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"New Music West Day One: Counting Heartbeats Amaze, Entertain And Rock"

The weather was taking a turn for the worse as I hiked over to this venue, but what British Columbian can't handle a little rain? Upon arrival, I discovered that the mild soaking I received was more than worth the wait. A band called Counting Heartbeats were on stage and truly astounding everyone in attendance. This is really what this festival is all about: discovering unknown local talent. Without a doubt, this was the highlight of the evening. At first, the band's sound was somewhat Wilco/Okkervil River-ish, with a steady, warbling vibe. The band were charmingly shy between songs and, during their set, each song delivered unexpected musical stylings. Several songs in, the band suddenly took a left turn and delivered jerky rhythms and new wave indie-rock. What the hell? Who are these guys? They confused, they challenged and, to sum up, they were totally awesome. With a little downtown exposure, these guys could easily fit in with the likes of Ladyhawk and Black Mountain, and I certainly wouldn't make such a statement lightly. They even scored points for visuals, as they have a great dynamic that includes "the chubby guy," "the scrawny guy" and the "always smiling multi-instrumental guy." I predict that this band wins the Shindig battle of the bands next year, and when they do next show up with a downtown performance, I'll certainly be in the crowd. - / Trevor Hargreaves


1. The Bullets & Mathematics EP (released may 2005)
2. Lights LP (released may 2006)



Counting Heartbeats // lights

Furious energy, subtle texture, politeness: all are virtues of Counting Heartbeats. While some rock and roll acts wallow in self-deprecation and angry melodies, Counting Heartbeats invite everyone to dance, shake, sing and/or scream along and be excellent to one another. Maybe even give a few high fives: A lot of high fives.

The current lineup includes Timothy Stuart (drums), Kurtis Hurrie (bass guitar), Jeni “Chuck” Norris (guitars/keys/vocals), Aidan Knight (guitars/vocals), and Joshua Sparrow (guitars/keys/vocals). Fresh from releasing a debut full-length album “Lights”, which enlisted a cast of over 50 assorted musicians and performers including producer/engineer Adam Sutherland (of 604 recording artists Armchair Cynics), the Beat family is set on exceeding the expectations of how a rock band should create and perform music they feel passionately about. With boundless energy and sincerity, the Counting Heartbeats stage show takes cues from The Blood Brothers, At The Drive-In, mewithoutYou, and countless other “all or nothing” performers. “It must be a blast to play in Counting Heartbeats.?The five band members act like rowdy frat boys together and on stage, and they play music like the apocalypse is around the corner”, – Patrick Blennerhassent (BlackPress).

Their debut full length “Lights” isn’t a hasty listen, nor a monotonous one. From the heavy hooks and indie rock standouts, to the processed beats and overlaid Casio organ interludes, the album delivers an uncompromising look into what Counting Heartbeats has to offer. That vision has been winning over audiences all across Western Canada, including critics at showcases for Much Music and New Music West. “They confused, they challenged and, to sum up, they were totally awesome”, Trevor Hargreaves ( says of the New Music West performance.

Drawing from a range of diverse influence (from Constantines to He Is Legend to Daniel Lanois to The Bloc Party) all 14 tracks have opposites pulling them in all the right directions: from frenetic, shout along choruses in “Those Weren’t Flowers They Gave You Honey, They Were Tiny Yellow Bombs!” to reclusive, quieter verses in “La Danse” and “Of You and I”.

Furious energy, subtle texture, politeness: virtues of Counting Heartbeats, hopefully shared on a stage or a radio near you soon.