CounterVision brings back the day of grunge rock with their own twist on the sound. Their unique sound sets them apart from carbon-copy cookie-cutter rock bands trying to relive the grunge days of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Their sound sets them apart and their live show in Philadelphia is tops.


CounterVision originally formed as a barbershop quartet in the summer of 2004. Working up and down the East coast, CounterVision, or Sweet Beat and Pop Tops as they were known in those days, performed at ice cream parlors and local boardwalk dance halls. As the social and political climate changed in 2005, CounterVision changed with it. They dropped their trademark straw hats and red and white striped shirts in favor of long, dred-locked hair and a new reggae-inspired sound. The Up-lift Refugee Baldhead killa Movement as they were now known, was adored by fans. After only one album the band was arrested and served three months of a 25 year sentence for political treason and drug trafficking. After they were released from prison in 2006, the boys headed back into the studio for their next project. Again they radically changed both their name and sound and released their self titled debut, "CounterVision." A second release in late 2006 entitled "Trust in Mirrors," followed. The boys of CounterVision had now found their sound and a legion of fans followed. They recently raised enough money by collecting bottles and cans as well as selling themselves for $.25 a kiss in kissing booths to be able to record a third EP. Snappy Dressers & Mass Murderers was released in mid-August 2008 and is available now. Be sure to stay tuned and check back often for more updates! To contact the band for booking, call Brendan at (610)-620-5163 or send an e-mail to

Request "A Violent Memory" on 93.3 WMMR by calling 215-263-WMMR or by texting WMMR1

First airplay 10/01/08


2006-CounterVision (EP)
2006-Trust in Mirrors (EP)
2008-Snappy Dressers and Mass Murderers (EP)

Set List

Usual set time 45 mins

A Violent Memory
The Same Race
El Paso
Liquid Grave
The End in You
Self Destruct
Silver Faded