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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
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"CoLabPA event features Counter Riot"

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""Punk Funk Fugato!" reaches #12 on the college/jamband radio poll"

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"Get with the Jam and Funk It Out: Counter Riot! (Interview)"

Counter Riot, a musical trio consisting of vocalist and guitarist Anthony Lattanze, drummer Ben Brown, and bassist Brendan McGeehan has been making music together since 2009. I had the chance to experience one of their shows for the first time in West Chester, Pa and was happy for the refreshing exposure. Counter Riot provides a gnarly funk sound, styled in a new light, complete with a cowbell. It’s not everyday you can catch an act the plays 100% from the heart, but Counter Riot does just that. The Philadelphia natives slam their instruments with enjoyment, creating punk-jam-funk sound waves, pleasing the rock n’ roll soul that lives in each and every one of us. While playing, their faces read passion dedicated to the enjoyment created on the dance floor. The guys really give it their all and there is no denying they thoroughly love what they do.

I had the chance to catch up with Anthony to briefly talk about the new album “Punk Funk Fugato!” and their experience as artists and as individuals.

SB: You’ve been on a musical journey for some time and I have been able to watch you through some of it, what makes Counter Riot different from your other projects like that of the Anthony Lattanze band?

AL: Ohh man. I guess first and for most would be it’s talent. The talent in Counter Riot is ridiculous. After that, I guess I would say the attitude. Counter Riot is definitely more aggressive. It’s more of everything actually. More jammy, more original, more interesting, more fun!

SB: Your new album, “Punk Funk Fugato!” is really fun to say and it suits your style well, when selecting this name were you trying to address your genre?

AL: Yea we were! It’s funny how some people are too lazy to read past the word Punk and figure out what we’re going for. No it’s not Punk, it’s Punk Funk. Fugato is a track on the record. It means “In the style of Fugue” in Italian. I use it as a metaphor for the cyclical nature of life. I think adding it to the album title really sums up the style of the record.

SB: Your music is something I feel everyone can listen too and love, and your shows prove all types attract, what type of audience member can you identify with the most?

AL: Really? It’s nice to hear you say that. We feel very different. We’ve noticed we’re very polarizing. People either love us or hate us. We like it that way. The people who love us defend every lyric and riff we play. The people who hate us can’t get far enough. I think our stuff is over the head of your average commercial rock listener. It’s not Weezer. There’s no beating you to death with the same sound. The people who like us appreciate its complexity and are very attentive to the lyrics.

SB: Modest Mouse is a band that I’ve been listening to forever and regardless of what anyone says or the separate genres I’ve grown through, I will always turn back to them. Who is your Modest Mouse?

AL: Growing up it was Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. For the longest time I can remember not being excited about a band. It’s funny what being a musician does to you. You automatically become more critical/cynical. You know all the tricks and you can spot a fraud easily. A couple years ago I got turned on to Gov’t Mule and all that went away. I’ll listen to them any time. Warren Haynes got me excited about music again.

SB: The competition for musicians these days is enormous especially in genres like electro, punk, and rock, and the threat of never making it is possible, being an up and coming artist, do you let this distract you?

AL: At times, It’s easy to get caught into competition. You want so desperately to sustain, so you can keep creating the art you envision. But it’s paralyzing. It takes a lot of effort to keep competition away from art. The two don’t go together. If I wanted to compete, I would have stayed in sports.

SB: What can someone that has never heard of you or maybe doesn’t follow your genre expect to hear from “Punk Funk Fugato!”?

AL: I’m not sure I can prepare you all that well…let me try: Nasty riffs, nasty drumming, nasty lyrics, nasty guest musicians, nasty songs, nasty production… How eloquent!

SB: Influence is everywhere, where do you pull it from the most?

AL: This is such a loaded question haha. I can’t even begin. Like you said, it’s all around us.

SB: Music is the most powerful drug, if everyone was on the right kind, do you think the world would be a better place?

AL: I’m not sure. It depends how you define "better" or “right”. If it means that everyone is listening to the same music then no. I’m at peace knowing that there are so many people out there with different cultures, different ideas, and different things to say. I don’t know, I’m just a guy. I don’t have the answers to that kind of stuff.

SB: Any plans on for a summer tour?

AL: Yea, we’re playing tons of dates regionally. Headlining opening night at Camp Jam In The Pines. Playing at The Bitter End in NYC in June. Dates in Baltimore, Annapolis, and of course Philly. Check out the full schedule and more upcoming dates at

Listen to Cause the Judge from “Punk Funk Fugato!”

"WAIH 90.3FM gives 'Punk Funk Fugato!' 5 out of 5!"

This band is hot off the press and ridiculously talented. Coming from Philly, band leader and guitarist Anthony Lattanze has been on the scene for a while and finally recorded his funk punk jams. Its not a brand new genre. I mean who doesn’t know the Red Hot Chili Peppers? However, the genre definitely could be explored more. Bass and keyboard heavy funk riffs go straight into power chord and rock soloing. It also has some smooth sections that you would come to expect before a jam climax. Group vocals and attitude make it punk. The horn section is hip/dirty. Like rolling in a mud puddle dirty. Is this a 2011 break out band?

Bottom Line = Punk funk does not skunk.
5 dirty jam riffs with group vocals out of 5.

- WAIH 90.3 FM

"Jaxon's Local Shot's Podcast- Counter Riot/Fugato"

"It's Jaxon's Local Shots Podcast! Here's Counter Riot and a song called Fugato. It's off their new Punk Funk Fugato! CD. You can find it on iTunes and at CD The liner notes inside the album fold out to a poster sized comic strip. It's pretty cool. Catch them when they play The Bridgeport Rib House on Friday, January 7th, The Grape Room in Manayunk on Friday, February 4th, and the Mill Creek Tavern on Thursday, March 10th. To get more info or to hear more - check out Enjoy!" - 93.3 WMMR FM Radio

"Philly’s own Counter Riot to play at The Grape Room – Manayunk, PA"

"The band's Funk-Punk-Jam sound will have you hooked from the second you hear them. Band members Anthony Lattanze, Ben Brown, Brendan McGeehan mix it up with an explosion of sounds with always changing dynamics and tempos that you wont know what's coming next." - Tri State Indie

"Album Review: Punk Funk Fugato! By Counter Riot"

"Counter Riot’s Punk Funk Fugato! is the sort of down & dirty fun that makes you glad that there are bands out there fighting the good fight and making music in their own groove...

...wickedly kick-ass...

Their sound has a confident, firm footing that supports some fierce energy."
- Freedom from Things

"Review from owner/operator of The Grape Room"

"Counter Riot's music is an awesome blend of rock, funk and pop coupled with the trio's extreme musicianship." - Scooter, owner/operator, The Grape Room (Manayunk, PA)


Punk Funk Fugato! (2010)




"This band is hot off the press and ridiculously talented."
- WAIH 90.3 FM

"The band's Funk-Punk-Jam sound will have you hooked from the second you hear them." - Tri State Indie

Counter Riot’s debut Punk Funk Fugato! is an auditory attack that stands apart from the majority of rock music today in musicianship and artistic integrity. Hailing from Philadelphia, Counter Riot is a power trio consisting of Anthony Lattanze (guitar, vocals), Brendan McGeehan (bass, vocals, keyboards), and Ben Brown (drums, percussion, vocals), and this impressive combination of musicians allows Counter Riot to cover a wide breadth of sonic territory while continually morphing and shifting in both rhythm and melody. Punk Funk Fugato! features jams that are aggressive, yet hypnotic, with complex rhythmic grooves.

Punk Funk Fugato! opens with the bombastic track “The Notion Inside You” immediately showcasing Counter Riot’s musical prowess and penchant for writing songs that change directions at a breakneck pace while still remaining highly entertaining and engaging. The classic rock “Faster” is the highlight of the album with its insatiable grooves, undeniable harmonies, and stories of a life running from the law. “’Cause The Judge” puts a spotlight on Counter Riot at its absolute apex with Anthony’s intricate guitar work, Ben’s monster playing ability on the drums, and Brendan’s killer bass lines.

Throughout the album, there are moments of dark cynicism, which is perhaps best exemplified by the comic book insert in the liner notes, depicting a twisted and sinister world where characters from several songs are portrayed in an interwoven story complete with drug deals, deception, and murder.

Scott Stallone, who has also worked with Young Gunz, Britney Spears, The Philosopher Kings (Columbia), E.S.T., Bahamadia, Tapping The Vein (Nuclear Blast), Jason Nevins (Sanctuary), Jedi
Mind Tricks, and The Blue Method, was the man commissioned with bringing Counter Riot’s wild vision to life. It is impossible for any single comparison to sum up the unique and refreshing sounds on Punk Funk Fugato!, but they are similar to those that would occur if the Red Hot Chili Peppers jammed with Faith No More and a horn section was thrown in for good measure. With Punk Funk Fugato!, Counter Riot brings an unapologetic attitude of punk and the tight grooves of funk fueled by high-caliber musicianship that will definitely grab you.

Press Contact: Melissa Zeigler, Powderfinger Promotions

Radio Contact: Powderfinger Promotions