Country Club & The Porn Horns

Country Club & The Porn Horns


Rock & Roll with horns. Big, bold and brassy.


Country Club & the Porn Horns play bold, brash, high-energy rock 'n' roll with a three-piece horn section front-and-center. Their musicianship and unrelenting drive on-stage have consistently won over crowds.

The band formed in 2000 as a means for a bunch of like-minded musicians to play everything and anything they desired. Since then, our sound and style has developed into what lies before you. We call it rock & roll with horns.


"2 Under Par" - 7 inch 45 rpm - August, 2006

"Friends Don't Make Forearms" - EP - June, 2005

"Station Wagon Revolution" - LP - May, 2004

Set List

When squeezed in with other bands we play 45 minute sets. When given the opportunity we can play one long set or two 45 minute sets.

We play mostly original music, but will play the occassional cover. Our covers repetoire includes songs from bands such as Frank Zappa, G N'R, Van Halen, ZZ Top and Fear.