Countless Thousands
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Countless Thousands

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"the Levity Ball"

Where indie rock is barely a shell of what indie rock is even supposed to be... Countless Thousands surprise me around every turn of their full-length album ‘We’re Just Really Excited To Be Here.’ What a fun title, I adore it. Tonally it says, “whatever.” This is the attitude to have- the winning attitude. - Ryan Merkel


You won`t find a more entertaining sixteen track debut. Super human bass riffs and whirling percussion produce a solid melodic structure for the wonderfully named singer/guitarist `Danger Van Gorder` to execute their powerful and expansive songcraft. `We`re Just Really Excited To Be Here` will certainly be perched... in our Top 20 releases. - Andy

"New Music Releases - Bands You Should Know"

A little bit stfu-rock, a lot of I-don’t-care punk, with an almost unnoticeable the killer-esque glam-rock undercurrent, Countless Thousands will win you over. A certain kind of joy comes through in the songs... you can almost feel the joy from the band members coming through the speakers to grab you and shake you, yelling HEY THIS IS MUSIC. WE MADE THIS AND WE LOVE IT. Well, I do too, Countless Thousands, and anyone reading this probably will as well. - Sean Markey

"Mountain Weekly News"

The California band’s debut release “We’re Just Really Excited To Be Here,” in name and execution lives up to that zealous mantle... [with] its pace-pushing, spectrum-stretching sound and scope... [and] the theatricality of fellow punk-inflected rockers Green Day and My Chemical Romance. - J.T. Hill

"Mountain Weekly News"

The California band’s debut release “We’re Just Really Excited To Be Here,” in name and execution lives up to that zealous mantle... [with] its pace-pushing, spectrum-stretching sound and scope... [and] the theatricality of fellow punk-inflected rockers Green Day and My Chemical Romance. - J.T. Hill

"the Raffo Review"

Overall ‘We’re Just Really Excited To Be Here’ is a fantastic record. It has everything you could want in an Indie record. Catchy riffs, incredible dynamics, wonderful tones and just a whole lot of fun to listen to...

9/10 - Nic Raffo

"the Biggest Letdown"

We're Just Really Excited to Be Here is a high energy, enthusiastic rock album, and i think you're going to love it... Worthy of repeating in your CD player. - Andy Wilkins

"the Kali Diaries"

You have to hear them to believe them. I heard them and I still don't believe it! Everything about the bricolage of Danger, Davey and Jon is just awe-inspiring. This is a band that would do well on the Warped Tour... They speak to that generation and the generation would do well to listen! - Victoria Anderson


Anthemic, melodic and a even little bit dissonant, the debut album by Orange Country trio, Countless Thousands, leads me to believe that the members really embody the spirit of the album title. Punk-washed indie rock, the driving rhythm is tiered with dexterous bass, great guitar tones (just give The Chemical Exchange a listen) and topped with some interesting lyrics and vocal harmonies – all right from the word go! Attitude can be faked, speed copied and pasted, but humour and excitement aren’t easily fudged. It’s clear the boys are here to rock. - Damian Burke

"Indie Music Reviewer"

Music that verges on self-destruction in the most magnificent of ways... beaming with genius. 5 out of 5 stars! - Kayt Westerlund


Three guys beating the crap out of rock n’ roll! Their music is energetic, original, manic and often tongue-in-cheek. They epitomise what punk rock should sound like in the 20th century. They are totally unpretentious and brand a rhythm section second to none, indie and major label artists included... We highly recommend this band regardless of your taste in rock. - Rick Jamm

"Sergeant Sparrow"

...What starts out as a typical punk album transforms into something original and in their own right they should be excited. - Angel Russell

"Atomic Ned"

When listening to the... album, i thought, 'This deserves more than me just throwing out a sentence or two saying, ‘Kick-ass, energetic rawk music by a trio that falls somewhere between Green Day and Jimmy Eat World with some early Foo Fighters influence and mid-90s math rock sprinkled in.’ - Chip Midnight

"Your Band is a Virus"

Fantastic and intriguing band with some serious depth and songwriting skill. Expect to hear the name Countless Thousands often. - James Moore

"I Still Sing Along"

...A power-trio with a really personal and unique approach to their music, blending a wide various influences, ranging from punk to folk, topping it all with a particular knack for writing songs with the catchy elements of the best pop and with the energy of alternative rock. - Andrea Ceccesse

"OC Weekly"

...Practically revelling in the kind of anthemic, clean-but-charging commercial indie that might as well be arena rock with lots of smiles more than lots of explosions. - Ned Raggett

"Rock Revival"

Countless Thousands are happy to be here, and it’s easy to imagine the world being equally happy to have them, starved as it is for genuine music and honesty without pretension. It`s rare to find lyrical prowess at all, let alone in a young band, but Danger Van Gorder of Countless Thousands is truly a modern storyteller and every aspect of his band engages. Hard to classify besides branding them as “great modern rock music”, Countless Thousands bring to mind artists such as Bob Dylan, The Arcade Fire, The Dropkick Murphys and the frantic punk prog masters At The Drive In. But those are just a few names out of many influences meant to incite interest in this original and relevant trio. - James Moore


"F***ing incredible." - Dan O'Brien

"Independent's Day"

The sound that the three-piece band Countless Thousands makes can only be described as aggressive-uptempo-hard geek-rock. But words don't adequately describe what these guys do with their instruments. They're punk, but refined; loud, but tight; aggressive, but articulate; and they're anything but boring. - Joe Armstrong

"Rock is Rock"

A real fusion of styles are smashed together brilliantly in the new album by true punk rock poets Countless Thousands. Part Against Me!, part Fugazi, part Dylan, part The Cure with a dash of the Clash and some quirky humour; then you may be getting close to the sound this band have carved out for themselves. Emotional music with its heart dangling off its sleeve, there is a real charm and hopefulness to it all – this is a band who can really write songs. The great victory of Countless Thousands is that they’ve set themselves up as storytellers with songs that can both provoke emotion, laughter, and even political thought. (9 out of 10) - Stephen - Rock is Rock


We're Just Really Excited To Be Here - Released 6/4/11 - 16 Tracks



Take a show choir reject who was never cool enough for punk rock, throw him a rockabilly axe and have him cash in on all the poetry classes. Take an east coast jazz legend and tell him to lay off the diminished chording and step up the distortion. Take a civil war reenacting drum geek and sit him down behind a proper kit. What do these nerds come up with? Sixteen tracks of total badassery. Theatricality without pretense. Virtuosic musicianship somehow effortlessly stuffed into catchy rock anthems. From the vocal layer cake of "Overture" to the swarthy theatrepunk epic of "A Pirate's Shanty" to the tender bedroom acoustic spaz-ballads of "Asskickers' Union" and "the Scientist" to the incomparable bass solo finale of "the Devil and Davey Munch", Countless Thousands attempt to capture the nature of enthusiasm in its many different faces and facets. Listening to this album is listening to three guys who genuinely love doing what they do. If you look for music that will make you glad that you care about music, then you've come to the right place. We really are just really excited to be here. And we know you are, too.