counter Riot’s wild vision to life. It is impossible for any single comparison to sum up the unique and refreshing sounds on Punk Funk Fugato!, but they are similar to those that would occur if the Red Hot Chili Peppers jammed with Faith No More and a horn section was thrown in for good measure. With Punk Funk Fugato!, Counter Riot brings an unapologetic attitude of punk and the tight grooves of funk fueled by high-caliber musicianship that will definitely grab you.

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The Notion Inside You

Written By: Counter Riot


Wrestle up here soldier
I got a brand new style
Hey! I'm ta-ta-talking to you!
What I got to say is best said out loud
It won't hide in the files of a hard drive
We know who here is a man of a real world,
and who is the king of his digital ego
It's a crime what you do
Did it hurt? Yea.
Me to see you? Yea
Do what you did and see it feel good? Hell yea!
It's a crime what you do
The brightest people?
Your brightest people
Want you to stop and think of a beat
But if that's arresting...
If that's too arresting
Give in to what moves your feet

The notion inside you
You gotta give into it
The notion inside you

The odds, they ain't in my favor
No I heard the line went off (something crazy-1)
But let the galleries get people sedated
Let the museums get their critics some

Because What ever you want
You want it? you take it to get it
I won't see that you got it


Written By: Counter Riot


Border close
Burn this letter
No more posts…
Together we had no chance
We'd meet up she said,
"Under the right circumstance"

Going faster...
Faster through the night

Now the things I've seen and the good I've done
Don't amount to anyone
till I passed what looked like a band of thieves
They were Cloaked in some desperate fashion
They got no apologies

They were going faster...
Faster through the night

In the fallout at mid night
The wind cries out your name
And you know you'll never
You'll never be the same
And then just before morning
You break down and you pray
You say, "Deliver this sucker to the better land
And he'll never do that again!"

Going faster
Through the night

Cause The Judge

Written By: Counter Riot

Cause The Judge

Hit a hot spot dippin in Salado, Texas
Cheryl Chou, Jenny Weigan, and Lito Sheen
They drove seventeen hours east in a stolen Lexus
They got the dirt to make the drop off deep down in New Orleans
Cause the judge he says you will

Pusher man said, "Watch out for risky business!
A lot of law down since the tides they come crashing in"
But the kids don't make the trip just to see a rain storm
They got the wolves snappin' on their heels from a Lakers win
Do you know why?
Cause the judge he says you will

$800K In a black leather suitcase
Waitin at the club for Lito Sheen
He stole all that crystal meth from a cat named Rosco
says the girls came down here to make the scene
But that D.A. saw traffic was moving slowly
Undercover saw the pinch and Lito fell right in
While the girls made out through the corner of a motel lobby
They cuffed Lito to the bed and left him for the pin
He says, "I can't go to jail!"
Ah but you're going
Yea do you know why?
Cause the Judge he says you will

Get Off

Written By: Counter Riot


Patience running low
My blood's pumping real fast
cause I don't know how I got here, but I know exactly where I'm at
After twenty two years,
I thought I'd have a million dollars
But even the wisest educator can change you to a staller

So get off and run
Get off, elevator, look into the mirror and run

So take a good look!
Make sure you can see this face
Before you say something that you might later want to replace
Cause I've been chewed up
But now I'm keeping my true name
When the shadow behind steps out in front will you say the same?

Or will you get off and run?
Get off elevator look into the mirror and run
Get off, elevator, look into the mirror and run
Hey! Get off and run

Joker man, joker man
You see me as fan
Damn sure you better ban lip
When I'm planning this
Gimmie that fancy phone you got
I think I know your problem, don't mind if I feel so obliged
It's now you want to play a hand
I'm here to tell you I aint got the time
Cause you can't wrap an arm around spoils without the other paying a hefty fine

So get off, and run
Get off elevator look into the mirror and run
Get off, elevator, look into the mirror and run
Hey! Get off and run


Punk Funk Fugato! (2010)

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