Count Smokula

Count Smokula


Authentic music from Smokesylvania! Rockin' klezmer comic gypsy music!

Other Info

Cover band: 


Albums: "Authentic Sounds of Smokesylvania"
"Smokesylvania in My Mind"
Tracks: "I Like the Night Life", "Zombie", "Poultrygeist", "Die You Zombie Bastards", "Tales from the Crapper"

Set List

Original songs:
I Like the Night Life, Zombie, Die You Zombie Bastards, Smokesylvania You're A Nation, Smokesylvania in My Mind, The Salvation of Glipsch and the Destruction of Hempel the Hump By Floosh the Fleagle, etc.
Covers include Ring of Fire, Fulsom Prison Blues, Oops! I Did it Again, Paint it Black, Twist and Shout, La Bamba
Sets can be short or several 45 minute sets, including stories and possible ventriloquism.